101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner by Jason Fitzgerald

This ranks near the top of my list for must read books. It’s well worth the investment.” – Dave S.

Your quick “coach in your pocket” guide. Wisdom from:
101 Ways to be a Better Runner

14+ years of competitive experience from high school, college, and post-college.

Hundreds of races from triathlon, cross country, Warrior Dash, and the marathon.

Thousands of runners helped to become faster, healthier and stronger.

Scientific studies, physiological articles, and countless training books….

…distilled into an easy to read, actionable book of running advice to help you do one thing: become a better runner.

  • Need to change up your long run and don’t know what to do? I know plenty.
  • Want a new way to set goals? I’ve got two for you!
  • Curious about the best ways to improve your running form? No problem.
  • Tired of constantly being injured? There’s a whole chapter on that!

This isn’t another boring running book describing the intricacies of lactate threshold and VO2 Max workouts.

Instead of getting lost in the science, 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner gives you simple strategies that you can use today to improve your running, health, and race times.

“I love that this book distills everything down as simply as possible: here’s a tip, and here’s how you can put it into practice, immediately. I have a pretty solid grasp on proper running form, but that section is worth its weight in gold to newer runners – I wish I knew about a lot of that advice when I first started running!” – Alexis H.

“This book was great – simple, to the point, but insightful and interesting! I’m an experienced marathon runner and I found Jason’s tips extremely helpful and motivating. It’s got everything answered that I’ve ever wondered about my training. Brilliant addition to the running literature market! Thanks!” – Varia M.

“All the 101 (in fact 102) tips given here are tried and validated. They offer a large panel of things to improve your running, training, diet, racing days, …” – Franssoit

“This is well worth the money and then some. This gives the information I needed to stay injury free, to be faster, to keep my motivation up, among other things. It’s not filled with tons of other stuff…just the facts and information! Excellent buy!” – Kelly S.

“Your book is excellent! I wish I had read it many years sooner, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. I dont’ think there is another book out there that you get more advice for such little investment. I recommend it to every runner I know.” – Julia

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No Kindle? Download the book as a PDF here.

Jason’s work has been featured in Runner’s World, Competitor, The Huffington Post, and: