Not sure if you're training right? Tired of being inconsistent or stuck running the same times?

Introducing Team Strength Running: a supportive team to help you stay motivated, accountable, and on track to reach YOUR goals

I’m THRILLED you’ve taken the first step to improving your running by reading this page. Team Strength Running is like nothing you’ve ever seen before…
Today you can join a like-minded group of runners to share your running stories and motivate yourself to keep improving and stay focused on your goals.
Plus, get trusted coaching advice so you know you’re doing the right thing with your running. I can answer your toughest (or silliest) questions objectively and help you finally get past your injury and training barriers.

Why Aren't We Running Faster?

I’ve been coaching runners since 2010 – and since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of runners smash their personal bests, rediscover their love of running, and finally run more than they ever have before.

But, running isn’t always so easy…
Have you ever struggled with any of these problems?

Running can be confusing. And it doesn’t help that most of the training advice you read online isn’t helpful.

In fact, much of it will hurt your chances of achieving your running goals!

Just look at this training plan you can download online:

At first glance, this might look fine. But it’s not – you probably have more questions about what to do after looking at this training plan than before!

What pace should I run for these workouts?
What strength exercises should I do?
What cross-training is best? At what effort? How long?
So, no fast workouts at all? Do I just run everything easy?
Training plans like this aren’t helping the running community. They’re simplistic, incomplete, and don’t leave you confident with your training.
If you’re struggling reaching your goals, you might be following a poorly designed program – and you’ll never see a training plan like this in Team SR.

It's Not Just Training Plans...

A good training plan is a surefire way to improve – but runners who improve consistently every year give themselves other advantages:

Without these “pillars” of success, it can be hard to break through your barriers

You may struggle with injuries, or not know how to plan for your next race. Consistency may be a mythical unicorn that you’re always chasing or you seem to be stuck at a certain mileage level every week.
Busting through these plateaus can seem intimidating but I’ve been helping runners like you accomplish “impossible” goals for years.
Just look at these results:

“Better and stronger than ever” – Liz

“I’m happy to say that I PR’d by a minute and forty seconds in my marathon. The best part was that I remained injury free.

“I feel better and stronger than ever and I’m proud to have committed to my program. Thank you for making running easier and even something to look forward to. Your plan gave me a strength that I didn’t know I had or was capable of!”

“I put all the pieces together” – Mike

“Tonight was my 5K race and I put all the pieces together that you’ve taught me. It worked PERFECTLY! On my last mile I passed at least half a dozen other racers. I was pooped but fresh enough to put on the afterburners and I felt great. I’m calling this one a win for me.

“For a 47-year-old guy who was 300 pounds just over a year ago, it’s pretty big. I’ll also add, a guy who’s been running injury free since starting the program.”

“After working with Jason, I can now run more often without injury. Before I was able to run 2-3 times a week and would get hurt every time I tried anything speedy or long. I felt like I couldn’t run enough to get fit. Now I can run 5-6 times a week (with some pretty long and tough sessions).”Tim

Not sure what it would be like to get coaching from Jason? Let Emily tell you what it’s really like:

I can help you do the same.
When you combine smart training that’s personalized to YOUR goals and fitness level, plus coaching support, access to a variety of running experts and a community of teammates, it becomes damn hard to fail.
And when you’re on MY team, my mission is to never let you fail.

About Jason Fitzgerald

Hi! I’m Jason and I’m the head coach of Strength Running. I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and during that time I’ve run a 2:39 marathon, beat almost 17,000 other runners to win a Warrior Dash obstacle race, and won many other 5ks, half marathons and marathons.
More importantly, I’ve helped thousands of other runners run faster than they ever thought – with fewer injuries – and be more consistent than ever.
I’m a member of Greatist’s Expert Network (a NYC venture-backed startup) and a USA Track & Field certified coach. You may have seen my coaching advice in Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, Lifehacker or Active.
My coaching has been featured in most major media publications because it works. I’m incredibly results-oriented so if you have a running goal, chances are I can help you accomplish that goal.
Here’s Marlon, a runner from Dubai who successfully completed the 7 Emirates Run in 2015:
I had so much confidence going into the 7 Emirates Run. I learned a lot from your coaching and it made be a better runner not just by improving my fitness but understanding the sport of running which turned me into a smart athlete. The coaching you gave me was the key to reaching my goal. I was never in doubt during the event as I have the tools whatever situation requires.
“I didn’t have that experience in any of my previous races and it makes a lot of difference. My result was astonishing as well, my daily finishes were always PB’s, I was finishing strong in each race, never had injury issues/pain/soreness or tightness and the last couple of days I was even faster and stronger.
“So far I have achieved a lot in just a short time. Your training plan and guidance is very specific to my profile, my goal and my race and it really made me feel positive. The 7 Emirates Run is a big deal for me and to accomplish it was priceless. Many thanks again Coach Jason! You are the best!” – Marlon

