How to Start Running – Your Ultimate Guide

The Beginners Corner section of Strength Running will show you how to start running so you can lace up and finally start seeing results. This area is designed to be an all-inclusive resource to teach you the ropes when you start running.

There are a lot of questions you may have about running – from learning the proper form, the right gear to use, and how often you can run when you first start. Strength Running can answer all of your questions and help guide you to distance running success. There are four sections below to get you started and this page will continually be updated, so check back often.

The goal of Strength Running is to help runners get faster and prevent injuries along the way by training smarter. It sounds simple but it’s a complex formula to design the best training. A page devoted to beginners sounded like a great place to start!

How to Start RunningHow to Start Running – For Beginners

Beginner Basics – Tutorials to Help You Start Running

This section of articles cover many topics that will teach you how to start running. From general fitness basics, running form, and how to recover properly from your training – you’ll learn it all here.

Increasing Endurance – Going Longer, Faster

The biggest limiter of performance in a beginning runner is a lack of endurance. Fortunately, there are strategies that you can implement to help you develop more aerobic endurance when you start running (and not all of them involve running more).

Motivation and Inspiration: Strength Running Success Stories

As a new runner who is just learning how to start running, staying motivated to keep running is a top priority. Learn from other runners just like you who have started running all new PR’s, gotten healthy, and even qualified for big races like the Boston Marathon.

Read all the success stories here!

Get Strong, Prevent Injuries, Start Running More

Injuries happen all the time to runners, most of them from overuse. Most can be prevented with the right training design, attitude, and strengthening exercises. The goal for you as a beginner is to make sure your body is strong enough to handle the added stress of running. By not trying to run through pain and using the right combination of strength exercise, you’ll be far ahead of the rest of runners who consistently get hurt.

Running Gear – Only Use What You Need

I’m a proponent of using as little gear as possible to focus on the sheer enjoyment of running. When you’re learning how to start running, it’s best to avoid the Garmin GPS watches and other technology that can distract you more than help you become a better runner.

Racing 101: Strategy and Pacing Advice for Your Next PR

Racing is a skill – as much science as it is art. Learning the nuances of proper race strategy can be just as difficult as learning how to start running when you’re a beginner, but SR has you covered! I’ve interviewed the best and know the most effective race and pace strategies to help you run your next PR.

How to Start Running: The Free Email Course

The following five categories include many of the basics to help you start running. A more comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to running for beginners is included in my free email mini-course which focuses on how to start running:

  1. The top mistakes to avoid when you first start running
  2. Increasing motivation to run
  3. Injury prevention (so you can run more)
  4. Smarter training – including specific strategies

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