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The Maui Virtual Group Run: 27 Photos to Motivate Your Next Workout

Wouldn’t it be great if all Strength Running readers could get together for a group run?

Christmas Strides

Awesome, but unfortunately impossible.

The reality is that SR is truly global – there are readers in Argentina, Spain, Australia, Japan, the US, …

Is Your Running Boring? How to Practice Variation in a Rigid Training Plan

When I look at some runners’ training, I want to claw my eyes out: it’s so boring.

Training Variation

I’ve been working on Strength Running for almost three years. I’ve helped thousands of runners design better training.

And it’s funny – …

The Most Unique Holiday Gifts for Runners

It seems like every health and fitness site is publishing a Holiday Gift Guide to help their readers find useful gear and gifts.

And it’s the same stuff: running shoes! running books! heart rate monitor!Holiday Gift Guide

I get bored …

Video: How to Schedule Strength Workouts In Your Training

Running and strength training seem at odds with each other – but actually, they complement one another perfectly.

Strength Workouts

Many runners fall into the trap of only running without any other exercises in their training.

There are many different …

How to Stay in Shape During the Holidays (And a Huge Announcement!)

December is awesome: Christmas parties, gingerbread men, and endless eggnog make any Scrooge excited for the holidays.


Runners can usually escape the dietary excess of the season without too much weight gain because of our high workload.

Long runs, …