Team Strength Running is Now Open!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discovered just how important support and guidance is to your running.

The next big question is “How exactly do I get that support?!”

That’s why I’m excited to open my new coaching program Team Strength Running, the most affordable training group (with the most resources) online.Team-Strength-Running

Team Strength Running helps you be the runner you KNOW you can be, with ongoing coaching support, custom training, and a community of runners just like you.

This is unlike other programs with no support, or that cost twice as much.

Instead, you’ll finally know you’re doing the right training for you, with other runners to keep you motivated and coaching guidance to answer any and all of your questions.

More specifically, this program includes:

  • Monthly (and soon, weekly!) live coaching calls so you can ask questions and get answers specific to your goals
  • Custom training plans – build your own using our proprietary training plan software just by answering a few questions
  • A Training Plan Library, with plans that focus on time-efficiency (for busy runners), weight loss, and injury prevention
  • Teammates! Meet other runners like you in our private community, stay motivated, and be held accountable
  • Every month, a new exclusive interview with a leading running expert (from elite runners, coaches, researchers and more)
  • Bonus Resources: team discounts on gear and other programs, plus extra interviews from world-class experts

The best part? Every month, I’ll be adding more and more resources to help you succeed. So every month, the program gets more and more valuable.

Just imagine if you have the motivational support, coaching guidance, personalized training, and deep knowledge to succeed with your goals. At that point, it becomes very difficult to fail.

Join the team here. You’re just a minute away from realizing your potential.

But What Makes Team SR Diferent?

There are a lot of programs available to help your running. Here’s why Team Strength Running is different:

No other program is this affordable

All of the other similar programs available cost 60-100% more!

At the same time that the team is more affordable, it also provides many more resources. Team SR is simply more comprehensive than anything else out there.

Your success is MY priority

When you’re on the team, your running success is my priority.

Want something added? Need a different type of training plan? Maybe you’d love me to interview a specific person?

Just let me know and I’ll make it happen. No other coach is this responsive to his athletes (and frankly, I’m damn proud of that).

No other coach has such documented success with their athletes

I know I can help you achieve your goals, whether that’s a faster marathon, weight loss, or just more consistency.

I’ve coached athletes to successful 100-mile ultramarathons, FBI and Army fitness tests, obstacle course races, and everything in between.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s unedited feedback from other runners like you:

Thanks Jason, wonderful advice as usual! My old coach would have just said something like “you’re doing great” or “you’re running too slow”, never any real advice to improve or understand why runs are done certain ways. With your coaching I have learned so much more than I ever would have with solo or with my old coach. ” – Deb

Following your marathon training plan enabled me to run my fastest half marathon ever yesterday. Beat my previous PR by 5 minutes even though the course was much hillier. As a bonus, I’m not even very sore today and my Achilles and PF pain is very minimal. I used to be wrecked for days. Thanks Jason!!” – Andrew

I found Jason intelligent, honest, very savvy and balanced. He pushed me when I needed it and encouraged and inspired me when I was dealing with inevitable highs and lows of the training process. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more.

When my race rolled around, he sent me real-world advice on approaching the run. It was hugely helpful. Though I was dealing with a pretty severe illness leading up to the race and was feeling barely at 80% health for the race, the result was a 6-minute PR for 13.1 miles, dropping me from 1:58 to 1:52. For many folks, 6 minutes may not seem like an enormous PR, but for this 42-year-old runner-in-progress, it was a big deal. In short, Jason’s coaching paid off in spades.” – David

2016 is going to be YOUR year. Make it count and join Team SR today (don’t wait because the team closes this Sunday!).

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Run strong!

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