The Strength Running Podcast

Strength Running Podcast

I already left you a 5-star rating on iTunes, but I wanted to say that your podcast is awesome.  You’re a natural.  Your questions are great, you allow the guest to talk without interruptions (a rare talent), and your guests are unreal! Great job! -Bobby

Thanks for listening to the Strength Running Podcast. My goal is to bring you conversations about our sport that inform your thinking about how to train, think about running, and continue improving.

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Podcast Episodes

Below are links to posts with more information about each episode. You can play the show, see the links and resources from each episode, and get more information about the guests. Enjoy!

Episode 1 & 2 (with Olympian Nick Symmonds)

Episode 3 (with Olympian Shalane Flanagan)

Episode 4 (with Coach Mario Fraioli)

Episode 5 (with Nerd Fitness founder Steve Kamb)

Episode 6 (a behind the scenes coaching call)

Episode 7 (Jason’s recommended running books)

Episode 8 (with Ultrarunner Travis Macy)

Episode 9 (a behind the scenes coaching call)

Episode 10 (with health psychologist Dr. Justin Ross)

Episode 11 (common running Q&A)

Episode 12 (with Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World Bart Yasso)

Episode 13 (with AFX founder Matt Ferguson)

Episode 14 (with Registered Dietitian and RRCA-certified coach Claire Shorenstein)

Episode 15 (with S&C coach Dr. Mike Young)

Episode 16 (with No Meat Athlete founder Matt Frazier)

Episode 17 (Jason shares a letter he received)

Episode 18 (with Coach James Dunne)

Episode 19 (with Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein)

Episode 20 (with author Matt Fitzgerald)

Episode 21 (with coach Nate Helming)

Episode 22 (Jason offers words of encouragement to Boston Marathon runners)

Episode 23 (with TV host and ultra runner Simon Donato)

Episode 24 (a followup coaching call with George from episode 6)

Episode 25 (with strength and conditioning coach Tony Gentilcore)

Episode 26 (with CNN journalist Tom Foreman)

Episode 27 (with ultra runner Ian Sharman)

Episode 28 (Q&A with coach Doug Hay)

Episode 29 (with Registered Dietitian Anne Mauney)

Episode 30 (with performance psych Simon Marshall and World Champ triathlete Lesley Patterson)

Episode 31 (with elite marathoner Tina Muir)

Episode 32 (with coach and author Jonathan Beverly)

Episode 33 (with philanthropist and ultra runner Joel Runyon)

Episode 34 (with elite ultra runner Magda Boulet)

Episode 35 (with philanthropist and ultra runner Joel Runyon)

Episode 36 (with orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Geier)

Episode 37 (with Olympian Alexi Pappas)

Episode 38 (with LT100 winner Devon Yanko)

Episode 39 (with 6 elite runners on failure)

Episode 40 (with Olympian Courtney Frerichs)

Episode 41 (with author Jonathan Beverly)

Episode 42 (with coach Mario Fraioli)

Episode 43 (how to avoid a performance plateau)

Episode 44 (with coach Jenny Hadfield)

Episode 45 (with elite marathoner Nick Arciniaga)

Episode 46 (Jason’s recommended running gifts)

Episode 47 (ideal strength training for runners)

Episode 48 (with elite strength coach Randy Hauer)

Episode 49 (with pro triathlete Jesse Thomas)

Episode 50 (how I think about training runners to race faster)

Episode 51 (with Another Mother Runner Dimity McDowell)

Episode 52 (with pro runner Maggie Callahan)

Episode 53 (with sub-4 miler Henry Wynne)

Episode 54 (a behind the scenes coaching call about running a sub-3 marathon)

Episode 55 (with elite ultramarathoner Tyler Andrews)

Episode 56 (with OTQ marathon chaser, Keira D’Amato)

Episode 57 (the complete guide to hill workouts)

Episode 58 (with Registered Dietitian Heather Caplan)

Episode 59 (a behind the scenes coaching call about injury prevention)

Episode 60 (how to run a fast obstacle course race)

Episode 61 (with author Alex Hutchinson)

Episode 62 (3 ingredients to your fastest 5k)

Episode 63 (with podcasters Angie and Trevor Spencer)

Episode 64 (3 “forcing functions” that help you eat better)

Episode 65 (with Registered Dietitian Nichola Ludlum-Raine)

Episode 66 (with elite runner Tina Muir)

Episode 67 (with coach Jonathan Marcus)

Episode 68 (with physiotherapist Ryan Smith)

Episode 69 (with trail/ultra runner Doug Hay)

Episode 70 (with Registered Dietitian Annyck Besso)

Episode 71 (a step by step guide to tempo runs)

Episode 72 (with Mark Cucuzzella, MD)