Not sure where to start? Tired of confusing training plans with no flexibility?

Finally, there's an easy to follow, flexible running program for complete beginners (even if you can only run for a minute!)

"Thank you for making running easier and even something to look forward to. Your plan gave me a strength that I didn’t know I was capable of!"

Beginner Runner

I Want You To Run Easier, Faster & More Consistently Than Ever

Since 2010, I’ve helped tens of thousands of runners with their training. And beginners are often stuck in a rut, wondering if running will get any easier or if it will always be so hard.

Yes, it will get easier! No, you will not always be so sore!
If you’re not sure you can do it – if you think you’re not cut out for running – I can relate.
Actually, after my first run ever I was so sore I could barely walk for a week!

And I’ve heard many runners with similar struggles:

“I struggle with running often enough to increase my stamina and speed.”

“How do I do speed work? When am I ready for it in the first place?”

“I need help believing in myself… whenever I start running more, I get injured!”

“I’m a complete beginner and have no idea where to start. Help!”

There’s good news: you don’t need to look like a Runner’s World cover model. Even if you have no idea where to begin or you’re worried about injuries, there are simple ways to start running the RIGHT way.
But I don’t blame you for being confused or nervous about running…

Why Is Mainstream Advice So Harmful?

Have you ever been confused by a free training plan you downloaded online?

It happens often: you download your first training plan and get excited to start training… but after a week you’re confused by what to do next, aren’t confident that it’s right for you and then lose all motivation. 
The problem is that most plans are so basic that they actually hurt your progress. It’s true: most training plans predispose you to injury and won’t help you improve very much. 
If you’re a new runner, getting a simple (but very effective) training plan can seem daunting. 
Just look at this plan I saw online:

Just look at why this plan doesn’t work:

If you’re a beginner runner, you can see how this plan is confusing and only sets you up to fail.

And it’s not just training plans. Beginner runners face a lot of problems:
Finding the time to run consistently (even with demanding work and family commitments)…
Nagging aches and pains prevent progress and running never seems to get any easier…
You feel “weird” running in public while you’re out of breath and sweaty…
I get it! Remember, every runner was a beginner once.
And once these temporary problems are solved, then running will give you more energy, health, vitality, weight loss, and self-confidence.

Don’t take it from me. Listen to other new runners:

“I’m running the most consistent mileage I ever have in my life. I now know how to structure a workout and a program by myself, which were goals going into the program. After seeing what I can do in 14 weeks, I’m motivated to run longer and faster. You present the information in such a clear, concise, specific, and consistent fashion. It’s easy for me as a beginner because I don’t have to be confused by different opinions, and everything I have read by you makes perfect sense. Thanks again!” – Stephanie

It’s my job to help runners improve. And I refuse to let you fall prey to this misleading – and often dangerous – running advice.

What's Important for New Runners?

Instead of being confused, you should be THRILLED to start running.

It’s exciting to be a new runner. The possibilities are endless and your potential is limitless.
But unfortunately, most of the beginner training plans and articles you find online DON’T focus on the right things for new runners.
Instead, focus on these three ingredients to run easier and continue improving:

1. Flexibility!

Have you ever downloaded a training plan and then wondered: 
What if I miss a run? 
This schedule doesn’t work with my schedule! What now?!
If I want to run more, is that allowed?
You won’t find answers to these questions in most beginner plans. That’s because they’re not flexible.
Daily schedules are great – but only if they fit with YOUR schedule. If not, you’re out of luck.

2. Simple Instructions (the plan must be easy to follow)

The worst thing for a beginner is heading out for a run… and having no idea what to do.

Imagine looking at this workout: 7mi – 2x2k @ LT + 4x200m @ Goal 10k Pace, 400m rec.
Most runners have no idea what this means. And that’s ok! This is an advanced workout – for advanced runners.
New runners need simplicity. Not just because it’s most appropriate for their fitness level but also because it will help them succeed in the long-term.
Confusion leads to doing nothing. And if you do nothing, your running will never improve.
But if you DO know what to do, then you’ll always be empowered to do your best in any workout.

3. Coaching Guidance For Your Toughest Questions

A simple, flexibile training plan is great. But that’s not the only thing you need to succeed as a runner.