Lesson #1: Avoid Training Mistakes

I’ve been fortunate to coach thousands of runners. This experience has given me a unique perspective on how most runners tackle their goals.

And most of us make BIG mistakes – and inevitably fail at getting faster or being able to run as much as we want.

Running Error #1: “I’m going to try to do this on my own”

Too many of us train in isolation. We run alone. We rarely interact with other runners. We get no support, motivation, accountability, or encouragement.
We have no connection to the running community. And inevitably, motivation fades and we say “I don’t feel like it” instead of “I can’t wait to run!”
Can you imagine if you were always surrounded by people who love to run? If you had a coach who was tough and could push you to achieve more (but also knew how to laugh and have fun)?
It’s no surprise that successful runners are virtually drowning in support: they have teammates, a coach, and specialists to help them reach their goals.
After all, new friends and a community of like-minded runners make running a lot more fun!
Helen Keller said it best:
Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Running Error #2: “This won’t work for me”

All of us want to reach our running goals – whether that’s to complete a first half marathon, qualify for Boston, or to simply run more consistently.
And the beauty of an open-minded team with runners of all abilities is that there are runners just like you ready to help you succeed.
Plus, good coaching can help you with motivation or speed. With increasing endurance or pushing you to reach your potential.
I’ve coached runners to successful ultramarathons or FBI fitness tests. I’ve helped beginners finally run a 5k with no walking. And you’ve probably seen my coaching advice in Competitor Magazine (for more advanced runners) and Active (for beginners).
Great coaching is universal – it will work for a 35-year-old out of shape desk jockey hoping to run his first half marathon. And it will also help a 61-year-old trail runner complete her 12th ultra.
The mistake is to second-guess yourself by asking a hundred questions. I use to do the same thing: “Those workouts are too hard for me – I’m too young/slow/not on Varsity/haven’t been running as long.”
But soon I learned that the problem wasn’t with the training or coaching, it was with ME! Instead of listening to a coach who had decades of experience, I thought I knew better. But that’s why he was an expert and I wasn’t.
No matter what type of runner you are, there’s a place for you on Team Strength Running.

Team Strength Running

Since 2010, I’ve been coaching runners to huge personal bests in races from the Warrior Dash to 100-mile ultramarathons (and everything in between).

But I’m tired of runners trying to do it alone. We’re stuck at the same mileage levels, race times, and with the same injuries.
We lack motivation. Our running is inconsistent. And we just need to know what to do!!
Why can’t every runner have a coach and a team for support?
Now you can.
Team Strength Running is a running team that gives you the support, guidance, and proven training to reach YOUR running goals.
These same principles helped me set consistent personal bests every year, like my 4:33 mile best or 16:02 5k time. But more importantly, the friends I made on my running teams are still my best friends today.
Hell, being on a team is even how I met my wife!
And today, you have a unique opportunity to realize your “impossible” running dreams.
The program includes four core elements:

#1 Extensive Training Plan Library

Our growing Training Plan Library has more than 30 plans for a variety of goals, fitness levels, and abilities. Train for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or even an ultramarathon with one of our proven training programs.

Recovering from a marathon or just trying to get back into things? No problem – just use a Base Training Plan.
Too busy to train a lot? Use one of our “Busy Runner” training plans!
Struggle with injuries? We have plans that prioritize injury prevention.
Trying to lose weight? We even have plans that focus on weight loss.
No matter your goal, we have a plan for you (and if we don’t, just email me and I’ll create a series of programs for the team!).

