Bonus Interview with Paleo Ultra Runner Joel Runyon

In this exclusive interview with Impossible HQ Founder Joel Runyon, we discuss the intricacies of the Paleo Diet and how runners can adapt it to fit their fueling needs.

Joel is a multiple ultramarathoner, having also completed the fabled Comrades Marathon – a 56.1 mile trek through grueling terrain in South Africa.

During this interview, I ask Joel the tough questions about low-carb diets. A few highlights from our conversation:Joel Runyon

  • What is the difference between Atkins, low-carb, and the Paleo Diet? (and why should runners care?)
  • Should runners who eat low-carb also eat low-carb on race day or during a long run?
  • How can you deal with the Paleo diet’s high amount of fiber, fat, and protein as a runner?
  • What should the “transition period” look like if someone switches to eating Paleo?

Joel previously founded Ultimate Paleo Guide, the #1 resource on the Paleo Diet on the web.

Just click the play button below to start the interview: