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I’m Jason and my job is to help runners get faster and stay healthy.Jason

Hundreds of thousands of people come to Strength Running every month and my coaching expertise has been featured in Runner’s World, the Huffington Post, and Lifehacker. I’m also a USA Track & Field certified coach.

Even though my runners suffer dramatically fewer injuries than most – and I haven’t had a major injury since 2009 – this is about you.

Over the years, I’ve learned that most runners are chronically stuck in the injury cycle.

Have you ever said:

  • “I haven’t been able to run for months… and I still don’t know what the hell to do!”
  • “I just want to run but when I finally think I’m good to go, I feel “IT” again. Am I ever going to run like I used to?”
  • “Ugh, do I have to start from scratch all over again?”
  • “Being injured feels like I’m wasting time… I’m always getting BACK into shape.”

I know exactly how you feel. I used to be chronically injured with Achilles Tendinopathy, IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, and almost every other running injury.

I was desperate to finally find the freedom that comes with healthy running, but kept asking myself, how long am I going to feel helpless? Why the hell was I so stubborn? Does anyone else understand how frustrated I am? 

Constantly dealing with a “foot thing” or a “calf thing” or a “hip thing” is the worst. 

Mainstream Injury Advice is Awful

But it’s not entirely your fault! Mainstream advice to “follow the 10% Rule!”, “make sure you stretch!”, and “rest, ice, and do it all over again!” doesn’t work.

It’s outdated and incomplete and there are much better solutions for you.

Just look at this advice from the editor of a major fitness magazine to run so hard you feel like you’re dying:

Bad Workout Advice

Or this gem:

Bad Prevention3

Run less? Who the hell wants to do that? You’re here because you’re a runner and you love running.

I’m not going to tell you to run less (unless you want to). Or run so hard you want to die. Or do a lot of static stretching, like this major running website:

Bad Prevention 1

Stretching post-workout has nothing to do with injury prevention! But mainstream advice and conventional wisdom hasn’t evolved with the latest science.

Instead of wasting time on strategies that don’t work, let’s focus on getting you back to running healthy, strong, and confidently.

Why Do Runners Get Injured?

There are a few things about running injuries that you have to know.

Fact #1: Prevention is about a lot more than strength exercises.

Some runners think if they just do strength exercises they’re being “smart” about injury prevention. But no amount of strength can overcome poor training.

Your running program needs to be structured the right way – or else your strength gains will just be wasted.

Fact #2: RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is just the beginning.

Ask any runner what they do to recover faster between workouts – or when the early signs of an injury appear – and they’ll inevitably defer to RICE.

And it’s a great first step. But it’s just a first step. Are you following a post-run recovery routine? Are you doing all the maintenance work that you should be doing? Or maybe you’re relying too much on one aspect of recovery (like icing).

Worse yet, are you doing things that are actually hurting your recovery? The blunt truth is that most runners make these mistakes – and I want to help you avoid them.

Fact #3: Smart runners build prevention into their training.

A runner once told me that he doesn’t want injury prevention to interfere with his training. After an audible gasp, I shook my head sadly. Unfortunately, this runner is doomed to continue on the hamster wheel of injuries.

The runners you know that never get injured are incredibly smart about prevention. It’s automatically built into their training plan with strategic mileage increases, workout progressions, and runner-specific exercises. Their health is not an accident.

Fact #4: Consistent health isn’t about luck or genetics – it’s about hard work. 

You are not destined to be injured all the time. Nor are consistently healthy runners lucky – they didn’t hit the genetic lottery.

Instead, healthy runners work hard to stay healthy. And so will you!

Thousands of runners just like you have used my coaching to get (and stay healthy). See for yourself:


Twitter Testimonial

Injury Testimonial

Injury-Free via Twitter

Twitter Testimonial2

“Getting a personalized training plan from finishing a 10k to PRing a marathon to a running my first 6h ultra in just two months (!) was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for my running. I don’t think I could have handled the short time period with the increasing mileage by myself and come out of it, not only alive but with great results and injury free! Thank you so much.” – Linda

“I used to often have trouble with my knees, which I believe was a result of a weak ITB. I also often experienced calf strains. Previously, running was just running to me, but now my running has definitely matured.”– Premshree

Introducing: Injury Prevention for Runners

For the first time, you can get complete access to the lessons and interviews from the $495 1-on-1 Injury Prevention Coaching program – plus bonus Q&A, added interviews, a library of training plans, and an all-new Injury Treatment book.