There’s so much more to running, like:
A beginner running program should also include this information – plus, advice on how to easily implement it in your schedule.
Runners always seem to have questions about pacing, running gear, when it’s ok to skip a run, injury prevention, goal setting, motivation, recovery… and a lot more.
Any program for new runners without this guidance is only giving you half of what you need.
And when you have it all – the flexible training plan, easy to follow workouts, and coaching guidance on every aspect of your running – it becomes so much easier to succeed.
“I’m really happy with the changes that I’ve seen in my body. They’re a reminder that I am making progress toward my overall fitness aspirations as well as my running goals.”
– Alex

“This is only the beginning. I now have new goals that I want to accomplish. I’ve planned next year’s races and each one is a stepping stone to getting better. “
– Mark

“My body felt better, my injuries were fading, and I began to think of running more as a lifestyle rather than a hobby.”
– Amee

About Jason Fitzgerald

Hi! I’m Jason and I’m the head coach of Strength Running. I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and during that time I’ve run a 2:39 marathon, beat almost 17,000 other runners to win a Warrior Dash obstacle race, and won many other 5ks, half marathons and marathons.

More importantly, I’ve helped thousands of other runners run faster than they ever thought – with fewer injuries – and be more consistent than ever.
I’m a member of Greatist’s Expert Network (a NYC venture-backed startup) and a USA Track & Field certified coach. You may have seen my coaching advice in Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, Lifehacker or Active.
As a coach, my coaching material is actionable – you can put it into practice today and benefit forever. You won’t find complex jargon or scientific theory that leaves you wondering, “Ok, but what now?”
And today, I’m thrilled to introduce my new program for beginner runners.


Project: Runner is an online, self-paced course that shows you exactly how to become a runner.

Our project? To make you a better, faster, happier runner.
After logging in, you’ll access all of the modules within the program:

Module 1: Gear, Safety, and Scheduling

Our first module will show you what running gear is important – and what you can skip for now.

We answer your most pressing questions:
What fabric is best to keep me dry? How do I dress in winter? How do I choose my running shoes?
You’ll know exactly what you need to get started without the distractions of advanced gear.
New runners also have questions about safety. Should you run at night or carry pepper spray? What about dogs, cars, visibility, identification, or running with headphones?
We cover it all. If you’re worried about your safety while out running, we have an entire lesson on keeping you protected while you’re out on the road.
Lesson #3 shows you how to schedule your runs – and how to actually follow through on your training!
Download our Training Journal Template to know what to track, how to track it, and what to avoid.

Bonus Coaching Video: Welcome to Running!

You’re a new runner – congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in your running career.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (sorry, had to use that) and you’re so early in your running journey. I couldn’t imagine a more exciting time for you.
In this video, Coach Jason walks you through the exciting potential of becoming a runner.

Module 2: Dynamic Flexibility, Goal Setting, and Running Form

Now that you know what to war, how to stay safe, and the most practical way to track your running it’s time to have some more fun.

You’ll see how to best warm up for your run (hint: it’s not stretching) with a quick and simple dynamic warm-up routine. We have routines available that have never before been made public.
Perhaps most important in this module is how to set goals that excite you and set you up to succeed.
It’s great to chase a Boston Qualifying Marathon, but you’re probably not ready for that yet. So we’ll focus on ideal long-term (and short-term) goals – plus, the daily habits that make success easier.
With our Goal Setting Worksheet, you’ll have everything you need to set monster (but realistic) goals.
Finally, you’ll cut through the noise about running form and learn what’s really important.
No, I won’t bore you with biomechanics jargon or tell you that heel-striking is always bad (it’s not).
You WILL learn the most common misconceptions about form, why it’s variable (it’s ok if you don’t have “perfect” form), how to find your best form, and whether you should change it at all in the first place.
We also have video demonstrations of drills and exercises to reinforce efficient running form.

Bonus Coaching Video: The Mindset of Success

What separates successful runners from those who never seem to reach their goals?

Is it how they approach their training? Is it a way of thinking? (Hint: it is NOT just genetics!)
In this coaching video, Jason walks you through the mindset of success that governs how you think about bad runs, successful runs, and your outlook on running.

Module 3: Motivation, Accountability, and Dealing with Challenges

Not every runner is born with boundless motivation. So we’ve given you the tools, tips, strategies, and accountability systems to stay disciplined with your running.

