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Banish Negative Self-Talk, Get Mentally Tough, and Build Unshakeable Confidence

What if Your Mind Never Got in the Way and You Never Gave Up?

Running demands tenacity, focus, and mental toughness – but why do runners so rarely work on their mental fitness?
Just think back to your last race that didn’t go so well. Did you make a deal with yourself to settle for a subpar race?
Maybe you…
Or maybe you had too much nervous energy before the race and started too fast.
Or you’re never able to reach your big goals, stick to a training plan, or stay healthy.
Do any of these situations sound familiar?
Mindset Mastery will help eliminate these doubts and replace them with confident, positive, and constructive thoughts that lead to better performances.
With a thorough understanding of sports psychology’s most important principles – and the ability to apply them – you’ll be able to cope with many different types of stressors and still excel.
When motivation is low, you’ll know how to complete your workouts despite that.
When injury or illness strikes, you’ll know how to get excited about recovery and your comeback to healthy running.
When it gets tough late in a race and you start to hurt, you’ll know how to push through and finish strong.

Why Focus on Our Mindset?

The mental side of running has gotten more and more attention over the last five years. It seems that runners are starting to realize how important their mindset is for achieving big goals.
And after publishing 120+ podcast episodes and interviewing elite track athletes, mountain runners, IronMan triathletes, ultramarathoners, and everyone in between, it’s clear that even the best in the world are actively training their brain.
In hindsight, it seems obvious. The next frontier in improving peak performance is in mastering our mindset, developing optimal thinking patterns, and developing the psychological tools to mitigate adversity.
Those “psychological tools” give you a lot of benefits:

Mindset Training Boosts Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a skill that allows runners to stay positive and run at a peak performance level without succumbing to fear, discomfort, humiliation, or failure.
If you fall apart mentally at the end of races, we will address that and give you actionable strategies for finishing strong.
We will establish your “WHY” so you always have a North Star motivating you to stay tough in the face of any adversity.
Mental toughness allows you to be the eye of the storm: an oasis of calm in a sea of chaos.
No matter what’s going on around you – a packed corral, drizzling rain, or not hitting the right split at mile 1 – you’re going to stay positive, proactive, and focused on producing a peak performance for yourself.
Runners with a high level of mental toughness stay mentally strong despite distraction, imperfect race conditions, inconvenience, and discomfort.

Mindset Training Reduces Anxiety

With more confidence and self-belief, you’ll be far less likely to succumb to crippling pre-race (or pre-workout) anxiety.
Those negative thoughts make you think that you’re incapable. They rob you of sound sleep before a race and make you worry that you may not be able to start the race at all. 
But anxiety creeps into our minds anytime we deal with adversity:

Instead of allowing our nerves to negatively impact our running, we can reframe this anxiety into positive action. Mindset Mastery will help you do exactly that.

Mindset Training Improves Focus

There are many types of focus that are critical for runners:

With the right tools, your motivation will always be high because you know your “why” – the reason why you lace up your running shoes every day.

You’ll also have practical strategies for focusing on this week, today, and the workout right in front of you. We’ll set goals the right way so you have appropriately challenging targets that are reasonably achievable.
But mindset training will also help you focus on the task at hand. During a race, it’s easy to lose focus and get flustered with the big task of racing. We’ll show you what to focus on – and when – to help you reach your next peak performance.

Mental Fitness Must Be Trained

Many runners train their bodies without thinking about their brain. But it’s your brain that sabotages you on race day with negative thoughts.

Why don’t we focus on this? We put hours into our long runs, strength work, mileage, and workouts. But we barely train the most important muscle – our brain. 

And your mindset is not static. It changes, evolves, and grows more robust the more it’s trained. Mental fitness skills are indeed skills that can be learned and improved over time.
We recognize that with a growth mindset, we can develop focus, mental toughness, anxiety management, appropriate intensity levels,  and confidence. 
It just takes dedication and a willingness to learn.
If you’re ready to discover what you could accomplish with higher levels of mental fitness, I’m excited to announce something new.


For the first time, you can get complete access to the original Mindset Mastery Coaching material. This program was originally a 6-week, intensive coaching program that cost $595.

When it was first launched, runners needed to apply and not everyone was accepted. 
Over those six intensive weeks, runners got:

But we’re rolling out the red carpet and adding even more material into the new version of Mindset Mastery:

Free Upgrades for Life

Once you join Mindset Mastery, you’re part of the family.
When new material (training plans, interviews, videos, etc.) are added to the program in the future, you’ll get those updates absolutely free. 
You’ll also enjoy any design or administrative updates to the program. It’s just the right thing to do. 