When this coaching program was first launched in 2013, runners needed to apply and I had to turn away some runners. Over six intensive weeks, my athletes received:Video Demonstrations

  • Weekly coaching lessons on the Six Principles of Injury Prevention that can transform your running
  • Brand new strength and dynamic flexibility routines in high-quality video that focus on runner-specific movements (plus PDF instructions that you can download and print) – including progressions plus exactly when to do them.
  • Added video footage of new demonstrations, exercises, and coaching advice
  • Q&A with Coach highlighting unique and often difficult questions about injuries and treatment
  • Training plans specifically built with injury prevention as a top goal
  • Expert interviews with the world’s leading authorities on training and injury management

Injury Prevention for Runners is the most comprehensive prevention program for runners currently available. And it’s no accident – I added even more resources for you:Injury Prevention for Runners books

  • More interviews with the smartest experts in the running industry
  • More Q&A with Coach for your toughest questions
  • An entire new book: Injury Treatment Programs for ITBS, Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • More videos and exercises to help you stay healthy
  • A library of training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and the marathon

With step-by-step instructions on how to treat the major injuries and Action Steps for each section, you’ll know exactly how to plan your training to stay healthy.

And even if you’re not sure, you can follow a training plan that’s tailored specifically for injury prevention with the same smart workout progressions, exercises, and format as the runners in my 1-on-1 program (who paid $495 to be a member). You’ll know exactly which strength exercises to do, when to do them, and also progressions so you can keep getting stronger.

About Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald_Coaching

Hi! I’m Jason and I’m the creator and founder of Strength Running and Injury Prevention for Runners. I’ve been running competitively since 1998 and during that time I’ve run a 2:39 marathon, beat almost 17,000 other runners to win a Warrior Dash obstacle race, and won many other 5ks, half marathons and marathons.

More importantly, I’ve only had one minor running injury since 2009 and I’ve helped thousands of other runners get healthy, too. I’m in the Greatist Expert Network and also a USA Track & Field certified coach.

My coaching advice has been featured in most major media publications because it works – it’s not that “fluff” advice I showed you earlier.


Learn from the Experts

This program provides more than just coaching lessons, training plans, and injury treatment protocols. You get all that plus exclusive interviews with the world’s smartest runners, coaches, authors, journalists, and physical therapists.

No other program offers these interviews with these experts – now with over four hours of audio.

AlexHutchinsonAlex Hutchinson has a PhD in Physics and is a columnist for The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, and The Globe and Mail. He also writes the popular Sweat Science blog on Runner’s World. He is also the author of the book Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? Fitness Myths, Training Truths, and Other Surprising Discoveries From the Science of Exercise.


MattFizgeraldMatt Fitzgerald is arguably the endurance world’s most prolific author with over 15 books on the brain’s influence on running performance, nutrition for runners, and Ironman Triathlon. He is also a running coach, certified nutritionist, and formerly a senior editor at Competitor Magazine and


GregLehmanGreg Lehman is a practicing physiotherapist, chiropractor, and exercise biomechanics expert with over 15 years of clinical experience. He is also a former lecturer at St. Lawrence University and has published over 20 papers that won him “Researcher of the Year” by the Ontario Chiropractic Association.


BradHudsonBrad Hudson is an elite coach to National Champion and Olympians like Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan and Shayne Culpepper, and Tera Moody. He’s also author of Run Faster from the 5k to the Marathon: How to be Your Own Best Coach and the founding coach of the Marathon Performance Training Group in Boulder, CO.


DorothyBealDorothy Beal is a Women’s Running cover model, mom of three, and most impressively has run over 20 marathons during the last 18+ years with not a single significant injury. She is a running social media expert and owns the website



PeterLarsonPeter Larson is a former biology and anatomy professor at St. Anselm College and a Boston Marathon Qualifier. He is co-author of Tread Lighly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury Free Running. He now works as a running coach and exercise physiologist while writing Runbloggera recognized leading site for running shoe innovation and running form information.


ArianaHilbornAriana Hilborn is a professional distance runner for the Sonoran Distance Project in Phoenix, Arizona. Previously a member of the Hansons Brooks professional team, she is now coached by John Reich. Ariana started running in 2007 and debuted with a 4:36 marathon. She has since beaten the “A” Olympic Marathon Trials and has a PR of 2:37:28. She has only had one significant injury during her career.

3 Mistakes I Don’t Want You To Make

I’ve individually coached nearly 1,000 runners and helped tens of thousands more with my coaching programs. I know what type of training prevents injuries – and what sounds good but doesn’t actually work.

There are three huge mistakes that runners make all the time that leaves them stuck in a chronic injury cycle, going from one injury to another without ever having the consistency that allows you to accomplish your goals.

Mistake #1: “I’m not sure if this will work for me. I’m a [trail runner], [older runner], [ultra runner].”

All of us want to prevent injuries – it helps us do what we love: run! And the beauty of smart training is that it’s universal. 

Prevention strategies that work for me will also work for a 36 year old mom in Ohio who’s just getting started with running. And they’ll also help a 52 year old trail runner in Australia who can’t get enough of running tracks in the bush.

The mistake is to second-guess yourself by asking a hundred questions. I use to do the same thing: “Those workouts are too hard for me – I’m too young/slow/not on Varsity/haven’t been running as long.”

But soon I learned that the problem wasn’t with the training strategies, it was with ME! Instead of listening to a coach who had decades of experience, I thought I knew better. But that’s why he was an expert and I wasn’t.

Indeed, training is universal – it scales up to faster runners and down to slower runners. The prevention strategies in this program work for everyone because we’re all runners. And as runners, we need to follow coaching programs designed for runners.

Mistake #2: “Injury prevention isn’t a goal right now. I’ll wait until later.”

I made this mistake for YEARS – and my running suffered. And I’ve worked with runners who thought they didn’t need injury prevention built into their training.

But the truth is that healthy, fast running is the product of very smart training and diligent injury prevention work It doesn’t interfere with running. It enables running. And indeed, smart prevention is really smart training.

When your training is designed with a focus on injury prevention – from the mileage, workouts, and even specific exercises – it’s quite simple to stay healthy. The annual injury rate would be nowhere near 70% like it is now if runners had better training (and that’s what this program provides).

Mistake #3: “I’m already doing strength exercises and core work. I can do this on my own.”

First, this program is about a lot more than just strength exercises and flexibility. But let’s talk about the real issue here: the belief that strength exercises = injury prevention.

Strength work is just one part of a good injury prevention strategy. Many runners think that it’s all they need. But that’s like saying all you need for good chicken noodle soup is the chicken. What about all the other ingredients?

Even if you’re doing all the right strength exercises, is your training designed properly? No amount of strength can overcome poor training!

Injury Prevention for Runners includes the best strength exercises for runners. Plus the training strategies that help you run smarter, like how to build your mileage properly (hint: forget the “10% Rule”), choose races, structure your program, and more.

Ready to see how Injury Prevention for Runners can help you finally stay healthy?

Level 3: Full Access

Want it all? I don’t blame ya. The complete Injury Prevention for Runners program includes:

  • The 88-page Injury Prevention book – complete with my 6 Pillars of Injury Prevention
  • The 45-page Injury Treatment book for IT Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • All 16 video lessons, strength routines, dynamic warm-up exercises, and demonstrations in high-quality video
  • All 7 audio interviews with the world’s smartest runners, coaches, authors, and scientists (over 4 hours!)
  • The Injury Prevention Training Plan Library with 12 plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon designed specifically for injury prevention

Members of the coaching program paid $495, but you get full access for only $179.

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This is the closest it comes to 1-on-1 coaching without paying a monthly fee.

Level 2: Books + Interviews

Don’t need the full training plans? Need a lower level? I got you covered.

The second option includes:

  • The 88-page Injury Prevention book
  • The 45-page Injury Treatment book for IT Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • All 16 video lessons, strength routines, dynamic warm-up exercises, and demonstrations in high-quality video
  • 7 5 audio interviews with Greg Lehman, Peter Larson, Dorothy Beal, Ariana Hilborn, and Brad Hudson

Get instant access to all this for only $99.

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Level 1: Just the Books

On a tight budget? No sweat.

Level 1 includes:

  • The 88-page Injury Prevention book
  • The 45-page Injury Treatment book for IT Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • All 16 video lessons, strength routines, dynamic warm-up exercises, and demonstrations in high-quality video

You’ll get incredible value out of both books – which is where I spent most of my time fine-tuning these coaching lessons. I know you’ll be referring back to these resources for as long as you’re a runner.

