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You do not need these running toys

If I won a big shopping spree, would it be surprising that I’d splurge on mostly running gear? Of course not – because I’m a huge running nerd.

Just look at a small number of the running books I …

7 Surprising Life Lessons From Running Over 40,000 Miles

Sooner or later, every runner realizes that running is actually a metaphor for life.


It’s no surprise that there are countless quotes about this issue:

Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain

How Alex recovered from 6 months of knee pain to run his fastest 5k in 10 years

The top mistake I see runners make is not fixing an easily fixable problem. It makes intuitive sense, right?

Alex Runners Knee

But I hear some variation of this almost every day:

It’s now been 3+¬†months (and two months of PT)