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You Be the Coach: Help Zach Plan his Training and Win a SRBC Membership

Today is your chance to be the coach and help a fellow Strength Runner with his upcoming marathon. Ready to show me your brilliance?


You might remember earlier this year when I asked for your coaching help with Michael

5 Running Mistakes That Minimize Your Results (and how to fix them)

Are you making these TOP mistakes that I see over and over again?

Today I’ll show you how to fix them and start achieving more with your running – more PR’s, more weight loss, more consistency, and more injury-free …

2 “Training Tools” That Help You Run Easier: Soft Star RunAmoc and Darn Tough Socks

Running shoes and accessories could cost you thousands of dollars every single year if you’re a gear junkie. Maybe this looks like you?

Gear Junkie

Some gear is worth the investment while other purchases are completely superfluous. Do you really need …

How to Train for a 5k (and set a new personal best)

Racing a 5k requires a smart combination of speed, endurance, and race specificity. Here’s how to train for a 5k and set a new personal best (PB).

How to train for a 5k

The 5k distance used to be a long race for me. During …

3 Smart Ways to Cross-Train for Speed, Health, and Recovery

As runners, we love to lace up our shoes and go explore a new trail and feel the wind in our hair. Who the hell wants to cross-train?

Pool Running

But hear me out – it can be really useful. What …

How To Train for Two Races at the Same Time

I love passionate runners who have so many goals they just¬†can’t wait¬†to train hard. The enthusiasm is infectious.

Their short list includes things like:

  • run a 40+ mile week
  • complete a marathon
  • run an obstacle race
  • consistently