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How to Ramp Up Your Mileage to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of running a high volume training program for most of the year. The benefits are undeniable:

  • Increased running economy and efficiency
  • More endurance through a higher aerobic capacity
  • Injury prevention by

What’s Your Total Work Volume? Running High Mileage and Reaching Your Potential

A lot of runners are looking for a silver bullet that’s going to make them faster. They think they just need that “one special ingredient” to their training plan and they’ll feel great, never get injured, and run PR’s …

Road Racing Success: ASICS Hyper Speed 4 Review

The ASICS Hyper Speed 4 might be your next favorite racing shoe. They’ve been my top choice for years, worn for 5k races, hill workouts, track intervals, and 10 mile road races. While I love their versatility, what I …

7 Training Ideas That Changed My Running Forever

Over the last 13 years of competitive running in high school, college, and beyond, I’ve picked up certain training strategies that I’ve incorporated into my current training. Some of these training principles are well-known while others are less common.…

Becoming an Aerobic Powerhouse: Tempo + Hills Combination Workout

Combining a tempo with hill repeats is an effective, time-efficient workout that can help you get closer to race-ready shape while boosting your endurance and muscle power. This session is strength oriented with a focus on developing your aerobic …

How Often Should Distance Runners Do Sprint Training?

This is a guest post from David Csonka, author of

Many of the best runners incorporate sprinting into their training routines, and I have no doubt that you as a Strength Running reader do so as well. …

Pool Running: Why You’re Doing it Wrong and How to Pool Run to Get Faster

One of the best cross-training exercises for runners is pool running. It’s zero impact and has an extremely low risk of injury – making it a perfect supplemental form of training for a healthy runner and one of …

May, 2011 Training Journal: Getting Back on the Horse (and Half Marathon Event!)

Every month on Strength Running I provide an overview of my training, key workouts, and any races that I run. If you want to see what my training looks like on a daily basis, you can follow me on …

All-Star Profile: Lisa Gonzales

This is a reader-submitted article for the Strength Running All-Star feature that highlights motivational stories of running transformation. If you’d like to submit your own story, email it to me at

All-Star Lisa Gonzales

Enter Lisa:

On May 19th