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On Motivation: 11 Simple Reasons to be a Runner for Life

A simple question can sometimes be answered in countless ways. While the reasons for why we run may be different, our passion for the sport unites us runners.

Running Motivation Why do you run?

Using Twitter and the Strength Running Facebook page, I asked …

Running Advice for Beginners: Rotating Shoes and Scheduling Cross-Training

You’ve got running questions. I’ve got running advice.

This article is a continuation of the Q&A style in the Strength Running PR Guide that I released earlier this year. The PR Guide is a Q&A style book with nearly …

Seven Running and Fitness Articles I’m Glad I Read

Everyone knows that I am a huge running nerd. I own an unreasonable number of running books, talk about it with my friends constantly, and read too many studies on performance enhancement. Hell, I even write a running blog!…

Run Your Next Personal Best: Triathlon Edition

2011 is the Year of the PR – have you run faster than ever yet?

If not, there’s still time. But to do something you’ve never done before, you have to do something you’ve never done before: better workouts, …

When Was The Last Time You Ran a Personal Best?

Kara Goucher

Have you ever surprised yourself with a breakout running performance?

Running a PR will elicit a feeling of true empowerment. You did the training. You put in the work and sacrificed your time, sweat, and maybe even some blood …

The Psychology of Running Motivation: How To Get in the Right Frame of Mind to Dominate Your Training

Motivation - Reaching Goals

Not qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Failing to set a new PR.

Missing weeks of training.

Running a horrible race.

Runners fail all the time. But the failures I just mentioned are huge; they are the ones that …

2:35 to 2:00 — All-Star Profile of Lydia Hintze

This is a reader-submitted article for the Strength Running All-Star feature that highlights motivational stories of running transformation. If you’d like to submit your own story, email it to me at


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April Training Journal and New Resources For You

April was a month of rest for me with some reduced-volume running and also 8 consecutive days of no workouts whatsoever. With over 1,200 miles in the bank for December – March, I was tired and decided rest and …

CEP Calf Compression Sleeve Review: Squeezing in More Recovery

I consider myself a little late to the compression scene. Many runners have been rocking compression socks and calf sleeves for over a year while I wasn’t totally convinced that they could provide much benefit.

After reading a great …