Course Schedule

Mindset Mastery includes 6 core modules focusing on specific mental skills and how to build your mental fitness foundation.

There are also extra resources in your training plan library, module worksheets, recorded webinars, and a “Mindset Toolbox” of additional material to help you further refine your mental fitness.

Module 1:
Introduction to Mindset Mastery

The first module will help you lay the groundwork upon which mental fitness can be developed.
This is where we start building our foundation of knowledge and establish the habits that make mindset mastery achievable. 
Much like base training before a formal training plan, we must first build your mindset foundation. 

Module 2:

After building our foundation in Module 1, we progress to building the mental skill of FOCUS.
This module concentrates on goal-setting, how to be process-oriented, and what to think about when you’re running and the effort becomes difficult.

Module 3:
Anxiety Management

Every runner experiences anxiety before a hard workout, big race, or challenging long run.

But those aren’t the only scenarios when our nerves can get the best of us. Training interruptions and coming back from an injury all demand mental resolve.
In this module, we’ll learn about positive self-talk and using your imagination to beat anxiety. You’ll develop your own pre-race “pep talk” (just like if you had a coach with you) and learn how to reduce anxiety right before any big effort.

Module 4:

Intensity refers to your mental arousal level: how “up” or “down” you are at any given time.

Runners need to properly modulate their intensity so they can get in the right frame of mind before a race. 
Sometimes, we need to decrease our mental energy level. Other times, we need to increase our arousal to get “up” before a major race. This module will focus on a variety of psychological strategies – including imagery – to module intensity.

Module 5:
Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is the “linchpin skill” that every athlete seeks for better performance. 

This module will help you learn to expect adversity, to avoid common pitfalls that reduce your mental toughness, and provide strategies for boosting this skill so you never back down during any hard effort. 
We’ll focus on training (psychological skills can’t be built in a vacuum) and Personal Affirmations to build your toolkit of mental toughness skills.

Module 6:

Confidence doesn’t come easy or cheap – that’s why we’ve saved it for last.

This skill demands demonstrated success to build – which is why you’ll never learn it in a classroom or a doctor’s office.
Instead, it must be developed on the road, track, or trail through regular testing of your resolve. We’ll use strategies that span from body language to gratitude to personal affirmations to build your sense of self-belief.

Your Head Coach

Jason Fitzgerald is a USA Track & Field certified coach, host of the Strength Running Podcast, and the founder of Strength Running – an award-winning blog with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers.

A collegiate runner at Connecticut College, he finished Top 10 in the 2006 New England 3,000m Steeplechase final and was a member of the 2002 National Championship-qualifying cross country team.
A 2:39 marathoner, he won the 2011 Morraine Hills Half Marathon, the 2012 Maryland Warrior Dash obstacle race, and the 2013 Potomac River Run Marathon.
Jason is Men’s Running Magazine’s 2017 Influencer of the Year, a member of Greatist’s Expert Network, and has been published in Runner’s World, Business Insider, Forbes, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, Podium Runner, The Huffington Post, and many other major media.
More importantly, he has helped tens of thousands of runners just like you accomplish their wildest running goals.

Our goal is to give you results like this:

Jennifer: My confidence really shifted

“Before training with you, I was very uncertain as to my ability. I was just getting by with ‘formulaic training’ and not an approach that matched my real ability.

My mindset changed after I successfully attempted workouts I didn’t think I would have been able to do prior. This didn’t happen right away – it evolved over time. I started to really see my effort get lower with my times getting faster – and that was when my confidence really shifted.”

Adam: That definitely built mental toughness

“You have been successful in training my body to do things that I didn’t think I could and that has definitely built mental toughness. My confidence level has gone up significantly because I have been able to push myself in training and I’m able to bank on that before and during a race.
The way you built the confidence in me is remarkable. Now a long run to me is just another run and I tackle it with confidence.”

The Mindset Toolbox

Mindset Mastery includes bonus resources to help you gain the mental skills to become a more mentally tough, confident, and focused runner.

In addition to the core video lessons, mental exercises, and training plan library, you’ll also get immediate access to even more material.

The Mindset Toolbox includes:

Clients will also receive new material added to the Mindset Toolbox in the future at absolutely no charge. 

Should I Join Mindset Mastery?

This program was specifically designed for the passionate runner who wants to purposefully and actively improve their mental skills.

Much like physical skills, mental skills take time to develop. After all, you can’t build mental toughness overnight.

