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The Strength Running PR Guide is a collection of 35+ questions submitted by runners like you. Questions like:

Can I build mileage faster than the 10% rule?

What do you do after your race is over?

How should I set my pacing strategy for a hilly race?

I’ll show you the answers to these questions – plus how to finally be more consistent (without all the injuries).

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About me: I’ve been running competitively for over 14 years and have recently posted a 2:39:32 marathon PR. I’m a USATF-certified running coach, the founder and coach at Strength Running, author of 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner, and have been featured in major media outlets like Yahoo, Fitness Magazine, Shape, the Huffington Post, and Lifehacker. I want to make you a better runner.

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“Earlier this year, I was feeling pain in my glutes and hip flexors after every run. I was extremely discouraged and ready to drop out of the Bolder Boulder 10K, my favorite race. Then I joined the email list and read about dynamic warm ups. It changed everything!  I kept training and PR’d my 10K at the Bolder Boulder by over five minutes. Thank you so much.” – Jessica

I can truly say Strength Running is so different from all other blogs I have read. Most blogs are all about the 1 person-the writer, your blog on the other hand is VERY informative with tips and futher book suggestions. I have gained much new knowledge….THANK YOU!Henrietta

If I had actually read and not skimmed Strength Running, I really believe I wouldn’t have hurt myself and could have run my half… your passion is contagious!” – Deb