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We love running because of its simplicity. Just lace up a pair of shoes (and hopefully put on a pair of shorts) and you’re ready to run. But sometimes, you need a little something extra to realize your potential.

Whether you’re an injury-prone runner craving health, a marathoner dialing in your hydration, or a morning runner looking for an edge, we’ve got the running deals to optimize your training. 

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MOBO Board

Stabilize your stance with the innovative MOBO Board created by author and physical therapist Dr. Jay Dicharry. You’ll get stronger, improve stability, and learn how to exert force into the ground (this is how you run fast!). Use code STRENGTHRUN10 to save 10% here!

Athletic Greens

A rare supplement I use & trust, AG1 is “nutrition insurance” that includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and adaptogens. Anecdotal evidence shows it may lower heart rate and improve heart rate variability. Get a free 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs here.

Ultimate Training Bundle

We’re known for our effective and evidence-based training programs. Get 35% off our best courses in one bundle! You’ll get High Performance Lifting, Injury Prevention for Runners, Nutrition for Runners, Team Strength Running, Mindset Mastery, and Bodyweight Power!


Elemental Labs is my favorite electrolyte company, making high-sodium electrolytes with nothing artificial. Improve the absorption of fluids with adequate sodium intake and experience the difference yourself. Get a free sample pack as a free gift with your first purchase here.

The Performance Training Journal

Holding a tangible log, writing in it daily, and reflecting on the ups and downs of running is a surefire way to improve. You'll learn to focus on the training metrics that matter, prioritize optimism in your running, focus on long-term progress, and reflect on what's actually helping you run faster. Check it out here.

Squat Rack

Strength training is not cross-training. It’s just part of the training runners need to reach their potential. If you’re setting up a home gym, the first step is a high quality squat rack to rack the barbell, hold your plates, and get you ready to lift. This is our preferred option.


Your mental health directly impacts your running, motivation, and mental toughness. Without being in the right frame of mind, you can't achieve your potential. Take control of your mindset and get 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp here.

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