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The PR Race Plan

Results from using a custom training plan from Strength Running

Just a quick note from a happy customer to say thank you for the plan you created for me earlier in the year. I hit my goal of breaking a 20min 5k earlier today with a 19:45, after several years of falling short. It was the most impactful $ I ever spent on my running! Your approach works!” – Sean

“Coach! I just took 10 minutes off a seven year old PR!  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to run this fast at almost 40!  THANK YOU!! Old PR: 1:37. Today: 1:27:24. I crushed my 10k PR today, and also got another 5k PR in training a few weeks ago. Thanks for everything.” – Jacob

“I ended up running a solo Marathon time trial on Sat morning. I think I knocked it out of the park running 2:51:49, smashing my 3hr goal. In the end I ran a very evenly paced effort, the second half actually a minor negative split.” – Tim

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress through my custom training plan. I did the first 5k time trial last weekend and ran 22:22! My last PR from a year and half ago was 23:50, so it’s a huge improvement! This time trial also gives me a lot of confidence towards my goal of running a BQ, which I’m very excited about and thankful for. Being on this plan really encouraged good habits!” – Claire

“Overall I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot! I came out injury-free and pretty much free from any little twitches or pains that I’ve gotten before so that was also a huge plus. I also loved watching myself go from ~160 spm to always hitting 170 spm.

I finished my race yesterday with a 3:14:14 – and considering my “pie in the sky” goal was 3:20 – I’m absolutely thrilled. 16 minute PR! Thank you so much for your guidance! Please let me know if you have a preferred method of receiving reviews (facebook, google, yelp, whatever) and I’d be happy to make my gratefulness public!

I feel really lucky to have a healthy body with the ability to do something like this. Cheers to many more miles!!!” – Nurrie

“It’s amazing how on-target you were with your prediction. I finished 4:11:34. I have to say the training was excellent, and I’m back at work and not in too much pain which says a lot.

A year ago I would have never imagined running 4:11 let alone finishing the marathon. Thanks for your help!” – Jesse

“Hi Jason, 18 months ago, I approached you with what I thought was an outrageous goal: to get my post-two-kids body into good enough shape to crack the 4:00 barrier in the marathon.

I got two PR Race Plans, followed them to the letter through 3 training cycles. And finally, Saturday, the big pay-off: 3:57:28! That time was actually good enough to win my age group! It was an amazing race, I felt so strong throughout, I negative-split the race, and my fastest mile was actually mile 26, at 8:35. I couldn’t believe it!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me with these plans, and with all the other content you put out to support the runners you coach. I feel like every podcast and every blog post has a little gem in it that I can pick up and incorporate into my preparation.” – Dena

“Well, I officially killed it out there!! 4:31:58!! I felt so strong. I ran the whole way and I’m so pleased with my time! I worked so hard and followed your plan to the letter. Thank you!” – Katy

Katy is thrilled with her new marathon PR!

“Just wanted to let you know that I ran a PR in New Orleans!  My personal best was 3:33 and I have been trying to clear 3:30 for over 3 years.  I ran a 3:29:21.  That is after an injury and getting the flu 2 weeks before race day so I am a happy girl.

I wanted thank you for the training plan and the objective advice during the 20 week process.” – Shanna

“Thank you again for developing my marathon plan. It was my first marathon and I’m very pleased with my time of 3:43:31. Especially given that it was the hottest London Marathon, I started running only 3 years ago and I was injured for 6 month last year. Also, I’ve got HM PB of 1:43 last month. I’ll be back soon with the request for another training plan.” – Maria

“I wanted to say thank you and give you an update on my race. By following your training plan, I was able to complete my first injury-free training cycle ever and shaved 9 minutes off my first half marathon time, finishing at a 2:26:20!

[two months later] Another 9 minutes and 20 seconds shaved off my PR with a 2:17:00 finish during Saturday’s half! Suddenly, my stretch goal of a sub 2 hour half is feeling reachable! Thanks again!” – Melissa

“I’m feeling so happy working with the plan you prepared for me.

Last Sunday I ran my half marathon and to my surprise I did it in 1:51. That’s 10 minutes faster than my PR! I had already felt strong running consistently at a steady state pace during a long run but it was great to see how I could do better under pressure. And thanks to the workouts I am becoming used to push myself harder while fatigued.

I feel confident because I know exactly what to do. I know I’m not overdoing it or underdoing it so I can go easy on easy days and push hard on hard days and I can see the difference strength exercises make on how your body feels. I really look forward to see what I can achieve in the next half of the program!” – Denisse

I’m happy to share with you: I finished my second marathon today and I BQ-ed!!!! I followed your plan to the T and I couldn’t be happier with my time of 3:44:08. That is a 17 minute PR for me! I also won my age group, 40-49. It was a tough course (hilly!) and a tough race for me.

I had a few doubts along the way, but in the end I just had to trust my training and believe in myself. In my tune-up 10-mile race, I had a PR of 6 minutes! Thanks again, Jason! Looking forward to working with you again!” – Oksana

Oksana Testimonial

Oksana sporting her new marathon bling

“I ran my marathon yesterday and it went extremely well – after 3 years of marathon results in the 3:10 to 3:15 range (and one 3:09:48), I did yesterday’s race in 3:07, so I very comfortably got my BQ (yes!), and my fastest marathon time in over 10 years.

I attribute the ability to sustain my pace over the last 10k to your program (compared to my past programs). It made a real difference to keeping a consistent pace right to the finish.

I finished 2nd in my age group, and 11th overall – a great day! Thanks again for your program and answering my questions along the way. I’m sure I’ll be back for an updated program (Boston 2019!).” – Patrick

“Your plan was just brilliant. When I first looked at it I thought there was no way I could run the hardest workouts but it was structured so well. This was the first time I’ve ever approached race day completely healthy and injury-free and feeling as prepared as I could possibly be and I put that down entirely to your plan.

I ran a good time in the race, 1:41:21, on a reasonably hilly course and was absolutely delighted with my time. Many thanks and I will be in touch soon for my next plan!” – Charlotte

“Hi Jason, I took my first PT test for the Army today. It was a diagnostic run and I managed to run 2 miles in 17:45. I’ve never ran 2 miles that fast before. Prior to doing your plan I was at 23 something. I honestly didn’t think I could run that fast.” – Trisha

“I completed both goals of my program AND achieved the sub-60 min 10K that was the target I set for myself. Thank you!

The program has been invaluable and I’ve found it easy to stay on track. I’ve been surprised by the increase in my pace over the 8 weeks and am looking forward to keeping  it up.

I’m now looking for my next target so I can ask you for another plan!” – Sarah

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for setting me up with such a solid training plan for the LA marathon.  My knee pain ended up going away after a few weeks into your plan. The race was this Sunday, and it went really well.  My time was 3:40:50, so I accomplished my goal of finishing under 3:50. I am uninjured and feel great. The marathon was a blast, and I am incredibly thrilled having finally completed my first official marathon after dealing with a series of various injuries that prevented me from doing long distances. Finishing was phenomenal, and I truly appreciate the time and attention you put into a plan that enabled my knee pain to disappear and also prevented any new injuries.” – Tom

Kathy Race Plan Testimonial

PR Race Plan-FB testimonial

PR Race Plan testimonial_FB

“Jason, I just wanted to thank you for the training program. I was able finish the Akron Marathon at 5:47! Considering the heat and hills of the Akron course, I was happy with my finish. I couldn’t run a mile in May and completed a marathon four months later. Your program was the key. I was lost before it…

You told me not to run a second one 3 weeks later, but I was feeling strong so I ran Columbus and finished 12 minutes faster at 5:35. Thank you once again for your plan.  I am injury free after two marathons in three weeks and I attribute that to your program. I’m excited to continue distance running. Never thought I’d say that. lol.” – Jaysen

“Thought I would give you some feedback on the training plan for the 1/2 marathon. Thank you. It really worked. It help me keep focused and not second guessing what I might think I should be doing. Now for the GREAT part… I came in second in my age group. I beat my expectations. Never have I run, or think I’d be able to run, a 1/2 marathon before. In the last 5+ years I have only raced in 5 & 10k’s, and always with nagging shin splints, strained calves, with sore feet and legs.

With your program, I was injury free, I never had any down days training, or discomfort from my running. To finish second in my age group, with a 7:52 pace, 1:43.01 result is FANTASTIC! Thank you again.” – Christopher

“Just ran my goal race and hit the 9:00 min/mile goal! The biggest victory, though, is that my training has changed significantly since starting the program. I am running the most consistent mileage I ever have in my life. I now know how to structure a workout and a program by myself, which were goals going into the program. After seeing what I can do in 14 weeks, I’m motivated to run longer and faster.

You present the information in such a clear, concise, specific, and consistent fashion. It’s easy for me as a beginner because I don’t have to be confused by different opinions, and everything I have read by you makes perfect sense. Thanks again!” – Stephanie

“Strength Running Results In PR For 56 Year Old Female. Thank you Jason. It had been two years since I trained for a half marathon (time of 2:02). Yesterday I had a PR 1:55:00. I was 2/49 in my AG, and 37/545F  and 113/785 Overall.  Needless to say I am very happy and owe it all to you. I feel great and have no post race soreness. ???? Keep up the terrific work you do!  Considering trying another marathon in Spring 2017.  If I do, will sign up for another customized training program. You are the best!” – Kristin

“I’m just writing with an awesome update: I just PR’d by 7 minutes in my half! My time was 1:45:47 (previous PR was 1:53:24) and I ended up getting 2nd in my age group! Thanks again for putting together a great training plan.” – Katelyn

Patricia Running“Thank you for the running program and encouragement. I ran my 10km last Sunday to celebrate my 55th birthday, and it went well–I managed to run the race at almost the same speed as 5 years ago, pre-achilles tendonitis back when I was doing lots of hills and speed work and more mileage!  And just running regularly and with pleasure since October with no injuries was a total success in itself, so thanks again!” – Patricia

“I just wanted to send a quick update about Sunday’s Pittsburgh Marathon: Success! Every element of this process went according plan. I stayed healthy throughout the training, which enabled me to do every training run to the letter. The result was a PR by over five minutes and a very consistent pace (I negative split the course, which is all the more interesting because the second half is where all the big hills are).

The race was fun; I’m smiling in all of the pictures of me. I didn’t feel like I was just surviving and hanging on. And most importantly, I’m convinced that I could not have done any better. Thanks again for all your help (a year ago I was coming off of a year and a half of injuries, and I thought I might not be able to continue doing distance racing).” – Glenn

“I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for this truly amazing, super efficient, injury preventive personalized training plan you designed for me! My 2nd half marathon I freakin’ shaved off an entire 13mins from the last race!! (only 2nd time 1:55!!) I couldn’t be happier and all my friends and family were super excited and proud of me for being able to go sub-2 on my second try!

I truly, really didn’t feel much pain at all for the past 18 weeks! The first HM I did with all the training on my own, I was in so much pain before the race and swore that’d be my first and last time running a race or at least at that distance..To be able to run pain free and worry free from potential injuries, I think not only to me but every runner, it’s HUGE!! Again, I have YOU to thank to!! :)” – Bingyu

“The Chicago Marathon was the race of my dreams. Following your plan was a big change from running my previous two marathons with the “Run Less, Run Faster” training approach. It meant fewer really “hard” runs, but more running overall. I came to enjoy and look forward to the “easy” running days and grew confident as race day drew near having so much practice finishing long runs at marathon pace.

On race day, I felt strong from start to finish. I managed to run splits so even that my first and second halves differed by only 40 seconds. It was amazing to experience that, when done right, a marathon can be fun the whole time. I crossed the finish line in 3:25:10, a PR by 7:23. Boston 2018, here I come! Thank you so much.” – Christine (“Bean”)


“A HUGE thank you for your help getting ready for the Boston Marathon.  I had just run an injury-riddled 5:14 marathon and was very discouraged. I was lucky enough to get accepted to a charity team for Boston and the first thing I did was sign-on for your customized training plan. I had to redeem myself!

I entered this past weekend feeling strong and fitter than I have ever been and most importantly was injury-free! Marathon Monday was absolutely amazing and I’m thrilled that I knocked 65 minutes off my time and finished in 4:09! I can’t thank you enough for your help in guiding me through this marathon successfully! I am a complete convert and have talked up Strength Running with everyone who asks me how I have slowly transformed myself into a runner. Many heartfelt thanks Jason!” – Michael

“I ran my second marathon after finishing your training plan 🙂 … finished in 4:11 … a new PR by 51 mins!! Can’t thank you enough for completely changing my running and more so finishing your training schedule invoked a certain discipline in my life which was an amazing change! Thank you!” – Amit

“I have to tell you Jason, I had the best race on Sunday! 15km race, run at 4.56min/km pace, finished in 1hr 13mins – a PB, knocked 3 minutes off my previous time! I am so delighted – particularly because I pulled a muscle at work and decided to pull out of the race, but ran anyway. I had no plans to push my pace on this run but I went into automatic pilot for the last km and did my fastest km for the race. Can’t wait to try that out again. Thanks again!” – Sue

“Thank you so much for the training plan. My goal race was yesterday and I set a new PR of 1:34:42, almost 3 minutes off of my previous PR. The 10K (44:53) and 10-mile (1:12:34) splits were also PRs for me. I’m really happy with my time. I’m also feeling really good today – only slightly sore. Having the plan really helped keep me on track and I’ll most likely be in touch for another plan. Thanks again.” – Michael

