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Deb Quit Running for 20 Years… Now She Runs Ultramarathons (plus a new announcement)

Whoa – the response you’ve given me from this new focus on injury prevention has been awesome.

Thank you to everyone who has been inspired by Sarah’s story and emailed, tweeted, or messaged me with your questions and …

Can you really go from chronically injured to healthy and pain free? This is my story

Earlier this month I got an email from Todd. He told me:

Love your blog! Lots of useful tips for us mere mortals 😉

I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. But it got me thinking – does …

5 Running Blunders That Keep You Locked in the Injury Cycle (Plus, a video for you)

Flash back ten years ago: I was tearing through 80 mile weeks as a cocky 19 year old. But disaster was right around the corner.


I really had no idea what I was doing. My college coach gave us …

Sarah’s Transformation: From Constant Injuries to Faster and Pain Free

Last week, I asked you a simple question: What is your most difficult or challenging question about injury prevention and how to stay healthy?


For days, I’ve spent hours studying the hundreds of responses and let me tell you: …

What questions do you have about injury prevention and staying healthy?

If you discovered a magic Genie in a bottle and he granted you three wishes, what would they be?

When I was in college, one of those wishes was to never suffer through another running injury ever again

The Path to Boston: How Darren Finally Avoided “The Wall” and Ran a Sub-4 Hour Marathon

When it comes to marathon training, there are countless choices to consider.

Should you join a local running club?

Boston Sign

Download a generic training plan online?

Invest in a custom program? Get a coach? Wing it?

Ask your second cousin

Race Advice for Your Next Personal Best (roadkill, vanity, and more fun)

I’ve heard SO many racing problems from runners:

I’m always out-sprinted at the end of a race. I just can’t change paces.

My #1 struggle is running at race pace and getting up to that speed on race day.