How to Build Strong & Happy Hamstrings with Duane Scotti

Hamstrings injuries are a real pain the butt. And quite literally, the most common hamstring injury gives you a sharp pain at the top of the hamstring muscle near the glute.

Hamstring Stretch

This hamstring injury is called high hamstring tendinopathy

Performance Coach David Joyce on a Better Framework for Injury Rehabilitation

For decades, runners have always had a singular goal when it comes to injury rehabilitation: “fix” the injury. But what if we’ve been wrong about this goal?

Healthy Running

Endurance athletes and physical therapists have an interesting relationship. We runners …

How to Lift at Home with Strength & Conditioning Coach Scott Caulfield

Running is one of the most accessible sports out there. Just lace up your shoes and you can run virtually anywhere. But if you can’t get to a gym, how do you lift weights?


Strength training requires equipment. …

Tight Hamstrings? How to Know if You Have a Hamstring Strain

Tight hamstrings are incredibly common among endurance runners. And that makes sense – the hamstring muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the body.

Runners Hamstrings

Look at all those hamstring muscles!

But how do you differentiate between a …

Running 50 Marathons in 50 States with Marathon Training Academy’s Angie Spencer

Running a marathon is challenging. Running consistent marathons is even more difficult. But 50 marathons in 50 states… with the last one being your Personal Best is truly demanding.


The 50 State Marathon Club is an elite group. …

Is a Heel Strike Bad? How to Think About Foot Strike and Running

Your foot is the first point of contact between the ground and your body. Since running is an impact sport, let’s be sure that foot strike is healthy!

Foot Strike Running

Foot strike didn’t used to be so complicated.

During my running …

Escape Injuries and Run a New PR: A Behind the Scenes Coaching Call

Injuries are like a central governor to your training: they hold you back, limit your potential, and drag down your performances. How can you escape that injury cycle so you can accomplish more of your goals?

Running Marathon

A long time …

The Value of Uncertainty

Back in January, I was thrilled to get into the Vermont 100 miler.  I watched and waited as they made the race selections public online, and with less than 30 slots left, my name was finally chosen!

VT100 Finisher

I started …

Dr. Victoria Sekely on How to Fix Your Weak Areas, Run More, & Stay Healthy

Identifying your weaknesses and coming up with a plan to fix them helps runners progress and break through performance plateaus. But how do you find the areas that need improvement?

Running Track

One of my primary responsibilities as a coach is …

How to Create Your Own Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Strength training is not cross-training for runners. It’s just part of the training that’s needed to properly prepare for a peak performance.

Bodyweight Exercise Routine

And while ideal strength training will consist of weightlifting in the gym – lifting for power and