In Defense of Specialization: How CrossFit Gets it Wrong (again)

I. Am. Fired. Up. CrossFit has – yet again – got my blood boiling with their utter nonsense.

CrossFit Meme

As you probably know, I don’t think CrossFit is smart training (for anybody, not just runners). It’s simply hard exercise for …

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tempo Runs

There’s one workout that every endurance runner should be running. This “bread and butter” workout is the almighty tempo run.

Tempo runs are beneficial for …

How to Reduce Stress (so you can race faster!)

Stress: it conjures images of uncooperative toddlers, looming deadlines at work, and arguments with your spouse. But is stress actually a bad thing?

How to Reduce Stress

The answer (of course) is two-sided. Some stress can help you achieve more, accomplish difficult …

Do I have to run fast workouts?

I’ve coached so many different types of runners over the years:

  • OCR athletes
  • Beginners who have only run for 1-2 minutes
  • 100-mile ultramarathoners
  • regular folks getting ready for the FBI Fitness Test or the Army’s 2-mile run
  • Boston Marathon

How long should my long run be relative to my weekly mileage?

Why are there so many “rules” in the running world? There’s the 10% Rule, the 80/20 Rule, and the rule that you should never wear shorts over tights.

Some of these are ironclad (wear your tights like a man!) …

Confessions of a Pre-Dawn Runner (and how to make running in the morning work for you)

Flash back to January, 2007: my alarm clock blared at 5am every morning. Running in the morning was my life – and at 85 miles per week, I was miserable.
Running in the Morning

It was dark for every run and a miserable …

3 Ways Beginner Runners Can Be More Successful

Being a new runner is awesome. With big stretch goals and so much progress in front of you, it’s an exciting time to be a runner.

Can’t stop laughing #tistheseason #runbig2016

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Running While Pregnant: How much is too much?

This post is going to be more personal than usual – I’m going to share some details about my wife’s pregnancies and her training. Let’s dive in.

Jason and Meaghan

I met my wife in college when we both ran cross country …

How to Stay Fit This Winter (even if you can’t run outside)

Dear runners, winter is upon us! Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see countless photos of #SnowZilla aka Blizzard Jonas.

Running through snowmageddon is my personal hell, so instead I shared the ridiculous sunrise that accompanied me on my long …

7 Surprising Life Lessons From Running Over 40,000 Miles

Sooner or later, every runner realizes that running is actually a metaphor for life.


It’s no surprise that there are countless quotes about this issue:

Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain