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Do You Have Mental Toughness? How to Train Your Brain for Your Next Race

This is a guest post from Doug Hay from Rock Creek Runner. Follow him on Twitter here.


Mental Toughness

You’ve been training for that big race awhile now, right? I can tell because you’re deep in the zone.

You’re …

Are You Making this Common Pacing Mistake?

Running is so simple – just lace up your shoes and you’re ready to run. I love it.

But to improve, stay healthy, and get faster it becomes more complicated. Running itself is simple – but training is more …

5 “Running Truths” I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

As I look back on over 15 years of running, it’s painfully obvious that I’ve made every mistake possible.


Did I hurt my IT band… and then jump back into a fast workout two days later? Ugh, yes.

Did …

How to Run When You Just Don’t Want To

Running isn’t always fun. It can be hard – even painful.

But as Desiree Davila said, “If I planned on backing off every time running got difficult I would hang up my shoes and take up knitting.

3 Shoe Features that Stop Me From Buying (and the Skora Phase review)

Yesterday a friend admitted to me some quirky behaviors that are automatic disqualifiers for his dates.

Most are wildly inappropriate for SR, but his #1 was being a regular smoker.

It makes sense: he’s a fit guy and likes …

I Just Ran My Goal Race! What Do I Do Now?

Your big race is over. You finally did it!

Maybe you even ran a big personal best – well done and well deserved! But now you might be thinking, what do I do now?

It’s a common problem for …