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Nike Zoom Streak XC Review: Fast Shoes for Fast Racing

With a name like Zoom Streak there’s no surprise this racing flat is meant for speed.

Nike Zoom Streak XC 3

So they sound fast – and they look pretty damn nice too. That’s nice, but it won’t mean anything when you’re pushing the …

How to Train for Warrior Dash (And Win With No Experience)

Recently I surprised the hell out of myself and beat 16,659 other people to win Warrior Dash.

With no experience training for Warrior Dash or with any of the obstacles.

Training for Warrior Dash

I was more surprised than anyone. Who me? I …

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner is now out! (Free custom Race Plans too!)

Today’s the day!

101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner: A Short Guide to Running Faster, Preventing Injuries, and Feeling Great is now available on Amazon for the Kindle.

No Kindle? You can get the book as an …

Zensah Compression Socks Review: How to Tighten up Your Recovery

A year ago I asked myself,Do compression socks actually work?” Today, I know the answer.

Whether you use compression sleeves or socks, this post will help you use them as effectively as possible. They both work (and …

Happy Birthday SR! Let’s celebrate with something weird…

Over two years ago, I started Strength Running.

And today, I just want to thank you for coming along for the ride.

Happy Birthday Strength Running

I started SR because I thought I had a message that could help runners improve their training, …

From ITBS to Marathon Glory: How Ryan Finally Got Healthy and PR’d by 46 Minutes

My favorite aspect of Strength Running is helping runners completely transform their lives.

I love success stories because they’re great case studies on what others can do to improve so they can finally reach their goals of feeling healthy, …

The Power of Diet for Runners: How to Eat for Endurance and Lose Weight Effortlessly

This is what happens with a Wholefoods gift card. I go crazy like a kid in a candy shop – or like a food fanatic who can’t control his craving for healthy, delicious snacks.

Diet for Runners

But I used to be

“Mileage!” And other valuable lessons from April

Recently I asked a running friend of mine, “Quick, gut reaction answer: what is my potential in the marathon in the next three years?”

He answered, “2:33, give or take.”

Then came the qualifier. He added, IF you