Training & Coaching Programs

Strength Running offers a variety of training and coaching programs to help you accomplish your biggest running goals.

Every program is thoroughly researched (some took years and $10,000+ to create), tested, and proven to get runners like you results. Whether that’s a new personal best, more consistency, or fewer injuries.

Training Programs

Lift like an elite runner to build power, efficiency, and a lethal fast finishing kick.

Strength training is not cross-training – it’s just how good runners should train. See how to lift just like the pro runners.

Energize runs, drop those last 10 pounds, and fuel workouts with NO “dieting”!

We’ll show you exactly what to eat for maximum energy, how to train for weight loss, and the nutrition secrets for better running performance.

Build Mental Toughness, Focus, & Confidence to reach your biggest running goals!

Train your mind to become a mentally resilient runner during workouts, races, and long runs. This is your playbook for mental fitness.​

Not sure where to start? Tired of confusing training plans with no flexibility?

Finally, there’s an easy to follow, flexible running program for complete beginners (even if you can only run for a minute!)

Frustrated with constant injuries, months of setbacks, and zero consistency?

Most runners are chronically stuck in the injury cycle. It’s time to regain your confidence and finally enjoy every run – injury free.

Bodyweight Power

Bodyweight strength training focusing on power, with no gym or experience required!

Learn to balance strength with running so you can maximize gains in both, boost your speed into a lethal finishing kick, and build injury resilience to stay healthy!

Strength Running - Ultimate Training Bundle

Get All of Our Best Programs!

Want it all? Get six of our most popular training programs at a massive 35% discount to help you get stronger, stay healthy, fuel better, and race faster!

Coaching Programs

Are you an advanced runner in need of advanced training to reach your goals?

The faster you are, the more complex your training needs to be. Take the next step & get an advanced training plan.

Finally, a personalized plan to increase your speed and prevent injuries.

Get out of your rut and motivated with custom training just for YOU.

Tired of inconsistent running or lack of motivation?

Learn more about Team Strength Running: affordable coaching, personal training, and runners just like you!


Running for Health and Happiness

Running for Health and Happiness debuted as the #1 best-selling Kindle book on Amazon in the running category with a 4.6 rating!

52 Workouts, 52 Weeks, One Faster Runner

Now in its second edition, this book covers long run variations, fartleks, max intervals, speed development workouts, and much more.

101 Simple Ways to Be a Better Runner

101 Simple Ways to Be a Better Runner

Your quick “coach in your pocket” guide. An easy-to-read, actionable book of running advice to help you do one thing: become a better runner.

13 Lucky Racing Tips For Your Next Personal Best

13 top coaches, Boston Qualifiers, ultramarathoners, and even an Olympic Trials Qualifier share their best advice on racing and pace strategies.

The Strength Running PR Guide

Five sections covering topics from building mileage, race pacing, running gear to use and NOT use, injury prevention, fast workouts, and more.

The Boston Marathon Course Guide

The world’s most prestigious marathon requires a smart approach. Learn the ins and outs, ups and downs (literally), and get mentally prepared for Boston.