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Holiday Gifts for Obsessive, Weird Runners (like me)

Runners are a little bit different. Fine, let’s put all the cards on the table: most of us are fit for a straight jacket. - May your nipples bleed less than expected during your marathon.
When we’re not lacing up our neon shoes and squeezing our legs into nylon …

Ask the Dietitian: How to Fuel Your Running with Real Food

I have a confession: I’m not the healthiest eater. I love junk food and it’s not something I’m ashamed to admit.

Bring on the chocolate chip cookies and eggnog!

But for most runners, a good nutrition plan is a …

3 Elite Coaches and Scientists Share How to Run Injury-Free

Learning about injury prevention from the brightest minds in the sport has its advantages.

Forget anecdotal advice that might work for one person, but isn’t universal. Instead, doesn’t it make more sense to go straight to the experts?

Injury Prevention for Runners

You …

Video Q&A with Coach: How do I Run an Off-Season Training Phase?

During the past month I’ve been talking with a lot of runners who completed their fall goal race. They have their “A” race lined up for the Spring… but what should they do now?

Taking an off-season – or …

What You Can Learn from the World’s Best Running Authors

When I interview a runner, coach or author at the top of his field it’s like I’m talking to Neo.

They don’t just know they’re in the Matrix, they canĀ seeĀ the Matrix.

Understanding the intricacies of training, racing, …

Take Your Running to the Next Level: How to Benefit From a Running Coach

Online coaching is becoming more and more popular for all types of runners. And that’s awesome because coaching is the best job in the world.

Running - Coach

Over the years, I’ve worked with so many types of athletes:

  • Postpartum women
  • Master’s