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The Hidden Code of Massive Improvement: How to Accomplish the Impossible

Today, you’re going to get an ass kicking. I’m going to challenge you like I’ve never challenged you before.

Massive Improvement

When was the last time you did something incredible in your running? Maybe it was last year, or maybe you’ve …

How to Get Out of Your Rut: Rob’s Story of “PRing Without Trying”

Have you ever been in a rut, running the same routine for years?

PR with Strength Running

It happens to every runner. You get comfortable. Running routes get familiar. You stick with the same pair of shoes, the same handful of workouts, and …

Long Runs, Shin Splints, and Plyometrics: Strength Running PR Guide Preview

Have you ever had a burning question about running, but didn’t know who to ask?

I surveyed hundreds of runners and answered all of your important questions about training, running gear, pacing, andStrength Running PR Guide more. The result is the Strength

How to Start Running from Scratch: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

What if you’re just starting to run as a complete beginner? This post is for you.

How to Start Running

New runners face a unique dilemma: the motivation to run and achieve big goals is high, but your aerobic and muscular fitness is …

It’s OK to Take Time Off From Running!

Endurance athletes are weird.

Weird Runners

We hate to rest when we know we need to. Our family thinks we’re a little crazy for running so much. Our friends have zero desire to run a marathon. But we crave the feel …

The Standard Core Routine – Video Demonstration

Core strength is vital to being a consistent, healthy runner. The muscles of your core are actively firing at all times to propel you forward so strengthening them is a worthwhile effort.

If you think your “core” is just …

Meet Lydia, a Mom of 4 Who Lost Over 80 Pounds and Changed Her Life with Running

One of the reasons that I enjoy long term 1-on-1 coaching is that I get to see an incredible amount of improvement over time.

New Beginning

As the months go by, little victories are celebrated occasionally. A few pounds here. A …

Introducing: 2012 – The Year of Stretch Goals

 Are you ready to rock 2012?

Strength Running

Last January, I announced that 2011 would be dedicated to the PR. I made it my mission to help you run faster than ever and set as many personal records as possible.

Looking …