If you expect a miracle transformation over the course of the program, please don’t join. Like physical training, your mental training will continue well beyond the time it takes to complete the 6-module course.

If you just want to browse the material and won’t take action on it, then please don’t join. Mental fitness takes deliberate practice.

If you’re unwilling to complete the program’s worksheets, please don’t join. Work is required to build your mental fitness.

But if you’re excited to bolster your strengths and will put in the work to become a better runner, I’m excited to welcome you to Mindset Mastery.

Soon, you’ll be confronting the weak links in your mental armor and adding new tools to your toolkit of psychological strategies.

If the below describes you, then you should join:

Runners who understand the transformative power of mastering their mindset are encouraged to join below.
These athletes understand the leverage they get from being mentally strong:
With better focus, you can run more consistently with less time off.
(And we all know that consistency is the secret sauce of successful running!)
With more mental toughness, you won’t give up as easily (and you’ll race faster).
(If you want to finish strong, you must be mentally fit enough to persevere!)
With less anxiety, you’ll feel confident on the starting line and ready to roll.
(And that confidence boost will bleed into other areas of your life, too!)

Which option is right for you?

PRO - you'll get it all:

Join Now for Only $299

(This one-time fee gives you access to everything - and all future updates)
Your purchase includes unlimited, lifetime access to Mindset Mastery

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You'll get:

Join Now for Only $199

(This one-time fee also gives you any future updates to this material!)
Your purchase includes unlimited, lifetime access to Mindset Mastery

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure this will work for me. How can I know?

Mindset Mastery includes proven performance psychology principles used with business executives, athletes, the military, and everyone in between. They are universally applicable to any person – because we all have brains!
The only reason this program wouldn’t work for you is if you don’t apply it or if you go into the course with a negative outlook. And that is entirely up to you. 

How much time does Mindset Mastery take to complete?

Mental training can’t be rushed (just like physical training). We recommend spending one week with each module. This will give you enough time to consume the material, complete the work, and reflect on the lessons.

Each module will take approximately 1-2 hours to watch the video presentation and complete the module worksheet.

But if you need more time, then please take it! You have unlimited, lifetime access to Mindset Mastery from the moment you purchase it. 

What are the training plans like?

The training plans that are included in Mindset Mastery are challenging but manageable. There are 3 tiers of difficulty for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. 
Every plan comprehensively includes recovery weeks, dynamic warm-up routines, workouts, long run progressions, optional cross-training, runner-specific core and strength routines, and more.

Is this only for advanced runners?

Definitely not. I encourage any runner who loves running and has a desire to improve their mindset to join the program. 

Mindset Mastery is really for runners who have not systematically worked on their mental skills in the past, regardless of their ability.
If you’d like to improve your mental toughness, confidence, focus, anxiety, and intensity then Mindset Mastery is a great option for you.

Our Unbeatable Guarantee

You Have No Risk Investing in Mindset Mastery…

Because if it doesn’t work for you, then I insist you get a complete refund.
My guarantee is simple: use this program and see for yourself if it works. If it doesn’t help you become a more mentally fit runner, show me you the completed the worksheets for the first two modules within 30 days and you’ll get a refund for 100% of the purchase price.
I’m completely confident Mindset Mastery will help you become a more mentally tough, confident, less anxious runner. While I can’t fully guarantee results, if you don’t feel like you’re improving then you deserve your hard-earned money back.
Simple as that.
But you’re more likely to experience results like Elisa or Juliet:
“The program helped me remember that we can override our general switch; that to accept pain and suffering I had to run through those moments to know that I don’t break; to find confidence in my ability rather than the numbers on the watch; and not to be afraid of doing something that I haven’t done in a long time, or have never done. 
I found myself anxious to test myself. And I found that I could. I haven’t see that kind of performance in myself in years.” – Elisa
“The program was awesome! These tools provide a very helpful structure for cultivating mental habits for running.” – Juliet

Which option is right for you?

PRO - you'll get it all:

Join Now for Only $299

(This one-time fee gives you access to everything - and all future updates)
Your purchase includes unlimited, lifetime access to Mindset Mastery

Rest assured, we use an extended validation SSL certificate for maximum security.

You'll get:

Join Now for Only $199

(This one-time fee also gives you any future updates to this material!)
Your purchase includes unlimited, lifetime access to Mindset Mastery

Rest assured, we use an extended validation SSL certificate for maximum security.

P.S. Jason is personally available to answer your questions about Mindset Mastery. Click here to send a question