If cash is tight, I highly recommend this option for only $79.

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Each level of this digital program can be downloaded immediately after purchase with no shipping costs.

My Rock Solid Guarantee

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

My guarantee is simple: use this program and see for yourself if it works. If it doesn’t help you become a healthier runner, show me you took action on the coaching lessons and why it didn’t work for you within 30 days, and I’ll refund 100% of your money. I’ll even eat the credit card fees.

Money Back Guarantee 100%

I”m confident this program will help you become a better runner: healthier, stronger, and with fewer injuries. While I can’t guarantee you’ll stay healthy, if you don’t improve your running with this program, I don’t deserve your hard-earned money.

Simple as that.

BUT… I know that’s not going to happen. Because the results of my runners prove my coaching works. I’ll leave you with this unfiltered feedback:

“This program cuts through a lot of the noise out there on how to train for running while preventing injury. It’s clear that Jason put a lot of time and effort into building the Injury Prevention program. Everyone who has struggled with chronic injury would benefit from this training.” – Brendan

“For the first time, I feel like I have a comprehensive plan for getting faster while staying healthy. I’ve dabbled with various strength and stretching workouts, but never found what worked for me. Jason produces some of the best information about running both faster and better. His emphasis on injury prevention over the long term has made a real difference in my running, and now I feel like I have a good, doable plan for getting faster while staying healthy. And I love that he brings in other experts to provide their specialized knowledge.” – Don

“My IT injury that I was nursing back to health when I first contacted you is GONE!  I’m about 81 days out from my goal race (New Orleans) and am  thrilled to be training without pain! Thanks again for writing this training plan for me. I’m so very happy to be running strong and pain-free!” – Christy

Bryan_Case study“I thought ‘if it works, it’s priceless.’ Then I learned that it is possible at 58 to loosen and wake up stuck areas of the body. I absolutely recommend this program to other runners with chronic injuries. It’s an amazing package with so many great interviews, fantastic conditioning exercises, and it’s easy to access all of it. Thanks Jason for putting together such a comprehensive program for runners like me who struggle year after year with chronic injuries. There really is hope for us older chronically injured runners.” – Brian

“The coaching advice Jason gave me helped me take 27 minutes off of my previous marathon time, on a course run in the MOUNTAINS, whereas my last one was on a flat course.  I’m still injury free and already planning to find a flat marathon for a new PR!” – Chrissy

“I am seeing significant improvements. I am amazed at how much stronger, healthier and faster I am….I had some “nagging” planters fasciitis issues when I first started your plan 5 weeks ago, and within the first 7-10 days of starting the plan, those symptoms are GONE permanently! That is HUGE! I truly am loving being able to run 6 days a week without’s just awesome. Regardless of how I perform in Chicago, or in Memphis… I am truly a stronger, faster, and better runner because of your input!” – Dana

Deb-Ultramarathon“I can run more consistently with much faster recoveries. With a balance of higher mileage and well-planned speed and tempo progressions, my running smoothed out dramatically and left me feeling almost ‘Injury-Proof. I have a lot more endurance, a little more speed, and a ton more knowledge. But mainly, I don’t feel like I’m going to break any minute. I almost never feel injury-prone; it’s all helped tremendously. You are more than worth your going rate and I think more like $250/mo.'” – Deb

“I’ve been successful overall with rebuilding my mileage for training since taking on your training plan. It is such a relief to be able to train normally again since being injured. A big thank you again for that! ” – Allison

“Last Saturday I was top 10% in all categories in the Warrior Dash. And with no injuries! Thank you for the program.” –Brent

“In 7 months I have not had a single injury. I’m able to maintain over 40 mpw and seem to recover a lot better. I never feel completely beat up like I used to after long runs or high mileage weeks.” – Nicole

Sarah_Boston“I can honestly say, with so much emotion, that I finally am able to lace up my shoes, get out that door and run comfortably with no pain. Jason’s program really has made me a better, faster and stronger runner. I went from running four days a week to six without having any issues. I’ve always wanted to be that runner who can run every day.” – Sarah

“As far as I am concerned, your rates are a bargain.  When I think about what I have gotten I can honestly say that it is by far, the best investment and biggest return on that investment that I have ever made for myself.  It is truly hard for me to sometimes process what I have been able to accomplish in this year and ½.  No way I would even be remotely close to this without you.” – Marcie

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