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The Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Running: How to Run Your First Ultramarathon

In 2012, I nearly convinced a friend to run a 6 day, 120 mile trail race in the Rocky Mountains that reaches an altitude of over 12,500 feet.

Ultra Running Trail

That race is the Transrockies Run, a mostly singletrack …

My Surprising Reading List: Extinctions, Rituals, and Drugs

Every week I share actionable coaching advice that can help you become a better runner.

But where do I get ideas for the 400+ articles I’ve written?


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How to Train for a Marathon: Jay Johnson on Long Runs, Cutback Weeks, and Maximizing Your Potential

There’s no shortage of information about how to train for a marathon. Just search the web and you’ll find countless marathon plans, articles, and advice.

But if your goal is to do more than simply finish, what advice should …

How to Return to Running After an Injury

Of the dozens of questions I get every week, the most common is How do I return to running after an injury?

Potomac Marathon

Because injuries are (unfortunately) so abundant – and as runners we love to run – I’m not …

Q&A with Coach: How do I Avoid Muscle Imbalances?

Do you have muscle imbalances? Spoiler alert: of course you do!

In fact, we all do.

Muscle Imbalance

Nobody is perfectly symmetrical. We may have a dominant leg, strike the ground harder with one foot, pronate more with one leg, or …

How I Got an Achilles Injury (my first injury in 5 years)

For the last five years, I haven’t had a serious running injury.

Until recently – when I injured my Achilles tendon by making a slew of poor training decisions…

Achilles Injury Post Image

This was a real injury. Not just the very beginning