“I’m so grateful for the training plan you wrote for me. We set a target time of sub 1:30 for my half marathon. Well everything went perfectly on the day and I ended up smashing that with a huge PB of 1:25:04! Needless to say I am over the moon with the time, but even more than that, I was so happy just to be able to get to the start line injury free and feeling fit. Never have I been able to run so well for so long without injury. So a big thank you for helping me achieve my goal, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a race so much.” – Scott

“A big thank you – I doubt I would be where I am now without your help.  I was making little progress with ITBS recovery and had done little running for two months.  Six weeks in to your plan, things are great and I’ve just spent a few days in the mountains doing what I love.  The workouts and warmups have become part of my regular routine and I will be keeping them up.” – Andrew

Liz Success Story“I’m happy to say that I PR’d by a minute and forty seconds in my marathon. The best part was that I remained injury free! I feel better and stronger than ever and I’m proud to have committed to my program. Thank you for making running easier and even something to look forward to. Your plan gave me a strength that I didn’t know I had or was capable of!” – Liz

“Hi Jason! I ran a 25 minute PB in the marathon yesterday despite 20mph headwinds for 80% of the course.  I felt strong, relaxed and prepared, all due to the logical, progressive and FUN program you put together for me.  I discovered that I love speedwork and felt a real sense of accomplishment as I saw consistent gains in strength and speed through the weeks and months of the program.  Once I’ve decided on my next running goal, I will be coming to you for a new training plan!” – Katie

“I went in to the race feeling very strong and ready. It was REALLY hot with a 104 heat index – I did not PR, BUT I finished and had the least amount of fatigue I have ever had after 3 other marathons.

I felt great. Couldn’t believe it. I eased back in to running after only four days and yesterday completed a half marathon, scoring a PR two weeks later! I never would have done a half so soon after a mary before, much less performed well!

THANK YOU for the training plan. It really helped me to stay balanced and was flexible enough to manage with a crazy work schedule. Loved it. In the end I am definitely more rounded in my fitness – not at all burned out running. Keep up the good work!!” – Katy

“I ran my marathon last week and absolutely loved it! My last marathon was run at 5.35min/km pace, this one was 5.31min/km pace, which was completely comfortable for me. I felt so strong all the way through, my photos reflect it, and people called out to me from the crowds that I looked strong! Thank you SO MUCH for all your advice, program and support.” – Sue

“I completed the Detroit Free Press Marathon! I set a PR by nearly 35 minutes. I’m definitely sore, but nowhere near as sore as I had been after my first marathon. I can tell that my body was much better prepared for this race.

Thank you so much for the training plan, it helped so much. I never once had an issue or any feeling of injury the entire time. I felt and still feel so strong physically, this plan really showed me what I can be capable of and will help me keep pushing further into my running! Thanks again!” – Mallory

“Just wanted to thank you for the tailored plan, it definitely worked. I ran the Berlin marathon today in 2:58:50 without getting any injury during the whole training. The big advantage of your training plan compared with any other plan I’ve come across is, it’s the perfect ‘recipe’ to get stronger and faster during a tough and long preparation for a marathon without getting injured. A big thank you!” – Cristina

10mi PR Testimonial

“I’m 20 days out from the Detroit Marathon and I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve loved the training plan that you created for me. I have never felt stronger as a runner in my life. Thank you again!” – Mallory

“I wanted to let you know how my half marathon went. The course was considerably more difficult than I had anticipated but I ended up matching my PR, which is a pretty major success given that the original PR was on a much easier course. I also got through the race (and the training) without injury; the hip stuff I was feeling a few weeks ago has gone away entirely.

I hit all of the main goals for this race and I wanted to thank you for all your help. When I think about where I was this past spring with the ITBS, it’s astounding how much improvement [I’ve seen]. I am back to being able to run without pain, and I feel like I’m back on track to enjoying running again. I couldn’t have done this without you!” – Glen

“Jason I want to say… are DA MAN!!!! I can’t thank you enough for the custom schedule. Here are my results from all three races on the schedule.

5K: 18:48 and I smashed my 5k PR of 19:41! 12k race: Predicted I would finish around 56 min and ended up with a time of 50:37, 37th overall and 5th in age group.

Huntington Beach Half Marathon: Hot race that day and finished with a time of 1:31:57!!! That is almost 15min off my old PR of 1:46:05! 3rd overall and 1st in age group!!

I learned a lot about myself and believe in your training before and have no doubts now! Hard work does pay off. When I am ready for a marathon, you will here from me again! Can not thank you enough……thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Neil

Training Plan testimonial

“I finished my first marathon yesterday (San Francisco Marathon) and my time was 3:43:32. I am very happy with this result. Thank you very much for the training plan.

At the end of training, I did feel stronger. Also, more importantly, I was injury free during the whole process. It has been a fun experience and I really appreciate your help. Thanks.” – Lei

“Hi Jason, greetings from Caracas. I stuck to your training plan about 90% and I was able to PR my 10K from 58:00 to 55:00. This was a tough race (hills, sun, and hot) but not bad for a 40 year old running rookie 🙂

Investing on you training plan was one of the smartest moves I’ve done in sports….. will keep in contact!!!” – Jose

“I wanted to update you on my first marathon. Thanks to you I have never felt so prepared for a race. My training was great, long run pace averaged 9:45 (on hills), recovery was quick, and I stayed injury free.

Thank you so much for your custom training program, support, and the wealth of info on SR. Without you I wouldn’t have made it through the training and would not have had the confidence to even attempt a marathon.  It has been an amazing journey and my endurance was never in question.” – Kristin

PR Race Plan PR Testimonial

“NEW PR!!! Wooo hooo! I ran my half marathon in 2:13:18. I was so thrilled about reaching my goal I had to send you a note : ) It felt great to run injury free, faster and stronger than ever before.So happy I invested in a training plan.” – Brenda

“Hi Jason, I just ran the Paris Marathon last Sunday and I had a PB of 4:16:12 for the marathon, thanks to your plan. It was a great race for me as this was the first time I could pretty much ran the whole way. I experienced no cramping or any pain whatsoever and my legs felt great just a couple days after the race. I would contribute it to the warmups/cooldowns/core exercises on your training plan. So thanks a lot for the plan and your patience in answering all of questions.” – David

“I made it to the Crescent City Classic strong and injury free.  Best of all, I finished it in 1:11, which is faster than the 10k pace that you originally suggested.  🙂  Thank you again.  This was an excellent race and PR for me, and I’m a much stronger runner thanks to your plan.” – Jamie

“Jason, I PR’d my half today by 20 minutes (2:11:02 2014, 1:51:33 2015). 8:27 average mile. Man, I can not thank you enough for the training plan. It sucked at times with my work schedule, but I stuck to the plan and your advise. I felt leaner, faster and confident the entire race. Your plan and strength training works. I will recommend anyone who asks me to your site. Thanks again man. Take care.” – Kyle

Nicole Marathon Success“I ran the Marato d’Empuries yesterday and I finished it in spite of being anxious that it was beyond me. I managed 4:13 which I was very happy with and came first in my age group. I never had a feeling of hitting the wall (my biggest fear) and ran the whole way.

And my ITB didn’t rear its ugly head at all during the marathon. Having had to abort marathon training last year and then having it niggle in the first part of training this year I was sort of waiting for it to reappear last weekend. Well it didn’t so your plan works! I just wanted to thank you for your training plan and advice that stopped my body from falling apart.” – Nicole

“My training plan has been fantastic in helping keep my plantar fasciitis under control.  Things have been going really well.  The plan you put together has been great to this point and my runs have been strong.

Historically, there were always several things that have impeded quality long runs for me.  Your plan and the pre-run and post workout exercises have negated most of the issues. Thanks!” – Pete

“I have to tell you, Tim and I both feel great. We love your plans and that they challenge us yet are realistic. It’s a much different experience for us, so we really are grateful.” – Amanda

“I wanted to send you an email about my race success this past Sunday. I ran a half marathon and PR’d by almost 5 minutes! (to 1:49).

I’m definitely crediting it to my marathon plan which improved my physical condition a lot. I changed my way of thinking about my capabilities and knew I had it in me, that I had to trust myself and go for it and it would work. It was a bit hard but I felt good the whole way, confident, serene and happy.

So another thank you and another positive outcome of your coaching!” – Anne

“Hi Jason – I did it! I cracked the one-hour mark for the 10K! Clearly the plan is going well. Bed is going to feel so good tonight!

[Additional update:]

I thought I’d drop you another line to let you know that I set another PB for the 5K. Worked out great: 27:29 and 1st out of 9 in my age group. (F60-69) Pretty much flat but I’m still really proud of my effort. I had the confidence I needed to keep up my 5:30 pace (km) especially over the last couple of K.” – Catherine

Race Plan Testimonial_Marathon2

“I ran the San Antonio Half this morning (in very shitty weather conditions – high humidity and about 75-80 degrees), and I broke 1:40 and PR’d!!! Anyway, I got my 1:39 and wanted to let you know! 🙂 I also placed second in my age group in a local 10k race last weekend w a time of 45:xx. I wasn’t racing all out but averaged about a 7:20 pace. I think the workouts are helping my confidence and strength a lot.” – Carrie

“I want to thank you for keeping me strong enough to exceed my marathon goal and BQ by over 5 minutes and 30 seconds! I ran 3:29:28 yesterday morning in Erie with solid 8 minute miles the entire time.  I will be back for another custom plan as I embark on getting even stronger while staying healthy with big training mileage and big goals. I loved everything about my last training plan. Thanks again!” – Kylee

“Hi Jason – my plan has come to an end and I want to update you on my results. I ran my 5k in 31:31 which is over 3 minutes faster than my previous PR. This morning I ran my first 10k at 1:07:23!

Due to your smart training plan I am steadily improving. Not bad for a 60 year old who has been running for less than a year! I’m even closing the gap with my 32 year old training partner. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much, Jason. You’re the best!” – Vallorie

“All of my PR’s were set this year while following your training plan.” – Caitlin

Race Plan_PR and no injuries

“I’m 3 weeks into the training program you wrote for me. I’m following it to the letter even though it feels ‘easy,’ like there should be more volume or intensity. However my IT injury that I was nursing back to health when I first contacted you is GONE!  I’m about 81 days out from my goal race (New Orleans) and am  thrilled to be training without pain!

Thanks again for writing this training plan for me. I’m so very happy to be running strong and pain-free!” – Christy

“Wanted to say thanks as I am really liking this plan. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger as I progress. I didn’t mention this before but my wife is actually a Doctor of Physical Therapy and she is in agreement that the routine has been correctly structured and the strength exercises are optimal for my current level of post injury fitness.

So expect a follow-up order once I have built this base so I can tackle my first marathon. Thanks!” – Drew

“Hi Jason – thanks for developing such a great and personalized marathon training schedule for me. I just returned from running the CIM in Sacramento and achieved my goal of under 3:20 with a time of 3:18 (that’s a 15 minute improvement from my previous marathon).  I’m already thinking about my next marathon in the fall of 2014, and will be in touch for a sub 3:10 marathon plan :)” – Amy

Half Marathon PR_Race Plan

“I successfully completed the PR Race Plan and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen in my running and in the ability of my body to recover. I’ve had a couple of hiccups along the way but nothing that really held me back and I think overall I’ve become more durable.  It’s been awesome to see what I can really accomplish with a solid, well designed plan to help me.

The first half in Bethlehem was a very difficult race for me because of the unrelenting hills that I don’t think I was as prepared for as I thought I should have been. I underestimated that race! 🙂 And even though I didn’t manage a sub 2 hr race and it took me a long time to recover I’m still very very pleased to have run a PR (3.5 min faster than last years flat race).

This last race in Savannah was flat (YAY!) and it was a perfect day. I felt awesome and I ran it much faster than I hoped I could: 1:57:30 !!!  For me that is FLYING!! LOL!! The BEST part is I felt I ran a smart, steady, even race and finished it feeling great and in zero pain with a huge smile on my face 🙂

So.. again.. thank you so much for helping me accomplish my goals and for providing feedback when I needed it! I will definitely be contacting you again in the future and recommending you for people who want to run better and injury free.” – Kim


Race Plan Testimonial_PR City“Just wanted to send you my sincere thanks and gratitude for your help and 50-mile race plan. After the last 4 months of training with your plan I not only finished today but finished 3rd. Thank you for giving me the tools to become a stronger runner.” – Greg

“Thanks for your help. I got a training plan for a 7k time trial and made the triathlon team cuts! I managed to hold a ~6:20 min/mi pace (on almost no training for 7-8 weeks because of USMA’s basic training!).

Your training plan definitely helped give form to the time period before leaving to college. I appreciate it and do believe I improved more than I would have on my own. Considering how close margins were for our limited slots, it probably was the make or break.” – Paul, US Military Academy

“The marathon went so well, I am really happy. I did 3:56 (6min PR) and to be honest I’m pretty sure I could have run even faster. I felt strong until the end, with a nice negative split (2:01 for the first half).

It didn’t hurt that much and after 3 days I wasn’t sore anymore. I never had that moment where I just want to “lay on the sidewalk and die”! The conditions were perfect, it’s true, but I know that my training really made this an awesome experience. I never really believed it when people said that the race takes care of itself when you put in the training but now I do! I felt confident at the start, which was great.

