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If you want to run a new personal best, you’ve found the right place.

If you’re tired of injuries or not reaching your goals, Strength Running can help.

When you  combine the right workouts, mileage, strength exercises, recovery, and “extras” the benefits are obvious:

  • Faster workout times, increased speed, and better race results
  • Fewer overuse injuries and the confidence to run more
  • More consistency in your training (no more wondering what to do…)

Strength Running gives you the tools necessary to reach your big goals, like qualifying for the Boston Marathon or finally losing that extra weight. With top articles on injury prevention, barefoot running, motivational success stories, and new training ideas, you’ll find one of the hundreds of articles and videos here to help you become a better runner.

Why is Strength Running Different?

You won’t find the same bland “top 10″ tips and generic training advice that’s republished on every other running blog here. There’s no training philosophy that guides the information – it’s just published. Some of it is bad…very bad.

Instead, every article you read here is guided by the Strength Running philosophy – a set of principles that help runners stay healthy and run faster. Subscribers to my newsletter are introduced to this philosophy in an extensive email course so they can start getting their training on track. Sign up here to get that email course.

Since 2010, SR grown to one of the largest running blogs on the web with over 200,000 readers per month. SR and Jason Fitzgerald have been featured in most major media like Runner’s World, Competitor, USA Today, and more:

SR Media

More importantly, SR is written by a runner just like you. Sure, I have a little bit of talent. But I work my ass off to improve and I know what’s possible for other runners who are willing to put in the work.

I used to experience chronic injuries, constant setbacks, and consistent training interruptions. I was always thinking, “Am I always going to be bouncing from one injury to another?” Maybe that sounds familiar…

What you read here is what I’ve learned since I started running in 1998. It’s influenced by the 10+ coaches I’ve had, the countless running books I’ve read, and my USA Track & Field coaching certification. And my goal is to help you become a faster, healthier, happier runner.

More About Jason

Jason HM Racing

I founded Strength Running in early 2010 because of my passion for helping runners achieve their goals. After finishing the 2008 New York Marathon in 2:44, I developed a severe ITB injury. I was sidelined for six months, but that injury transformed my thoughts on running healthy and injury prevention.

With my new training philosophy, I haven’t had a major running injury since 2009. I ran more than I ever have in 2010 (and then again in 2012) and continue to get stronger. I ran a 5+ minute PR at the Philadelphia Marathon in 2:39:32.

I was the overall 1st-place winner at the 2011 Moraine Hills Half Marathon, 2012 Maryland Warrior Dash, and 2013 Potomac River Run Marathon.

Strength Running is where I share what I’ve learned to help you be a better runner.

In addition to being a USATF-certified running coach, I’m also the author of 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner and the co-founder of Run Your BQ, a community of runners who want to run a faster marathon.

I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and ran for Connecticut College, where I was a New England Qualifier and top ten finisher in the 3,000m Steeplechase.

I’m married, live in the Washington, DC area, and recently had a daughter.

If you’re a journalist or writer who needs a coach for a story about running or injury prevention, email me at You can also follow me on Twitter at JasonFitz1.

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