Strength Running - Ultimate Training Bundle

Strength Running's Ultimate Training Bundle

Get lifetime access to our most popular training programs - at 35% off!

For the first time, you can get all of Strength Running’s most popular training programs at a massive discount. One payment will get you:

  • High Performance Lifting Elite
  • Mindset Mastery Pro
  • Nutrition for Runners
  • Team Strength Running (1 year trial)
  • Injury Prevention for Runners
  • Bodyweight Power Plus
 Our programs have helped tens of thousands of runners around the world.
Not only did I finish my first ultra with Jason’s guidance, but I became a faster road runner and celebrated numerous small victories along the way. I came out of this experience a stronger runner both mentally and physically, and I look forward to tackling more challenges with his guidance!” – Meredith
Jason is an excellent coach and I cannot thank him enough. I’ve kicked my ITBS issues, ran strong after a torn meniscus repair, dropped almost 68 minutes off my marathon PR and have the confidence to continue running and racing into my 40’s. Keep up the great work! Cheers.” – Greg
Jason helped me plan for my first half marathon and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his level of detail and precision. His plan helped me relax and take the stress out of training; he let me know that the goal could be achieved. I’ve always avoided running, but his plan helped me enjoy the process and my race time was much faster than I ever could have imagined. Thanks Jason!” –Brendan

“I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time, even though I’m older.”

The last time I ran mileage like I’m running now I had pain and discomfort and never really felt recovered. I’m older now but I still feel much better than I did in my younger years. The training is better for my recovery now and I don’t have any pain.

“Jason’s training has helped me lose weight, and because I’m able to recover so much better I can get a lot more out of each workout. I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time, even though I’m older.” – Barbara

What's Included in the Bundle?

The Ultimate Training Bundle includes our very best training programs:

High Performance Lifting Elite

High Performance Lifting is the only periodized, progressive, power-oriented weightlifting program for runners that’s created by a USA Track & Field certified coach and a USA Weightlifting national coach. It includes 16 weeks of periodized weightlifting, a library of 15 16-week training plans, and interviews with leading strength experts. 

Injury Prevention for Runners

Injury Prevention for Runners

Our most popular and comprehensive program shows you how to stay healthy long-term with training that prioritizes prevention, runner-specific core and strength routines, dynamic warm-ups, and more. And just in case, you’ll get treatment protocols for shin splints, ITBS, Runner’s Knee, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles Tendinopathy.

Team Strength Running

Your bundle includes a year’s trial to our group coaching program. It includes ongoing, live coaching calls with Jason where you can get the guidance you need to reach your goals, 30+ training plans, a library of expert interviews, and a team of other runners just like you to support your training, share stories, and get the community benefits to skyrocket your success.

Bodyweight Power

Bodyweight Power Plus

Bodyweight Power shows you how to strength train for power – at home with barely any equipment. Created by certified running coaches, a physical therapist, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, you’ll progress your strength training in a running-specific way in the comfort of your home without needing any fancy equipment.

Nutrition for Runners

Created in partnership with a Registered Dietitian, this program helps you fuel well and eat like a runner – with NO dieting, calorie counting, weighing your food, or calculating complex macros. You’ll enjoy our sample meal plans, 40+ recipes, expert interview series, and library of 15 training plans for 5k – marathon (plus, weight loss training plans).

Mindset Mastery Pro

The mental aspect of running at a high level can’t be underestimated. This video course helps you build the mindset skills of confidence, focus, anxiety management, intensity, and mental toughness in a running-specific way. You can’t learn these mental fitness skills in a classroom, they have to be experienced through training. That’s why this program also comes with an extensive training plan collection. 

Strength Running’s Ultimate Training Bundle lets you tap into the minds of experts around the world, from Registered Dietitians to USA Weightlifting National Coaches, physical therapists, running coaches, and certified strength and conditioning specialists.

For those runners who want every advantage, this bundle lets you optimize every aspect of your training so you can reach your loftiest running goals. 

About Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald is a USA Track & Field certified coach and the founder of Strength Running – an award-winning blog with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers and a top-ranked podcast.