We have 9 powerful motivation hacks – plus, 19 more “Discipline Booster” accountability strategies.
Just download our Motivation Worksheet to effortlessly build accountability into your running.
But sometimes, motivation is out of your control.
What if it’s freezing rain outside, with gale-force winds or stifling heat and humidity?
No worries! You have guidance for every imaginable weather circumstance so you can make the best of every situation (with these tactics, you’ll be tougher than you think).
You’ll also learn how to reschedule your runs if you need to miss a day. And what to do if you have the dreaded “runner’s trots” or are too sore or tired to run.

Module 4: Strength, Recovery, and Body Maintenance

This module is easily worth the price of admission.

Injuries are common among runners, but Project: Runner gives you the tools to stay healthy:

With the accompanying coaching videos, you’ll have every resource to help you prevent injuries and stay healthy long-term – while benefiting the most from your training.

Fewer injuries leads to more consistent running. And more consistency always leads to higher fitness, faster running, and happier runners!

Bonus Coaching Video: How to Make Injury Prevention Effortless

There’s nothing worse than having to worry about injuries. And since up to 75% of runners get hurt every single year, it’s a legitimate concern.

But building prevention directly into your running – in a way that makes it easy to complete – will transform your running and dramatically reduce your injury risk.
In this video, Jason explains how our training plans make prevention simple.

Module 5: The Power of Variety, Consistency, and Speed

At this point in your running journey, you’re in the best shape of your life and we’re starting to have more fun with your training.

To stay motivated (and prevent injuries… run happier… have more fun…) you’ll incorporate more variety into your running: different paces, terrains, running surfaces, shoes, workouts, and a lot more.
The 11 unique ways in which this variety is included in our training plans and coaching lessons make it easy to implement – and much of it is done for you!
Finally, we explain the types of faster workouts we use in our training plans. These beginner-friendly runs are simple to understand but they powerfully improve your fitness with the least injury risk.

Bonus Coaching Video: How to Develop Unshakeable Confidence In Your Running

Confidence: some runners have it, while some never seem to build it.

What separates these two types of runners? In this video, Jason describes the process of building confidence in your abilities and how to use that to your advantage.
Above all, confidence stems from training. It grows from the hard work you’ve done – and at this point in the program, you’ve come a long way!

Module 6: Your First Race: Pacing and What to Tackle Next

You’re finally ready to run your first race! But… what should you expect?

This module helps you plan a successful race, from the logistics of getting there and warming up to how to understand the race course.
You will have an example “race day routine” that walks you through the entire process (like, how to line up in a corral, prepare mentally, what to wear, and how to pace yourself).
We also lay out ideal post-race recovery with detailed guidance on exactly what to do immediately after the race, the next day, and the following week to maximize your recovery so you can start running again.

Bonus Coaching Video: Coach Jason's Pre-Race Pep Talk!

The time has arrived!

You’re getting ready for your first 5k. Maybe you’re nervous – or maybe you’re excited to show off all of the hard-earned fitness you’ve built over the last few months.
In this video, Jason encourages you to look at racing as a fun test. And no matter what your goal is on race day, there’s a way to make it a wild success.

Finally… what’s next?! What should you do after your first race? Try to race faster? Run longer?

While it’s up to you, we share the strategies for each type of goal and how to plan your next adventure.

Bonus Coaching Video: How to Build on Project: Runner to Keep Improving and Run Faster

Now that you’ve successfully finished your first 5k (with no walking), what’s next?

The beauty of running is that it’s truly a lifelong sport that continues to give back no matter what your goal. So even if you have no interest in running marathons, there are ways to keep improving and enjoying running.
In this video, Jason talks about the potential of running to dramatically change your life.

Accountability to Help You Succeed (at every step along the way)

Download every lesson from our 6 modules (more than 25,000 words of beginner-oriented coaching!)

Use our innovative, flexible training plans to finish your first 5k with no walking (or use a scheduled plan)
Get clear on your goals, training, and mindset with our unique worksheets that hold you accountable
Watch one of our eight coaching videos for motivation and extra guidance to help you succeed

The Project: Runner Training Plan Library

Once you login to the program, you have full access to our entire suite of training plans.
But these are different than other plans you’ve seen online… they’re designed just for beginners, with a focus on flexibility, preventing injuries, and giving you the option of scheduling your own workouts.
Most plans have a daily schedule of running. But what if a work commitment comes up? Or you get sick (or… even worse… your kids get sick!) and have to miss a day or more of running?
Our innovative training plans anybody to schedule their running using a point system. It’s simple – and effective.
Of course, if you prefer a daily schedule laid out for you, we have that too!

Let me coach you through our training plans

It’s not enough to give you a training plan and hope for the best. I demand more of myself as a coach.