I’m more motivated than ever! Thank you for everything.” – Anne-Aymone

“I just wanted to express a big thank you for the marathon training program you wrote for me for the Marine Corps Marathon. This being only my second marathon, I was looking for something that worked for me and you provided it.  While I was not able to meet my goal of a sub 4 hour finish (the start was extremely congested and continued that way for miles!), I am happy and proud to say that I never hit, or even came close to hitting, the wall.  In fact, I had such a good race that I ran a negative split with my last few miles at 8:50ish.  With that, I know that I can meet and exceed my goal in the next race.” – Kelly

Race Plan_HM_Testimonial

“I wanted to let you know that I followed the 50-miler plan you wrote for me last year and I finished the 50-mile race (51, actually, haha) 2.5hrs faster than last year.  I finished last year in 13:56; this year I finished in 11:26. So you can add this one to your ultra-training plan success pile!  Whenever people ask what training plans I use, I always refer them to you.  With your plans, there are no gimmicks or tricks or shortcuts to success—so I know that everything I achieved is the result of consistent, hard work. Thanks again for a great training plan and I will be in touch either this winter or next for a 100-miler plan.” – Meredith

“I followed your plan pretty closely, ran all of the miles and did most of the strength and mobility routines. By the end of the toughest part of the training, I was starting to feel extremely strong and improved my strength and endurance by quite a bit. I finished the marathon in 3:59:28. I was definitely surprised by how strong I felt deep into the marathon and credit this plan for much of my success. Thank you for your help. I’ll be running another marathon in May and will likely purchase another plan for that event.” – Aaron

“The coaching advice Jason gave me helped me take 27 minutes off of my previous marathon time, on a course run in the MOUNTAINS, whereas my last one was on a flat course.  I’m still injury free and already planning to find a flat marathon for a new PR!” – Chrissy

Race Plan_MCM Testimonial

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line about the progress I have made in 3 short weeks after receiving the PR Race Plan. I ran a Quarter marathon yesterday and PR’d in my 8k, 10k, and QM. I feel stronger after every workout and look forward to running more than I have in 3 months.

I dropped a minute on my 8K PR, 34:31 to 33:31 exactly. I improved almost 3 minutes on my 10K time from 2 weeks ago.

I can only imagine how I will feel by the end of my PR Race Plan training.” – William

“I wanted to let you know that I ran the first of my two 10K races this morning. I came in at 1:05:38, a PR for me! The race plan you put together for me has given me such confidence and even better, I have been running injury free. Thank you!” – Sharon

Race Plan_5mi Turkey Trot

“I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you!!! I got your training plan 7 weeks ago. So far I have stuck to the plan 100%, I have not even missed any of those “little things” and all I can say is that I have never felt healthier and stronger before.

This morning I ran my first 10k race which I took as my weekly long run and ran negative split, my average pace was 4:35 per kilometer , which gave me a 45:31 finish time. A great win to me!!!

Thanks Jason!!!” – Luis

“I am seeing significant improvements since adopting the training plan you wrote. I am amazed at how much stronger, healthier and faster I am….I had some “nagging” planters fasciitis issues when I first started your plan 5 weeks ago, andwithin the first 7-10 days of starting the plan, those symptoms are GONE permanently! That is HUGE! I truly am loving being able to run 6 days a week without’s just awesome. Regardless of how I perform in Chicago, or in Memphis… I am truly a stronger, faster, and better runner because of your input!

Btw…love the consistent website resources & emails, keep it coming!! I now prefer to runner’s world” – Dana

Want a custom training plan of your own? Get a PR Race Plan here!

Rachel FB_Race Plan

“I’ve been successful overall with rebuilding my mileage for training since taking on your training plan. It is such a relief to be able to train normally again since being injured. A big thank you again for that! ” – Allison

“Last Saturday I was top 10% in all categories in the Warrior Dash. And with no injuries! Thank you for the program.” – Brent

“I didn’t expect to feel like a stronger runner after only a week or so of using the training plan, but I already crushed my 5k pr by 30 seconds. Not sure if it was the better paced week/work-out schedule , added confidence, or race day adrenaline–maybe all three–but I finished at 19:00 min flat! Pretty stoked as this was my first timed/competitive 5k ever. ” – Zach

“Holy crap, look at this, I don’t think I’ve ever negative split every mile in training before, and I felt great doing it.

Jason, you don’t charge enough, your advice is priceless my friend!!!” – Marc


“Back in November, you helped create a plan for me with the following goals in mind:

-Improve my speed/endurance
-Become a more well-rounded runner
-Run 5k without walk breaks

Yesterday was the culmination of my 16-week training plan and I am so pleased to tell you that with your help I’ve exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I am now able to run 4 miles at a time without taking any walk breaks. I’m pretty sure I could even go for 5 but haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet.

Back in November I ran my first half-marathon in 2:47:54. In March, with your help, I PR’d my “B” race in 2:40:17. Yesterday, just one month later, I blew that PR away and finished my “A” half-marathon in 2:28:40. That’s almost 20 minutes off of my half-marathon time in less than 6 months. Incredible!!!

I can tell I am so much stronger than I was back in November. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance and thank you so much for helping me accomplish my goals.” – Monica

“I just wanted to give you an update that after 9 weeks with the training plan (took a week off for being sick) I ran the 20 minute segment of the Lifetime Indoor Triathlon yesterday pain free. I managed 2 miles in 20 minutes, which is an improvement from my distance last October of 1.88. Your plan is really working! Thank you so much.” – Erin

Race Plan_Endurance

“Just sending you a THANK YOU!!!! Best feeling run that I have had in months…WOOHOO!!! The program has totally meet my goal of opening new doors in my running.” – Steph

“My half got cancelled because of flooding but my buddies and I decided to run anyway. A river was literally running across the road in multiple spots and I ended up running about 14 miles with thousands of feet of elevation gain in the mud (we got pretty lost where some of the trail markers washed away too).

It wasn’t anywhere near race pace but i was pretty happy. I felt good at the end and actually did another 2 miles when we were done to get some nice views. I could have easily done 30 seconds a mile faster but it was a blast. I ran with joy in the shitty weather and it was very memorable and a lot of fun.

