Running for Beginners: The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide

Runners are weird

Welcome to the sport of running! We’re a little weird, but we like what we do.

And as a beginning runner, you’re in an enviable position: there’s SO much improvement possible and all you need is consistency and the right guidance.

Strength Running has helped millions of runners since 2010 with our in-depth, results-oriented training advice – that actually works.

If you’re a beginner runner, start here. I’m excited to share this Running for Beginners guide with you today – so you can get started with running, fall in love with the sport, and run your first personal best.

Running for Beginners – Getting Started

Running is a beautifully simple sport. You need virtually no equipment. There’s no need to have a team. You can do it almost anywhere.

Plus, research has shown it’s the most effective way to lose weight and get in shape. So let’s get started with running articles just for beginners.

Running Tips for Beginners (Videos)

Since 2010, Strength Running has been helping new runners train for their first race, stay healthy, and get in the best shape of their lives.

We have hundreds of articles but our videos help explain the best running tips for beginners.

You might be registered for your first race (congratulations!) and wondering how to plan for that. Watch the video below on how to set a realistic goal time:

You may also be wondering about trail running (it’s a lot of fun). Here’s a fun video interview with trail runner, ultramarathoner, and Rock Creek Runner author Doug Hay about Beginner Trail Running Tips:

Most beginning runners don’t just get off the couch and complete a 5-mile run. Many need to take walk breaks to get used to running.

This Q&A about walk breaks during long runs covers whether this strategy defeats their purpose (which is gaining endurance).

If you’re about to run your first marathon, make sure you avoid these major mistakes:

There are lots more videos on Strength Running’s YouTube page.

Gear and Gadgets for Beginning Runners

Thankfully, you don’t need thousands of dollars of fancy running gear to get started with running. If you’re a new runner, a few simple things are all you need.

Foam RollerPerfect for self-massage, it can help increase flexibility, break up scar tissue, and loosen you up before (and after) running.

Medicine Ball: Perfect for beginner or advanced runners, a medicine ball can be used for a variety of strength exercises (like this medicine ball circuit). You can also purchase more than one medicine ball, so when you’re beginning running you can use a lighter ball.

I recommend Valeo as they’re attractive, have a great rubber grip, and aren’t too expensive.

Thera-band (for the ITB Rehab Routine): A Thera-band is an exercise band that makes body-weight exercises more challenging. It’s portable, packs easily, and is perfect for traveling.

And of course, beginners will advance rapidly if they learn more about running. Here are my favorite books that explain the training process:

Running Motivation for Beginners – Get Inspired

Even though running is a solitary sport, there’s strength in numbers and power in getting support when you need it.

The success stories below showcase inspiring Strength Running readers who achieved enormous personal bests and results. Read them carefully. Learn from their successes. And know you can do the same.

Rik Running Healthy

You can see all of SR’s running transformations on its success story page.

Running for Beginners Resources

Do you want to see what you’re capable of achieving? Maybe your goal is to…

  • Move up in distance from the 5k to the 10k
  • Run your first half marathon or marathon
  • Run for weight loss, get stronger, and lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve your finish time and run even faster than before

No matter your running goal, Strength Running can help you achieve that goal. With hundreds of published articles, videos, and workouts you’ll find exactly what you need to get started with running.

If you don’t know me by now, my name is Jason Fitzgerald. I’m the founder of Strength Running and I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and coaching since 2010. He’s helped beginner runners finish their first race (whether that’s a 5k or a marathon), lose weight, and run enormous personal bests.

My work has appeared in Runner’s World, Health Magazine, The Huffington Post, Competitor, and many other major media outlets. More importantly, my results-oriented approach allows runners to accomplish their goals faster than ever before.

I’ve put together a free email course on how to get started with running. Running (even for beginners) shouldn’t be complex or confusing. Let me show you exactly what to do.

In this email course, you’ll learn:

  • Strength & core routines that help you stay healthy
  • When to run fast (and when to run easy)
  • How to stay inspired with motivating case studies of runners just like you
  • a lot more…

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