A collegiate runner at Connecticut College, he finished Top 10 in the 2006 New England 3,000m Steeplechase final and was a member of the 2002 National Championship-qualifying cross country team.
A 2:39 marathoner, he won the 2011 Morraine Hills Half Marathon, the 2012 Maryland Warrior Dash obstacle race, the 2013 Potomac River Run Marathon, and many other small, local races.
Jason is Men’s Running Magazine’s 2017 Influencer of the Year, a member of Greatist’s Expert Network, and has been published in Runner’s World, Business Insider, Forbes, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, PodiumRunner, Trail Runner Magazine, The Huffington Post, and many other major media.
More importantly, he has helped tens of thousands of runners just like you get stronger, prevent more injuries, and race faster.
More important than any press are my results. There’s a reason why Strength Running has been in the major media countless times: our training advice works:
It’s been easier to manage my weight while working with Jason. His training helps me keep more focus. It makes me feel so much better to fuel my body properly and it has a huge impact on my workouts and how they feel.” – Jacinthe
I’ve gotten a lot out of Strength Running as a new runner. It’s difficult to find quality advice for beginners that goes beyond Couch to 5k. Before I found SR I didn’t know how to put together a training plan or strength workout. Now I feel much more confident rather than trying one-off workouts or researching unproven training plans.” – Savannah
Jason, I wanted to drop you a note on how my first marathon went – I finished in 3:47:42 and I’m really, really happy with that for a first ever effort only 15 months after I started running! My friends and family couldn’t stop commenting on how unbelievable it was that I was smiling at mile 22 when I saw them! Three days later and I’m really not that sore and only had minor joint and muscle soreness.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. I felt prepared mentally and physically, and had such a great time running 26.2 miles that I want to do it all over again this weekend!!” – Brooke

Our best programs at our best price

Strength Running - Ultimate Training Bundle
Once you invest in the Ultimate Training Bundle, rest assured you’ll have access to every resource imaginable to reach your goals:

With step-by-step instructions on how to improve everything from your strength, speed, injury resilience, diet, strength, and mindset, we know you’ll love the Ultimate Bundle.

Strength Running - Ultimate Training Bundle

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Our Unbeatable Guarantee

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

If you decide the Ultimate Training Bundle is not for you, just demonstrate that you’ve tried to implement at least two of the programs in good-faith via a training log or other means.

I’m confident these program will help you become a better runner. Full stop. If it doesn’t, you deserve a full refund.
BUT… I know that’s not going to happen. Because the results of my clients prove that this coaching and fueling approach works:
“Before I started running, I was never a skinny person. I was right on the edge of being classified as obese according to BMI. Working with Jason allowed me to lose weight a lot more quickly – about a pound per week for 5 months.” – Kevin
“Jason is all about making it easy to run smarter – not harder. I’m now planning more strategically, getting stronger and I already feel like my running is a lot more fun. If you want to maintain the status quo this program isn’t for you. However, if you want to get into the right mindset, run smarter and do better then you cannot miss out. After 4-weeks my performance, mental state and times are already proving the impact.” – Dave

“Now I can run more consistently with much faster recoveries.”

“Now I can run more consistently with much faster recoveries. I have a lot more endurance, a little more speed, but mainly, I don’t feel like I’m going to break any minute. 

“I almost never feel injury-prone; it’s all helped tremendously. Jason is more than worth his going rate and I think more like $250/mo.” – Deb

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do these programs come in a hard copy?”

No, all of our programs are digital. With audio interviews, video demonstrations and lessons, this is a multimedia program that we couldn’t contain on the pages of a printed book.

Once you purchase the the bundle, you’ll get an invitation to join our private member’s site. From there, you can access all of the programs included in the bundle.

Plus, digital programs mean there are no shipping costs!

“Where should I start?”

Our suggestion is to start with the program that you’re most interested in. If you want to improve your diet, start with Nutrition for Runners. If you want to lift weights, start with High Performance Lifting. You can do this for any program that’s included in the bundle.

But remember: you have unlimited, lifetime access to these programs. Go at your own pace because they’ll be here for you when you’re ready!

“What if I have questions?”

If you’re hesitant about the bundle, just email coach Jason Fitzgerald at and he’ll answer any questions that you might have.

If you have questions about how to implement or use an individual program, you can ask Jason during a coaching call. These are part of your bundle!

Strength Running - Ultimate Training Bundle

Join Now for Immediate Access to Our Best Programs

You'll get:

Total:  $1,374  $897

(Once you join, you'll have unlimited, lifetime access and any upgrades are yours at no charge)
30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Rest assured, we use an extended validation SSL certificate for maximum security.

P.S. Jason is personally available to answer your questions. Click here to send a question any time.