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Video Q&A: How should my running change as I get older?

We can’t run the same way year after year. Indeed, running has to adapt to fit our age.

When taking the USA Track & Field coaching course, training age was taught as an important concept to consider when …

Trail Running 2.0: An Introduction to Natural Movement

Over the years, Strength Running has focused on so much more than just running.

If you’re training for a 5k or a marathon, you can’t simply run every day and expect to stay healthy and reach your goals.

There’s …

Cute Butts and Tightening the Screws: 3 New Pacing Strategies for Your Next Race

Have you ever stood on the starting line and wondered, How the hell am I going to tackle this race?!

Fear not, fellow road racer. I have a few pacing strategies that will challenge your fitness and push you …

You be the Coach: Why Did Mike Bonk the Houston Marathon?

Today, I want to ask for YOUR coaching expertise.

Michael emailed me recently about his race at the 2013 Houston Marathon. He is a 57 year old runner and triathlete with a previous PR of 3:55. I wrote him …

The Goldilocks Principle: How to Plan Training that’s “Just Right”

How do you know when you should be running easy, hard, or resting completely?How Do You Know

That’s the million dollar question! If we knew the answer, injury rates would plummet and runners could accurately peak for their goal race, every time.…

How to Break the Injury Cycle: Lessons from Olympic Trials Qualifier Jeff Gaudette

How do I stop getting injured so frequently?

Every runner will eventually ask themselves this question at some point during their training cycle. And with the annual injury rate around 75% according to some sources, it’s a very relevant …