New Runners! What beginner questions do you have about running?

Running can be intimidating to beginners. In fact, I was terrified before I ever went for my first run.

Beginner Runner

I actually became a runner by accident. Like many who start to run for weight loss – but then find out they love running – I started running beause I thought I could high jump during cross country.

Naive, wasn’t I?

Joining my high school cross country team was a big step for me because I loathed running (I threw the shotput during “Track & Field Week” in middle school instead!)

So when I quickly learned that we only ran, I was scared. I specifically remember:

  • What if I can’t finish the run and I’m stranded miles from home?
  • Do I even have the right shoes?
  • Is this soreness normal? I can barely walk!
  • Will my breathing ever be under control?

Somehow, I managed to stay on the team. And after a few months, I was totally hooked. A running geek was born.

Soon, I forgot all about side stitches. I wasn’t so sore all the time and it got a LOT easier the more consistently I trained (but believe me, that hump was a struggle to get over).

And I got addicted to the progress I was making. If I can run two miles, why not three? If I can run a 9-minute mile, why not an 8-minute mile?

The possibilities that were open to me as a beginner seemed infinite.

And if I knew that running would bring into my life my purpose, my passion, my best friends, and even my wife then I’d have started sooner!

Now I want to coach you!

Over the last few years, I’ve been quietly helping beginner runners get started with running – to become the strong, consistent runners they know they can be.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been building training plans for new runners. And speaking with those runners who have no idea how to begin.

This type of runner usually says something like:

I’m a complete beginner and slightly overweight. I can only run for about a mile and run for about 3mins then walk for about 2mins.

Where do I even begin? I want to be able to run consistently for about 30mins or reach 5k.

Over the next few weeks and months, I want to share the training techniques and mindset to go from a beginner to a successful, confident runner.

But first, will you take a short survey?

Getting to know YOUR specific questions and goals helps me tailor my coaching material directly to you.

And with your feedback, I can help you reach more of your biggest running goals.

This is going to be fun 🙂

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