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Is running twice a day a good idea?

Double sessions (when you go running twice a day) is a great way to increase your mileage. But is this training strategy right for you?

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Coach Jason’s Advice Column: Fartleks, Workout Jargon, and Strides

I love actionable advice – especially when it’s in bite-sized pieces that can be read quickly and (more importantly) implemented immediately.


Often I’m asked the same question over and over again. Like:

  • What are the best strength exercises for

Context is Everything

I started running in 1998 as a freshman on my high school’s cross country team. I didn’t know anything about running – I was a total n00b.

Beginner Runner

But as I fell in love with running, I got interested in …

Suffering for the Love of Running: Amelia Boone on Grit & Passion

Amelia Boone is a force of nature. She’s not only a full-time attorney for Apple, but the most dominant female obstacle course athlete in history.

Amelia Boone Running

But she’s not just the best (if not THE best) female OCR athlete – …

3 Essential Ingredients in Every (Good) 10k Training Plan

The 10k is like the 5k’s ugly step-sister: it’s often used as a tune-up race, but rarely do runners focus on 10k training exclusively.

10k Training

Why? Why is the 10k ignored as a goal race and usually earmarked as just …

Q&A with a Registered Dietitian: Why am I not losing weight?

Have you ever gone to the grocery store when you were absolutely famished?


It’s a terrible idea – you end up buying WAY more food than you intended and much of that food is junk.

And I’m the

5 Foundational Lessons I Learned from High School Track

Can you believe that I used to loathe running?

It’s true – in middle school PE, I avoided all of the running events during Track & Field week by throwing the shotput.

Less than a year later, I was …