#2 Coaching Support

Have a question? Not sure exactly how to run a workout or what your race strategy should be? Just ask me!

Every month, join me and your teammates on 1-2 private coaching calls to get all of your questions answered (no matter how “weird,” silly, simple, or advanced).

This level of coaching support is virtually unheard of – but if Team Strength Running is going to be successful, then its runners need to be successful.

Plus, I’m active in our private community, too. You’ll never have to wait to get an answer to your toughest running questions.

When you’re on the team, I always want you to know exactly how to approach your training. If you have a question, I have an answer for you.

#3 Access to World-Class Experts

Every month, I’ll add a new interview with a leading expert in the running industry, from professional runners to elite coaches, best-selling authors, and award-winning clinicians.

Already waiting for you in the program is “America’s Top Trainer” as voted by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. And a lot more are coming…

Often, YOU even have the opportunity to decide the topic and questions for each guest expert!

Where else can YOU decide what to ask a pro runner? Or a coach who’s guided Olympic athletes? This is a unique and invaluable opportunity that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

It’s like Bill Gates said about learning from the best:

“Part of the reason I’m so willing to tackle new subjects is that for each of those subjects, if I get utterly confused, I know somebody [who will] straighten me out.

“If you can’t have somebody straighten you out, and say, is this as complicated as I think? Am I missing something here? Then you’re probably not as ambitious. For a lot of subjects, as they get older, people are not willing to take that learning risk where they are confused.”

Team SR removes the learning risk. And when you’re on the team, you can do this every month!

I would have done anything to have this level of support when I was a new runner.

#4 Teammates Just Like You

No team is complete with teammates! You’ll have access to other members in our private Facebook group. These are runners who are facing the exact same challenges as you, have the same goals, and want to achieve more than they have in the past.
For the first time, I’m making other Strength Running readers available to you where you can share stories, meet for runs or get together at races, keep each other motivated, and hold each other accountable.
Imagine that you’re not doing it alone – that you have 5, 20, or even 100 people in your corner, rooting for you to succeed?
Think of what a relief it is to know that you don’t have to know everything or do it alone. That there are people to listen.
We’ve heard that you’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Don’t you want to surround yourself with other passionate runners?

Join the team today!

Every member receives:

Join as a monthly or annual member

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Bonuses Included in Your Membership

Being on the team has its perks!

Bonus #1: Product Discounts

Join today and you’ll get instant access to a variety of discounts. Use the discount codes once or twice and you’ll more than pay for the price of the program.

The best part? Discounts are added regularly and soon, membership costs will be far outweighed by team discount savings!

You can expect discounts on:

Team members also get exclusive discounts on Strength Running programs. SR training programs are never discounted publicly, so this is your chance to save even more on proven coaching guidance.

Bonus #2: Extra Guidance from the Pros

How do elite runners approach injury prevention?

What exercises do the pro’s use to stay healthy and get stronger?
Listen to a bonus interview with pro runner Renee Metivier Baillie on how to stay healthy and prevent running injuries.
She shares gruesome details of the Achilles injury that nearly destroyed her running career – and how she got healthy and went on to win the USATF 20k Championships and run the fifth fastest marathon debut by an American woman in 2:27:17.
And more bonus content is being added!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to running. Is this too advanced?

Team Strength Running is not for fast runners – or slow runners.
It’s for runners who LOVE running.
We don’t care if you run 35 minutes for 5k or 10k – you have a spot on our team.
And the best part? You’ll get training plans that match YOUR fitness level and coaching guidance tailored to your specific goals.
With a community to support you and resources to make running easier, this is an encouraging, supportive group that cares about your progress.
Join today and see for yourself. We’ll support you (but also push you) to become a better runner.

What are the training plans like?

Our plans cover a lot of goals:

Each plan gives you a daily schedule of mileage, long runs, workouts, strength and core workouts, and dynamic flexibility routines. You’ll know exactly what to do every day.

We also include pace guidance, cross-training, and complete explanations for all of the workouts.

If you’re training for another race distance and we don’t have a plan for that distance, just let me know and I’ll create a series of training plans for the Training Plan Library.

Remember, this is YOUR team and as your coach, I’m here to serve YOU.

