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34 Photos to Inspire You to Get Off the Treadmill, Explore, and Run Your Next Race

A single picture can be more powerful than thousands of words. These photos are inspiring for me to race and explore more than my little corner of the world. Today, I hope you’ll be similarly inspired.

Good Morning Japan …

Q&A with Coach: Shoes & Injuries, How to Beat Achilles Pain, and Two More

I received a concerning email yesterday from a runner who was suffering a knee injury. “Caitlin” told me:

“I’ve had several different coaches and running workshops. You need more cushiony shoes. You need less cushiony shoes. Go heel-toe. Go

“What makes Run Your BQ different?” – and 7 other common questions

Run Your BQ, a members-only program designed to help you crush the marathon and qualify for Boston, closes tonight at 11:59pm Pacific.RYBQ Questions

You may have questions about what exactly this program is – and what it isn’t. I’ve …

Run Your BQ is Open! Ready to Qualify for Boston?

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a big goal like qualify for the Boston Marathon but you’re not sure if you can do it?

I’m thrilled to announce that the first program designed specifically to help you achieve a …

The Principle of Progression: How to Consistently Get Faster

A lot of runners are realizing that mainstream advice is leaving them injured, frustrated, and slow:

“I booked a sports physio session. They said to give it a weeks rest and see how it feels. Well….here I am 3

The Worst Marathon Training Advice I’ve Ever Heard

As you probably know, I am a huge running nerd. I read more running blogs, books, studies, and articles than is reasonable or necessary.

Bad Marathon Advice

While studies on lifting and running form don’t impress my wife, they help me …

Qualifying for Boston: The Thrill of Running a BQ Marathon

What’s so special about qualifying for the Boston Marathon?

Boston Marathon

Actually, a lot.

For many marathoners, running a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time is a bucket list goal. It’s marathon nirvana – the ultimate achievement. Running a BQ is the light …