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How Rob Ran an 18 Minute Marathon PR (with no injuries)

Imagine that you’re in great shape. You’re really fit.

So you want to tackle a marathon.

You register and line up on race day… only to hit the wall at mile 20, walk a few miles, and finish much …

Run Your BQ is Open Now! Five New Things You Need to Know

A few short times per year, Run Your BQ accepts new runners to join the team and transform their marathon training. Are you going to join us this time?

Run Your BQ

RYBQ is now open – let me tell you about …

4 Surprising Ways to Run Your Fastest Marathon

Long runs! Tempo workouts! Mileage! We know these things are instrumental in running a fast marathon – but what else is important?

Run a Marathon

A marathon attempt is daunting: at 26.2 miles, it challenges your body in ways that shorter races …

Practice Makes Perfect: How to Run a Tune-up Race (Plus Details of My 8k Disaster)

On September 15 at 8am, I stood on the starting line of an 8k road race in historic West Potomac Park. To my right, planes took off from Reagan National Airport and flew over the Potomac River. To my …

Does “Good” Running Form Even Exist? How to Tread Lightly

Overuse injuries are a reality for hundreds of thousands of runners every year. Is it even possible to prevent running injuries?

Bare Foot

That’s the question that Dr. Peter Larson and his coauthor Bill Katovsky explored in their book Tread Lightly:

From Unfocused to a Sub-20 5k: How Tim Increased His Confidence and Lost 60 Pounds

Isn’t it odd how some runners see massive success while others flounder and never reach their potential?

5k Race Start

See, the difference between a “good” runner and someone who stagnates, running the same times over and over again without ever seeing …

If Not Now, Then When? It’s Time to Burn Your Excuses

Isn’t it funny how some runners have time to run, spend time with their families, pursue their career, and even (gasp) have a social life?

Time Flies

Time management is a fascinating topic. The case studies of postdoc students who can …