Finally, a Personalized Plan To Increase Your Speed and Prevent Injuries…

To get out of your rut and motivated with custom training just for YOU

If you’ve read Strength Running for awhile, you know I’m all about staying healthy so you can get faster. If you’re looking for a new marathon PR or just want more consistent running, the PR Race Plan is your guide to injury-free running.

I’m Jason Fitzgerald, a USATF (USA Track & Field) Level 1 Certified Coach and the author of the Top Amazon seller 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner.

I’ve helped thousands of runners run more consistently and break their Personal Records – without the injuries. But not everyone is running well right now.

Are you confused by training or constantly injured?

I hear from a lot of people who are unsure of what to do next or dealing with frequent injuries. Does this sound like you?

Unfortunately a LOT of runners are going through similar struggles.

Ask yourself: what could I accomplish if I had a plan just for me? How much better would I feel if my training was all laid out for me ahead of time (even which days to rest) so I’m not confused where to start?

You’d finally be able to accomplish your goals. That’s different for all of us – but maybe it’s to lose 15 pounds, feel more energetic playing with your kids, run a faster half-marathon, or finally run your first marathon.

But you’ve been held back by poor training, low motivation, and overuse injuries. I get emails every week about these barriers:

Do you see a barrier that’s familiar to you? Are you tired of wondering, “what if…?”

I could list runner’s problems for pages and pages. But I don’t want to – I’d rather talk about solutions.

Solutions that helped runners like Dave, Christina, and Mark:

“You’ve been amazing and the advice and schedules that you’ve provided have been invaluable — my mind still goes back to my chiropractor telling me that there’s no way that I should’ve healed so quickly — I dig that!” – Dave L.

“I absolutely love my training plan — I am currently ahead of schedule and completed my first 20 miler last night, injury-free! The injury prevention work has done miracles.” – Christina G.

“I ran my half marathon earlier today and got a PR of 1:45, placed first in my age group, had the fastest time in that age group for all the years the race has been run, and most impressively to me was that my last two miles were the fastest, at 7:35 and 7:36! I’m a very happy girl. Thank you for your plan. On to the next one!” – Martha K.

Mark Marathon PRI would definitely recommend the PR Race Plan to others. My plan was designed for me, and was well aligned with what I asked for up front. And the result is a marathon PR by 16 minutes! This race was a huge confidence builder for me.” – Mark D.

Everything you need to run fast and finally run consistently

The PR Race Plan is a personalized training plan designed to get you to the starting line feeling better than ever. It’s completely customized to your fitness level, injuries, background, goals and life schedule. It includes:

No matter if you’re training for a 5k or a marathon, a PR Race Plan makes sure you’re doing the right workouts and the right mileage to help you reach your goals.

A PR Race Plan takes the confusion out of training. Don’t be frustrated by complex training plans. Leave the hard work to me!

You get a detailed training plan up to 20 weeks long (24 for some ultramarathon distances) to make you a faster, more athletic runner. Email me if you don’t understand something – I make sure you completely understand everything.

And when a personalized training plan fits your needs, you get results like this:

“But Jason…I’m not fast enough for a custom training plan!”

A lot of runners think that personalized training plans are only for elite runners. They couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ve written run/walk plans for runners who can’t even finish a mile. Many of my plans are for runners preparing for their first race ever!

I’ve also written plans for ultramarathons, 1.5 mile military fitness tests, and 5k races. Some runners choose a PR Race Plan for base training while others just want more well-rounded training. Remember: this plan is customized for you.

Beginner runners benefit the most from a custom running plan because it details every run – from the warm-up, running workout, strength exercises, and even pacing guidance. I make sure you understand every single workout in the entire plan.

When I send you your personalized plan, I also include advice on beating soreness and your workout paces. You’ll know exactly how to reach your running goals.

About Jason Fitzgerald

I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and ran 2:39:32 at the Philadelphia Marathon. As a USATF-certified running coach, I’ve helped thousands of runners get motivated, lose unwanted weight, and finally race to their potential.

If you’re reading this you know I focus on injury prevention and helping runners get faster. And I want to help you.

I’ve been writing Strength Running since 2010. It now hosts over 200,000 readers every month and has been featured in Runner’s World, Trail Runner, the Washington Post, and more major media:

What do runners like you think about the PR Race Plan?

Ryan“I was jumping from plan to plan trying to find something that worked for me. I purchased a PR plan which was better prices than anything I found online to date. I followed the plan and not only did my running improve but I also felt more confident on my legs. I was stronger and I looked stronger as well. Then came the real test. After following Jasons PR plan I ran my second marathon and blew my PR out of the water by 46 minutes! Thanks Jason, I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Ryan W.

“Jason, not sure what kind of mystical powers you have but I ran a 5k this morning and cut 40 seconds off my PR!” – Kris B.

