New Coaching Call! How to Train For Your First Hilly Trail Race

Hilly races present a unique set of challenges for runners who are used to going the distance. How can training be optimized and what types of workouts specifically target performance on hilly terrain?

hilly trail race

If you’re thinking hill repeats – …

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach Tim DiFrancesco on Lifting for Power

Strength training is so important for endurance runners that it should not be considered cross-training. It’s just part of the training you must do to reach your potential.

weight lifting for runners

About 20 years ago, I said something that I regret to …

Dr. Alison Pope-Rhodius on Leveraging and Training a Growth Mindset for Runners

Learning is a lifelong skill that sets us up for success in any pursuit. Luckily, you don’t have to always be right, but you have to be willing to seek knowledge, change your mind, and grow from experiences.

Growth mindset

That …

Get to Know the Coach: An Interview with Strength Running Founder Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald is the creative force, head coach, founder, and podcast host behind all things Strength Running. He grew the humble blog to a media platform with resources for all runners. Today, we sit down with Jason to learn …

The Physiology of Altitude: What Training at 10,000 Feet Does to Your Body

Training at altitude is widely believed to be advantageous for athletes. If you’ve ever gone from sea level to higher elevations, you know that physical exertion can be a challenge. How do our bodies respond to altitude?

high altitude training

Air pressure …

Ultrarunner Candice Burt on Running 800 Miles, Hallucinating, and Discovering Yourself

Do you dare to dream big? Do you set out to achieve something that seems impossible? Or do you prefer to progress methodically, then see where you wind up?

Arizona Trail with Candice Burt

In truth, neither approach is superior. Talking of the impossible …

Engineering a Marathon PR for a Masters Runner: A Behind-the-Scenes Coaching Call

It can be frustrating to do everything (seemingly) right in training and still fall short of a previously set PR. What are those small tweaks that runners can make to see a new personal record?

new marathon PR

If that’s an all-too-familiar …

Dr. Duncan Simpson on Training Your Mind and Why Focus is the Top Mental Skill

Skills, by definition, are learned abilities that can be well executed. This means that skills can be practiced and mastered over time. Are you currently working on a specific skill?

Mental skills for runners

Mental skills are unique in that they aren’t overtly …

Tension, Impact Force, and Energy Return: A Running Technique Masterclass

If you set out to learn from the best runners in the world, you will undoubtedly wind up in East Africa. Ethiopian and Kenyan runners have dominated the sport and continue to enthrall runners around the globe.

African runners

What is …

Trail Runner Magazine’s Zoë Rom on Environmental Justice and Why it Matters

Earth graces us with its natural beauty and a place to call home. Yet the balance of nature is teetering. We see it constantly in rampant wildfires, frequent 1,000-year floods, record temperatures, and mass extinction of wildlife.

Zoë Rom on Environmental Justice

Ask any …