I’m injured right now. Should I still join?

Yes, I think so.
Being on the team gives you access to me so that I can help you answer the tough questions:
What injury do you have?
How did it happen?
Did your training predispose you to this injury?
How can we upgrade your training to prevent this injury in the future?
What form/shoe/terrain/goal/pacing changes are a good idea?
Plus, you’ll have immediate access to our team of hundreds of runners to keep you motivated to get healthy, accountable to your rehabilitation, and smiling through it all 🙂

You Have No Risk Joining the Team!

I know that running isn’t your top priority. We all have work, family, and other commitments that demand our attention.

If you need to cancel your membership, then you can do so at any time and won’t be charged again.

And unlike other programs, if you cancel, I want you to KEEP all of the material included in the program. That’s right, you don’t have to “return” any of the bonus material, extra interviews, discount codes, or training plans.

They’re yours forever.

But I know that you’ll love being on Team Strength Running.

With results like these, you’ll be a member for life…

“I’ve only been on Team SR for two weeks and it has already made such a positive difference in my life. I feel way more confident and have so much more energy. My body actually feels good and I’m recovering and sleeping so much better. Even my husband has noticed a difference.” – Christina

“So far this year I’ve PRd at every distance that I’ve run: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon! Best decision I ever made was to hire you! :)” – Lisa

“Thanks for your help. I got a training plan for a 7k time trial and made the triathlon team cuts (on almost no training for 7-8 weeks because of USMA’s basic training!)!

“Your training plan definitely helped give form to the time period beforehand. I appreciate it and do believe I improved more than I would have on my own. Considering how close margins were for our limited slots, it probably was the make or break.” – Paul, US Military Academy

“I’ve never worked with a coach before and tend to be a somewhat injury-prone and stubborn athlete. I decided that having an expert and plan would help me improve and reach my racing goals. Working with Jason is enjoyable and I learned so much in the process, from paying more attention to feel and building running-specific strength.

“This program was key to running consistently and improving my running pace, while balancing my cross-training as a cyclist. Months of training culminated in a 2nd place finish at the Long Course Duathlon National Championships, but most importantly made me a more resilient, confident and happy runner.” – Lynn

“I never had a feeling of hitting the wall (my biggest fear)”

“I ran the Marato d’Empuries yesterday and I finished it in spite of being anxious. I ran 4:13 which I’m very happy with and came first in my age group. I never had a feeling of hitting the wall (my biggest fear) and ran the whole way.

“And my ITBS didn’t rear its ugly head at all. Having had to abort marathon training last year and then having it niggle in the first part of training this year I was waiting for it to reappear. Well it didn’t so your plan works! I wanted to thank you for your training plan and advice that stopped my body from falling apart.” – Nicole

“I’ve learned so much more than I ever would have solo”

“Thanks Jason, wonderful advice as usual! My old coach would have just said something like “you’re doing great” or “you’re running too slow”, never any real advice to improve or understand why runs are done certain ways.

“With your coaching I have learned so much more than I ever would have solo or with my old coach. ” – Deb

Still not sure? Here’s real feedback from one of my runners:

Join the team today!

Every member receives:

Join as a monthly or annual member

(Join for a year and you'll get two months free!)
Cancel *anytime*
Rest assured, we use an extended validation SSL certificate for maximum security.

Your Future Teammates:

“I’m now in my third year of being on Team Strength Running and see only benefits. Jason and the team helped me to PR in every distance from 5K to Marathon, and I am talking about serious PR’s! My marathon time went from 3.44 to 3.09. Thanks to the team and all the running experience we are sharing, I’m confident that I can be a sub-3 marathoner within a year!

“You will be part of real team and the teammates are really supportive. With advice, encouragement, great running stories and race reports, this is truly motivating and inspiring. You see all your teammates sharing all their running experience (some are absolutely amazing), best moments or “Sunday Funday” where we brag on our weekly achievements. And the beauty of it is that it goes from the people running their first 10K, to Boston Qualifier or Ultra marathonner and this all over the world!
“The main other benefits are the direct access to the coach. If you have any running question, post it on our page and you will get your answer. 
“So for me, Team Strength Running has been very helpful and I do not see me running without the team in the future.” – Sebastien