“Looks like your plan is working for me: 1:06 10k PR in my first “B” race of the year in the snow :)” – Emily C., Denmark

Here’s how to get your custom plan:

Here’s how to get your custom plan:

  1. Choose which type of race plan you want below and purchase the program. Then send me your completed Runner Questionnaire. This is how I make your plan custom tailored exactly to you. Note: Please don’t send me a completed Questionnaire until you pay for your plan.
  2. Send it back and I’ll write your personal training plan for you.
  3. I’ll send your PR Race Plan directly to you in 5-7 business days and we can schedule a time for our Skype call. If you have questions, let me know – I’m here for you.

Get the Standard PR Race Plan

Click here to buy a standard PR Race Plan for $119. You’ll get:

Get the Premium PR Race Plan

Click here to buy a standard PR Race Plan for $189. You’ll get:

Thanks for getting a training plan – I look forward to working with you!

Race Plan FAQ

I hear from a lot of people who are unsure of what to do next or dealing with frequent injuries. Does this sound like you?

How long is my training plan?

Since the training plans that I create are all custom built from scratch, it depends! Most of the plans that I write are for 10-20 weeks and there’s no extra “surcharge” for writing longer training programs.

I purposefully limit the number of weeks in a training plan to 20 because I’ve found that any longer and runners tend to get injured, burned out, or simply tired of following a daily schedule of runs. However, some ultramarathon distances of 50-100 miles may require a plan of up to 24 weeks and I allow for this exception.

Because the vast majority of training plans are capped at 20 weeks, please send me your Questionnaire no more than 22 weeks out from your goal race.

How long does it take to get my custom training program?

It takes at least 5 business days for me to get to your plan, review your Runner Questionnaire, and write your program. Sometimes it’s a few days earlier or later so I appreciate your patience! If you follow up to ask questions, it may delay the delivery of your training plan.

Do I need a gym membership for this training?

No! I can include strength, core, and dynamic flexibility exercises that require no gym equipment and can be done anywhere – like your living room or a cramped hotel room.

If you happen to own our flagship weightlifting program High Performance Lifting, please tell me that in your Questionnaire and I’ll schedule those strength workouts directly in your plan for you!

I’m a total beginner. Will this be too advanced for me?

No way! Since these are personalized specifically to YOUR fitness level, injury history, and goals (among many other factors), the plan will be tailored to your unique needs.

I’ve worked with runners who have just started running and those who are on walk-run programs. No matter your level, I can make a training program work for you individually.

I’m just getting over an injury. Should I wait to get a plan or do it now?

If you’re healthy and can run without pain, the best time to get a training plan is right now. I can evaluate your injury and fitness level, and build a training plan that will help you achieve your running goals AND keeps you healthy long-term.

There’s a risky time during the return-to-running phase where you’re more likely to get injured. I can help you through this risky time period so you stay healthy.

When should I get my training plan?

Ideally, you’ll start your plan about 12-20 weeks before your goal race. Since it takes at least 5 business days for me to write your plan, it’s best to purchase your PR Race Plan 1-2 weeks ahead of when you want to begin. NOTE: Do not buy a plan for a race that’s 24+ weeks away. I will send back your Questionnaire and ask for an updated version when it’s closer to your race.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

My race plans come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While no training plan is a silver bullet and I can’t guarantee you’ll run your fastest ever, I know you’ll love your custom plan.

If you don’t like your workout schedule, email me within 30 days and we’ll make it work for you. I want you to believe in your training.

Aren’t you tired of waiting to “figure it out” or thinking that you “just need to do more research?” That’s what I’m here for! Fill out my extensive Runner Questionnaire and I’ll tailor your training plan for you.

I’ve gotten stories from runners like you who have run beyond their expectations in races like 3.5 miles, the half-marathon, and marathons. Here’s just a small sampling…

“I got a PR Race Plan and then ran an awesome half-marathon. I went out faster than planned (5:50 pace) but then settled into a nice rhythm on the hills and flats by averaging 6:04 mile pace. I ended up winning the race and setting a course record in 1:19:20. Excellent confidence booster and makes me pretty happy about where my fitness is – thanks!” – Eric M.

“I purchased a PR plan from you over the summer for my half on October 23rd. Well I thought the plan was great, very detailed and easy to follow. It worked perfectly for me. I went into the race feeling much more comfortable with my ability and just ready to run at whatever speed my body told me to. I pr’d the race by 16 minutes from my first half 6 months prior!” – Sara R.

“Jason’s training plan was just what I needed – it helped me run a big PR in a longer race than I thought I was ready for [3.5 miles], all while feeling totally prepared. Without his plan, I don’t think I would have been able to run sub-6 pace the entire way. Thank you for pushing me to be my best!” – Eric S.

Get the Standard PR Race Plan

Click here to buy a standard PR Race Plan for $119. You’ll get:

Get the Premium PR Race Plan

Click here to buy a standard PR Race Plan for $189. You’ll get:

Still have questions? Email me any time at and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.