The training program worked great. I did as much as much as I was able to do. Thanks for your help, it definitely got me prepared and turned what would have been miserable into a great time.” – Jeremy

“I finished my marathon in 4:05:34, well over an hour faster than my 5:11:37 from last year. I’m now officially a marathon Kool-Aid drinker – thanks again for the great plan!” – Joe

HM_SFHM_Twitter Testimonial

“Getting a personalized training plan from finishing a 10k to PRing a marathon to a running my first 6h ultra in just two months (!) was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done for my running. I don’t think I could have handled the short time period with the increasing mileage by myself and come out of it, not only alive but with great results and injury free! Thank you so much for your support along the way.” – Linda

“I ran the Richmond Half in 1:38:14 yesterday – almost 5 minutes faster than last year so I was really pleased. It felt great to be back at a faster clip. I ran a negative split and felt strong and more importantly healthy throughout the race.” – Whitney

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the race went well for me. I felt good throughout the race and came in well under my target at 1:54:57 (which I am very happy about). Despite being quite a hilly course, I felt good going into the hills and didn’t really slow down. Thank you for your help. And now on to my next challenge, the full marathon :-)” – Sam

“Hi Jason! I am following a PR Plan that I got from you and ran the NYC Half this past weekend. I did my dynamic warm up, because of security I didn’t have time for a warm up unless you count my sprint to the start…banged my shin climbing a barrier, and PRed by 8 minutes! I felt strong and happy, and it wasn’t even my event yet! Thank you so much!” – Patti

“Hi Jason – updating you on my performance at the 15 December half marathon. I completed it in 1:50:18 [an 11+ minute PR]!! Super happy with the result.” – Simran

HM_PR_Race Plan

“Hello Jason, just a quick note to tell you that I finished the Houston marathon in good shape. No cramps, no ITB pain. A few blisters and muscle pain is all I seem to have carried away. Finished right between my 1st and 2 second goal times and didn’t hit the wall until mile 23 and from there it was more mental than anything else.

The training plan you made for me was spot on and I was able to follow it without a problem, despite a heavy travel schedule. I am so happy my ITB is not bothering me at all. Thank you so much for giving me a tool that helped me achieve my goal.” – Franzi

“Jason – this was a great plan!  I ran the St. George Marathon in early October with a personal best time of 3:58. I found that the overall pattern of the program really worked well for me. Thanks.” – Bruce

“Hey J! I finished the Houston Marathon in 3:27! Boston bound!! I ran my last marathon over two years ago in NYC and shaved 40 min off of that time. Pretty crazy. It was a blast and I was smiling at the finish. Thanks for everything over the last six months. Hard to believe I had to start from ground zero in June after surgery and then after an ITB injury. So thankful I found you to encourage me along the journey – the obstacles that I went through made the finish line that much sweeter.” – Carrie

Race Plan_PR

“Thank you for providing such an incredible service and an opportunity for runners like me to improve and feel more confident with what I can accomplish when running. I like the simplicity of the plan and the proven results.” – Melissa

“Jason, I ran a PR half today in 1:52:53! Slightly disappointed (good thing) but still, PR by 4 minutes. I believe I’ve realized consistency in running and mileage and strength exercise routines are the key to improvement without injury. Thanks again!” – Paul

“I just finished my PR Race Plan and just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I PR’d in my 5K race last night by almost 2 minutes. I went from 19:54 to 18:06. This plan has really taken my running to the next level. I am running more miles and feel stronger after every workout.” – William

“Although I’ve followed running plans in the past, they’ve been relatively generic and while we aren’t into the formal marathon plan yet, I’m really enjoying the challenge and the learning process that naturally comes with it. I’m feeling more like a ‘runner’ than I have in the past and the best part is that I look forward to my runs – they aren’t feeling like a mere check in the box, which is fantastic!” – Matthew

“Hi Jason, I just wanted to let you know I ran a pretty decent PR today at Rock and Roll – 1:36:19. My PR before that was 1:37:58 on a much flatter course (the Navy half in DC which is way flatter than R&R). I also ran horrible tangents so there is a lot of room for improvement. Thanks for the plan, again!” – Casey

Race Plan testimonial_BQ

“Hi Jason….I did it!!! A new PB of 1:40:50 for the half marathon. Thanks to your training plan which I did 100% of the runs, 80+% of the strength workouts. I was stoked with my time…5mins off last yrs half! Thank you again for the awesome training plan + I am still injury free :-).  Now I am looking at the possibility of a sub 1:40….which I never would have even dreamed of achieving!” – Lisa

Quick update:  after my first marathon in 4:55 in October, I ran my second today in 4:21 – 9:59 pace. My goal was 10:00 pace, so that one second under was icing on the cake. The last 4-miles were tough and I literally only thought of three things those last miles, 1) Mirinda Carfrae as a “heroic” inspiration, 2) my mother who I promised I would not walk, and 3) Jason Fitzgerald for helping me beat my ITBS and kill those last couple miles with no pain beyond that simple but humbling *fatigue*.

I am confident your strength routines are the reason I was able to finish strong today. I’m a believer. I try to pass on your methods to anyone who will listen. On paper I know this race is a big improvement from the last result in October, but even though I am happy with what I did today, I know I will push myself to get even better. I’m aiming for another marathon in October, and definitely plan on getting another training plan from you. I’m as motivated as ever. I will finalize my plans and look forward to ordering a new training plan from you later in May.” – Dan

This morning I PR’d and BQ’d at the New Jersey Marathon!  I owe my preparation to your incredible training plan. I ran a 3:02:08 staying under a 7:00 minute mile the entire time except for mile 17 at a 7:04. It was a tough great race. Many thanks.” – Paul

Race Plan_first race testimonial

“Just wanted to let you know that I did that half-marathon on Sunday – 45,000 people did the City to Surf this year, so I had lots of company 🙂 The hills just about killed me, whoever designed the course really needs a swift kick. I finished in 3:12:51, very slow, but actually faster than I thought I was going to be.

I really cannot thank you enough – not only has participating in the half-marathon ticked off a major goal for me, but because I lived through it, and ran just fine outside, on a ‘real’ surface, I am not scared to make some of my runs outdoor ones from now on. I foresee a whole new world of busted up feet ahead of me :)” – Rebecca

“After graduating from college and being separated from my cross-country team, my running took a back seat to work, graduate school, and sheer laziness. My training had no direction, structure, or true purpose. The PR Race Plan rescued me from an 8-year running rut, and finally got me feeling strong and racing fast again. Thanks for resuscitating my running career, Jason!” – Alissa

“Thank you again for the training plan. I would say it was a clear success! During the training, my overall pace improved significantly. The 10K that I ran two weeks ago is evidence of that – I improved my PR by 7 minutes!

And thanks to the training I improved my previous half PR by 7 minutes – despite the sickness, and despite the course being much more hilly than I expected (the first 4 miles were all uphill, nearly double the elevation gain of my previous half PR). Also, one of my goals was to not run out of steam in the last mile – this time my last 2 miles were 2 of the fastest as I was pushing to get in by 2:20.

So thank you again for a great plan that really improved my running on so many levels! I’m going to take some time off race training to focus on weight loss and I will likely be purchasing another training plan in the spring so I can really improve my next half in May!” – Darin

Race Plan - HM PR

“I’ve been hitting my workout paces exactly as prescribed. I think you might be a genius. The paces are fast enough to be HARD, but I feel in control at the prescribed paces for all or most of the workout. This is fantastic and it makes me not dread the workouts. Kudos.

