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Racing a Hot Marathon: How Terry Negative Split the 2012 Boston Marathon

At the 2012 Boston Marathon, runners faced an even more daunting challenge than Heartbreak Hill: a scorching temperature of 88 degrees with unseasonably high humidity.

Boston Marathon

Racing a marathon in the heat is difficult. In fact, after race organizers recommended

The Runner’s Manifesto: 18 Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Running and Life

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage.” – George Patton

Runner's Manifesto

It doesn’t matter if you’re slow, fast, thin, overweight, just starting, or a veteran of the sport – you’re a runner.

The Beginner’s Guide to Heart Rate Monitor Training

Do you even know the best ways to use your fancy heart rate monitor?

Heart Rate Monitor Training

Every runner knows how to turn it on and watch their heart rate climb during a workout. That’s easy!

But do you know how to …

Debunking “Chronic Cardio:” How Running Keeps you Lean, Fit, and Young

Did you know that some people think running isn’t a good form of exercise – and even that it’s downright dangerous? Are they nuts?!

Chronic Cardio

Recently I got an email from Bhavesh who asked me to comment on Mark Sisson’s …

7 New Ways to Look at Your Running: 3D Strength, Caffeine Bliss, and Other Fun

Does consistent training sound…kind of boring?

Mountain Trail

It doesn’t have to be! To stay interested and continue progressing with your running, you have to upgrade your training and introduce more variety.

To quote Jay Johnson:

To do something you’ve

Taking Over the World, One Country at a Time: Chris Guillebeau Chats about Marathons, Cuba, and Business

It’s difficult to describe exactly who Chris Guillebeau is. That’s because he does a little bit of everything, all around the world.

Chris Guillebeau

He’s the bestselling author of The Art of Non-Comformity and the recently released The $100 Startup.…