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Marathon Long Runs: How Long and How Fast?

When it comes to marathon training, there’s no doubt that the most important workout is the long run.

Marathon Long Run

Yes: tempo runs and high mileage are important. And of course, strength work, strides, and even some “speedwork” sessions will make …

Marathon Training 101: How to Run Your Fastest Marathon

The finish line is in sight. Your lungs are burning and every muscle below the waist is on fire.

Marathon Runners

For hours, you’ve patiently and methodically executed your pacing strategy. The past few months have been solely dedicated to …

Low on fuel? Try these Long Run Energy Bites

Have you ever been a few miles from the end of a long run when everything starts to fall apart? 

How I look during a

The Almighty Long Run: The Case for Running Long

The Church of the Almighty Long Run” is where runners attend service most weekends. And there’s virtually no better workout to gain endurance, speed and mental toughness.

Consider this: most runners – especially those with less than …

3 Workouts to Boost Your Speed When You’re Stuck on the Treadmill

The human hamster wheel. The dreadmill. Satan’s conveyor belt. Is there any doubt that most runners despise the treadmill?

Treadmill Running

Running on a treadmill is an unfortunate reality for many runners during the winter and summer months. Just think of …

A Proven Way to Improve Your Running (that you’re not doing)

I’ve talked to a lot of runners who have less than a year of experience in the sport. Their main goal is to get faster over 5k or 10k and break a performance plateau. All admirable goals!

Weird Runners

Typically, their …