Thanks for writing an awesome training plan. The thought you put into it is evident, and honestly it gives me confidence during those tough days that I can absolutely do it, or you wouldn’t have put it in the plan. I’ve got some ideas of things I want to work on in the spring, so hopefully you’ll be kind enough to help me out with another plan. Thanks so much.” – Sarah

“Wanted to let you know I came in 57th out of the entire field at the Russian River Mud Run after following your training plan. I ran in 47:42 — my previous race was 52:10. I was so thrilled!

“In addition to being stronger and better prepared, I also took your OCR advice and signed up for the first heat, which made all the difference. Walking to the showers I saw HUGE lines for obstacles in later heats. Thanks for the help — on to the next race :)” – Anna

Lisa Marathon PR“Hey Jason!!! Just reaching out to let you know that I PR’d in Philly yesterday using your PR Race Plan! SOOOO EXCITED!! My previous PR was from Boston with a 3:43 and I went on to run Philly at 3:40.53!

Another PR and a BQ (by almost 15 minutes)! I trusted my training and my race day plan was just about perfectly executed! Thank you again!” – Lisa

“Jason, I wanted to drop you a note on how my first marathon went at the Baystate Marathon. I finished in 3:47:42 and I’m really, really happy with that for a first ever effort only 15 months after I started running!

My friends and family couldn’t stop commenting on how unbelievable it was that I was smiling at mile 22 when I saw them! Three days later and I’m really not that sore and only had minor joint and muscle soreness. I have been religious with my foam roller but I also credit your training plan and strength exercises!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Strength Running, your injury prevention advice, and the PR race plan. I felt prepared mentally and physically, and had such a great time running 26.2 miles that I want to do it all over again this weekend!!” – Brooke

Race Plan. Marathon Testimonial

“Jason, I’ve been meaning to get back to you with some feedback on how your plan is working for me. I started with your plan for my 50 mile race and after week 2 I was already feeling stronger, but not wanting to be premature I did not share my excitement with you. Slowly but surely my cadence is improving and my times are faster and I am able to hold a faster pace for a longer period of time.

This time last year I was on my way to developing a bad case of plantar fasciitis. This year I feel as if I am on my way to completing and doing well on my first 50 mile race. I am very happy with where I am now thanks to your plan and your wisdom on SR. Thanks for everything!” – Greg

“Just wanted to thank you again for my marathon training plan. As you recommended, I completed over 85% of the training. I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon last weekend. Not sure if you’re familiar, but it is pretty hilly including a 320 ft elevation gain between miles 5.5 and 8. Brutal to say the least. While my pace fell off a bit the last 10K, I had a 4:23:47 finish and completed the race strong and beat Oprah Winfrey’s time (ha ha).

I did what I set out to do: get the bad taste of bonking the Marine Corps Marathon from my mouth (5:31 in 2012, having
walked the last 10K due to unbearable lt leg ITBS) and run strong. I will be backing off to half marathon and shorter distances, and may buy a 10K plan from you to help me drop my times into the mid 40’s. Just during marathon training I lowered my fastest 10K by several minutes.

I’ve referred several friends to you for training plans and hopefully they will follow through. You are an excellent coach and resource, and I cannot thank you enough for your help. Your plan allowed me to kick my ITBS issues, run strong after a torn meniscus repair, drop almost 68 minutes off my marathon PR, and have the confidence to continue running and racing into my 40s. Keep up the great work! Cheers.” – Greg

Race Plan testimonial_5k PR

Just wanted to let you know that following your program, I was able to finish my first marathon at 3:57:26 and injury free. I was hoping to run 4 hours but closer to the event my hamstring was playing up so I tapered one week earlier than your program to rest it and believed I would be 4:10. I Definitely reached my goal. I beat girls my age from the local running group so i was thrilled as I am not a runner

Compared to last year whereby my ITB prevented me from running I felt great.  I sat with the pacer during the marathon to keep me on track which worked great. Thank you for your program.  I was happy with my results.” – Lisa

“Back in February you made me a training plan so that I could get myself in shape to run a Warrior Dash with my girls.  Well, the race was on May 31st and I survived!  Your plan really helped me!  I was amazed at how I was able to run the race and do the obstacles with such ease.  I worked hard to prepare and I was successful.  This was the first time I ever did anything like this and I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish!

The day of the race I said I was glad I did it but never again! Now I’m starting to think about trying something else… I think I have the bug now! I really do appreciate everything you did to help me prepare.  I don’t think I would have been as successful if I had tried to do it on my own. Thank you for your help!” – Maureen

“I ran the St. Jude Marathon this weekend in 4:20:14, which exceeded my initial goal. I’ve mentioned this before, but having the personalized training plan made all the difference in the world. When I first saw the plan, I was anxious in an excited way. On some level, I thought, this looks like solid training, and Jason thinks I can do it, so I can.

Because you put each workout on the schedule for me specifically, I had to accept that as a vote of confidence that I could do it, which helped me tremendously when I lacked confidence of my own. I think so many people would be amazed to hear what a difference a custom training plan makes. And it’s a relative bargain when you divide out the cost by the number of hours you spend training. It’s a small price to pay to know that you’re spending those training hours wisely!

Again, thanks so much for helping me have such a positive first marathon experience.” – Sarah

Twitter_Race Plan Testimonial2

“Thank you for my base training plan to return to running after having to take almost 3 months off due to overuse injuries. I’m just now completing that plan and have done 3 5k’s, and even PR’d by 20 seconds in one!

I’m now running pain-free which is allowing me to finally enjoy running like I knew I had in me! The emotional roller coaster of repeated injuries is hopefully in my past for good! Now I’m back for you to take me to the next level! ” – Gail

“Jason, this is the second training plan you’re going to help me with. I’m very excited. You created my first plan last summer, and since then, you’ve helped me run marathon #1 @ 4:55, and marathon #2 @ 4:21!” – Daniel

“The plan Jason wrote prepared me for the expected and unexpected challenges of running a 50-mile trail race. The long tempo runs I did during training helped me pick up the pace on easier sections of the course, the pre- and post-run routines conditioned my body to handle the unstable and hilly terrain, and the progressing long runs gave me confidence that I could go beyond 26.2.

Jason’s plan was personalized to my abilities more than I ever thought it could be, given we only communicated online. It was written to push me beyond what I thought I could do, but at no point did it ever feel grueling or impossible. Not only did I finish my first ultra with Jason’s guidance, but I became a faster road runner and celebrated numerous small victories along the way.