That’s why I’ve created video walkthroughs of our plans to guide you through the entire process.
You’ll know what plan is best for you, how to run every workout or long run, and more importantly, why the training plans are structured this way.
These videos allow you to look over my shoulder and understand into the rationale behind the success of our training plans.

Ready to Invest In Your Running Today?

(you get instant access for just $39 - and these 4 free bonuses!

Bonus #1 Every lesson in our private member’s area can also be downloaded wherever you are.

Forgot that warm-up routine? Need to know how to run in the snow? Want to recover faster? You got it!
We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to succeed. Not only do you have unlimited, lifetime access but you can also save every lesson, making it easier to get the support you need, when you need it.

And Don't Forget These Exclusive Discounts!

Bonus #2: With a private partnership to Runner’s Warehouse, member’s receive 10% off on almost all their gear. Shoes, jackets, running socks, winter weather gear – you name it.
Bonus #3: Struggling with lower leg injuries? We’ve partnered with the developers of the Ankle Foot Mobilizer to get you 10% off this innovative foot and ankle strengthening tool that’s used by professional athletes to prevent injuries.
Bonus #4: If you’re interested in trail running, you’ll love The Trail Runner’s System created by trail athlete and coach Doug Hay. And with 25% off the retail price, you’ll get started on trails the right way.

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“My recovery improved significantly – the next day my body was feeling a lot stronger and less stiff. The strength helps with my form and has really improved my all-around training.”
– Rik

“I’m injury free (yay!!). I’m running more than ever before, and I’ve even gotten faster along the way!”
– DeAnne

“My 5k Personal Best improved from 28:39 to 24:07. I’ve never had this much endurance before and best of all I am pain free.”
– Franzi

Got Questions? I Have Answers!

I can only run for about a minute. Is this too advanced?

Not at all. In fact, you’re exactly the type of runner this program was designed for! We have multiple training plans designed for people who’ve never run a step or can only finish about a mile.

How much time do I need to complete this program?

The training plans range from about two hours of exercise per week to five hours depending on your fitness level, goals, and ability.

But since our plans are flexible, you can pick and choose which workouts to do – from strength routines, running sessions, and cross-training, we have a lot of options to keep you motivated.

I want to run a trail race - is Project: Runner a good fit for me?

Yes! Whether you’d like to run road races or trails, the fundamentals of running remain the same. Just use our guidance for how to run trails and you’ll have everything you need.

Plus, our bonus discount on The Trail Runner’s System is available if you decide to take your trail running to the next level.

I've already run a few 5k's. Is this program too easy for me?

Probably. If you can run a 5k, then this program isn’t right for you.

Project: Runner is for complete beginners who can run up to a mile (or haven’t started running at all). You’ll likely be too advanced for the beginner-oriented training tips, strategies, coaching advice, and workout tactics in the program.
If that’s you, we recommend either a custom training plan or Team Strength Running.

Do I need a gym membership or exercise equipment?

Nope! We understand that not every runner has access to a gym or advanced equipment – so we don’t require it.

Our training plans, workouts, and strength routines don’t require any fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership. Every workout can be done at your home, outside, or on a treadmill.

"What if I don't love Project: Runner?"

My guarantee is simple: if you’re not happy, then I’m not happy.

Try the program for a full 30 days. Go through each of the six modules and follow one of our training plans. If you’re not experiencing progress and feeling like a stronger runner, then you deserve a full refund. Just show me you put in the work with our worksheets and I’ll process a 100% refund. I’ll even eat the credit card processing fees.
But I know that you’ll benefit from the coaching lessons, motivational videos, and our innovative training plans. 
With our proven training system and refund policy, you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain!) by investing in yourself with Project: Runner.

"I blew my previous half marathon time out of the water! I finished the race in 2:24, a PR of 34 minutes! I didn’t have to walk at all despite the windy conditions and the hills during the last two miles. I'm still brimming with confidence."

Beginner Runner

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Run Easier, Train Smarter & Be the Runner You KNOW You Can Be

“I just wanted to say how much I’m loving the plan with Project: Runner. It’s fantastic! I can’t believe how far I’ve come since C25k. 

“I now have my first 5k booked . It’s a struggle at times but thanks to your advice (all in one place, what an amazing thing!) I get through it, still loving every minute of it. Having short and long term goals really help. 
“And now there’s diet advice as well! Thanks again!” – Jane