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How to Run a Race When You Just Don’t Have it (St. Patrick’s Day 8k Race Report)

Have you ever started a race and immediately realized, “This is going to suck?”

St. Patrick's Day 8k

It happens to every runner sooner or later: a shitty race, an uninspired performance, a mediocre showing, a poor indicator of your ability.

This is …

Regularly Scheduled Body Maintenance: 13 Tools That Prevent Injuries and Improve Your Health

We all “know” the little things that we should do to stay healthy: get more sleep, be smart about our mileage, don’t push the pace so often. But are there specific tools that we can use to help us

How to Prevent Running’s Overuse Injuries: 8 Simple “Little Things” That Work (and a giveaway!)

Do you do the “little things” that keep you healthy? If you’re the average runner, you don’t – and you’re probably injured.

Running Overuse Injuries

Preventing overuse injuries is more about what you do when you’re not running. The crucial time right …

Beast to Barefoot: How to Run in Minimalist Running Shoes (Plus, Merrell Trail Glove Review!)

Minimalist running shoes – or “barefoot” shoes – are all the rage right now. You can’t go anywhere without seeing runners in Vibram FiveFingers. But should you run in them all the time?

Minimalist Running Shoes

I think running exclusively in minimalist …

How Andy Improved His 5k, Finally Bought Tights, and Had His Wife Notice His Muscles

Making the transition from a team sport athlete to a runner can be tough. I know, I used to be a basketball player.

When I stopped growing at 5’7″, my dreams of dunking an alley-ooped basketball died faster than …

My Interview with Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein: Training, Structural Fitness, and…Power Cleans

Dathan Ritzenhein graduated high school with six National Championship titles.

He left the University of Colorado with four All-America titles, a national title at cross country, and the school record  in the 10,000m in 27:38.50.

Dathan Ritzenhein Interview

Since turning pro, Dathan’s …

Going Through the Motions: February’s Training Journal

Passion. Inspiration. Drive. Excitement. Motivation. Why do I feel none of this?

I have a confession: my running is not where it should be. During the last month, I neglected the little things like core exercises, sleep, a good …

What’s Your Strength to Weight Ratio? How I Got 50% Stronger While Losing 3% Body Weight

Ever wish you could be stronger – while weighing less? 

Strength to Weight Ratio

It’s the ideal scenario for distance runners: massive strength without any extra weight.

During the last seven weeks, I tried to improve both. I had been lifting regularly, but …