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Let’s Hang Out Before the Boston Marathon! Plus 2 More Announcements

Marathon Monday is coming! On April 15, tens of thousands of runners will line up in Hopkinton to run Boston, the world’s greatest marathon.

Boston Marathon

But the real event the media is jacked up about is the meetup I’m hosting …

Grimace! Running Mantras That Help You Get Tough When Races Hurt

Are you mentally tough during a race, or do you always wimp out when you start to get tired? 


Most runners have heard the quote, “Running is 90% mental.” Indeed, the mental toughness that my track coach used to …

Achilles Tendonitis Doesn’t Exist (But Here’s How to Treat it Anyway)

Confused? Don’t be – the injury is real but the term Achilles tendonitis is incorrect.

This was news to me until last week when I spoke to Jay Dicharry about how to treat Achilles injuries. Jay is the founder …

Video Q&A: Will Core and Strength Exercises Make Me Faster?

If you asked me ten years ago about strength exercises, I would have smirked and said they’re unnecessary for runners. Also, I was an idiot ten years ago.

I had a conversation with my friend Jeremy in 2003 where …

4 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Running Today

Running advice that’s actionable makes me giddy. I love training tips that work and are easily implemented into your plan no matter what race you’re preparing for.

Blue Mountains

Last week I was interviewed by John Sifferman for nearly 90 minutes …

The 5 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned From Running Up a Mountain to See a Glacier

I don’t want to run today… maybe I’ll just skip it…

I was on the west side of New Zealand’s south island, completing my three month trip through Maui, Australia, and New Zealand. Earlier that day …

The SR Coaching Philosophy: The Unique Power of Training Pillars

Why is it that most people never even come close to realizing their potential?

Where Will Your Training Take You?

Compare two runners trying to get out of their rut and accomplish their goals:

Adam started running five years ago to lose weight. He likes …