I came out of this experience a stronger runner both mentally and physically, and I look forward to tackling more challenges with his guidance!” – Meredith

Race Plan Testimonial_Marathon

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about my recent experience running the Marine Corps Marathon after following a Strength Running PR Race Plan. By applying the principles you espouse on Strength Running such as being an athletic runner, paying attention to ancillary strength and core work, and being more mindful of recovery I was able to follow your plan and absolutely KILL IT this past Sunday.

I PR’d by 23 minutes over my 2010 MCM time! Thank you for being so responsive to my questions before/during/after this past training cycle, and for providing a truly individualized training plan. You and Strength Running area great resource for runners of all levels.” – Matt

Want a custom training plan of your own? Get a PR Race Plan here!

Race Plan Testimonial_FB

“When I came to Jason, I thought I already had all the expert advice I needed, including from a respected sports physical therapist who told me I should never run because of a structural defect in my leg. Those words uttered several years ago stuck with me so that when I eventually ignored them – and by my own estimation ‘bombed’ at my first half marathon attempt last year (2:56) – I was massively disappointed but not surprised. Still, something kept drawing me back to StrengthRunning.

I decided to take the plunge on a customized training plan, in which Jason helped me identify my strengths instead of just dwelling on my weaknesses. Then, he turned that assessment into a workable plan for my goal, which was a sub-2:30 half marathon. The plan included more than just when, how and how often to run, but also how to warm up and cool down after each run and specific exercises for injury prevention and bolster weak areas. Long story short, I entered the same event as I had a year earlier, but this time I trained smarter and better – and my efforts paid off in 2:12 sprint finish. That’s not just a PR, but 15 minutes faster than my goal and 45 minutes faster than year before in which I had worked just as hard but definitely not as effectively as I did under Jason’s tutelage.

Whether your goal is speed, efficiency, greater endurance, or staying injury-free, you owe it to yourself to give Jason’s customized plans and/or coaching a try. If you’re serious and willing to work hard, you will get better along any parameter that is important to you, and you will experience the deep satisfaction of a race well run.” – Lolo

“I absolutely love my training plan — I am currently ahead of schedule and completed my first 20 miler last night, injury-free! The [injury prevention work] has done miracles.” – Christina

Twitter_Race Plan Injuries

“I would definitely recommend the PR Race Plan to others. The plan focuses on the goals and priorities of the client. My plan was designed for me, and was well aligned with what I asked for up front. And the result is a marathon PR by 16 minutes! This race was a huge confidence builder for me.” – Mark

“I like this plan…I really like that the info is well organized and easy to access: just scroll up or down for all of it.” – Heidi

“I reached out to Jason to help me plan for my first half marathon, and could not have been more pleased with his level of detail and precision. His plan helped me to relax and take the stress out of the training – he let me know that the goal could be achieved. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always actively avoiding running, but his plan helped me to enjoy the process and my time posted during the race was much faster than I ever could have imagined. Thanks Jason!” – Brendan

“Its such a relief to get some good all round guidance – I have started to put pretty much everything you have suggested into action and I feel so much happier that I am doing what I need to do and heading in the right direction. I also have a good idea what I need to aim for and how to progress over the next 6 months or so. I had been feeling quite disheartened with all the injuries I’d been getting and wondering if I should just quit, but am now feeling a lot more confident that I can get through it and be in better shape and a better runner from it. Much appreciated!” – Charlotte

Race Plan Testimonial_Twitter

“I ran my half marathon earlier today and got a PR of 1:45, placed first in my age group, had the fastest time in that age group for all the years the race has been run, and most impressively to me was that my last two miles were the fastest, at 7:35 and 7:36! I’m a very happy girl. Thank you for your plan. On to the next one!” – Martha

“I started this year training for the Shamrock marathon in March using a plan from RYBQ. I had such sucess with it. I had a big breakthrough, breaking 3:40!  Then I came to you for the NYC Marathon and had another big breakthrough – PR’d, bettered my last time from 4 years prior by 3 minutes and best of all, my injury didn’t get the best of me. In fact, felt better than my previous marathon.

And now, working with you again, working towards my 9th marathon and my 10th anniversary of running! Under your guidance, I have become more confident. Long story short, THANK YOU JASON!!!! for having such an influence on my great running year accomplishments!!!!” – Linda

“Looks like your plan is working for me… 1:06 10k PR in my first “B” race of the year in the snow :)” – Emily C., Denmark

“What I love about my plan is that I have the option to run/walk some of my days, but what I love more is the ‘no option’ days when he puts ‘NO walking’ on my mileage! I need that kick in the butt and someone telling me exactly what I can do and exactly what I can not do.” – Andrea

Ryan“I was jumping from plan to plan trying to find something that worked for me. I had been plagued with IT band issues as soon as I started training beyond a 5k. Both my first half marathon and full marathon I had to end up limping for several miles because of it. Then I came across which taught me to not only get my engine running strong by my chassis as well. I purchased a PR plan which was better prices than anything I found online to date. I followed the plan and not only did my running improve but I also felt more confident on my legs. I was stronger and I looked stronger as well.

Then came the real test. After following Jasons PR plan I ran my second marathon and blew my PR out of the water by 46 minutes! I had no IT band issues and have already purchased another PR plan with Jason. I am sticking with Strength Running all the way to Boston! Thanks Jason, I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Ryan (4:20 to 3:34 at the Philadelphia Marathon)

“Jason, not sure what kind of mystical powers you have that you can send through a plan, but I ran a 5k this morning and cut 40 second off my PR!” – Kris

“I purchased a PR plan from you over the summer for my half on October 23rd. Well I thought the plan was great, very detailed and easy to follow. It worked perfectly for me. I went into the race feeling much more comfortable with my ability and just ready to run at whatever speed my body told me to. I pr’d the race by 16 minutes from my first half 6 months prior!

I signed up for the full for next years race, so I will probably be hitting you up for another plan next year! Thank you so much for your help and dedication to your subscribers. You really make it feel like a running family for us all. Thanks again!!!” – Sara

Twitter Testimonial3

“I got a PR Race Plan and then ran an awesome half-marathon. I went out faster than planned (5:50 pace) but then settled into a nice rhythm on the hills and flats by averaging 6:04 mile pace. I ended up winning the race and setting a course record in 1:19:20. Excellent confidence booster and makes me pretty happy about where my fitness it at this point, thanks!” – Eric

“I ran the Luxmore Grunt today in a time of 2:52 and finished 8th out of 116 that included several elite runners, including the Australian Mountain Running Champion and the New Zealand Cross Country champion, so I am thrilled with this result! Four months ago I was very doubtful that I would even get to the start line because of my ITBS! But I had no ITB pain throughout the race – I persevered and it has paid off.” – Tania

SFHM - dailymile testimonial

Ready to see your own success? Get your PR Race Plan here!