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How to Run Faster From 5k to the Marathon

How do I get faster in all the race distances from 5k to half marathon… and maybe even the marathon?

Runners starting line

A difficult question – but one that’s probably important to you. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their …

CNN’s Tom Foreman on Running Dangerously and Setting Outlandish Goals

Earlier this week, we talked about the value of the pursuit of running goals. Like they say, the journey matters more than the destination.

Amit captured this idea in the comments:

I just like achieving near impossible goals

The Pursuit of Running Goals and Lifelong Happiness

Have you ever met someone who’s been running for 20 years or more? Whenever I do, they’re bubbling with life.

Happy Runner

Recently I spoke at the National Endurance Sports Summit at Princeton University. Joining me were ultra legends like …

How Kimber Mattox (a pro obstacle course racer) fuels her running

Kimber Mattox is one of the most versatile female distance runners on the planet.

Kimber Mattox Fueling

Her accomplishments are so far reaching and wide that I’m confident she’d be successful at any race distance. A former All-American at the University of …

What I learned Being a Headmaster at Camp Nerd Fitness

Last week, I traveled to Camp Nerd Fitness for a long weekend of teaching classes, connecting with runners, and wearing women’s clothes:

Q&A with Coach 16: Can base training go on for too long?

One of my favorite aspects of coaching is when I work with runners who have long-term goals. And when training is planned long-term, the results can be extraordinary:

Long-Term Progress

Since I know what’s coming up in 3 months, 6 months, …