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Tyler Andrews on the Future of Virtual Races and How to Bring Runners Together

The global pandemic has created an interesting challenge for runners. As more people turn to the sport and races have not yet resumed, runners are grappling with a lost sense of community, uncertain training goals, and a lack of …

Endurance Running Fundamentals: How to Run Longer

Has endurance running captured your imagination? This article will teach how to build your aerobic fitness (endurance) so you can run faster!

endurance running

When I first started running more than 22 years ago, I had a singular goal: to become …

Professor Shawn Bearden on the Science of Ultramarathons

Do ultramarathons seem to be reserved for ultra athletes? If you’ve ever wondered, dabbled in, or been curious about ultras – you’ll be inspired by episode 157 of the Strength Running Podcast.

Shawn Bearden ultra

Let’s break down ultramarathon basics first: an …

Registered Dietitian Anne Mauney on Fueling, Weight Loss, and More

How many questions do you have about nutrition for runners? Am I fueling properly? Are these foods healthy? Am I eating too much? What should I eat before a race?

Runners breakfast

If you have similar questions, we have you covered! …

The Definitive Long Run Episode: David Roche Explains Everything About Running Long

It’s no wonder that runners often say that they’re attending service at the Church of the Sunday Long Run. This single run gives us endurance, strength, and speed. Today, we dig in to the gritty details of it all.

The Cannon Core Workout for Runners: Dynamic, Specific Core Strength

Looking for a core workout for runners? I’m thrilled to release the Cannon Core Workout, designed just for endurance runners!

Cannon Core Workout for Runners

Jason demonstrating the Boat exercise included in Cannon Core

There’s a good reason why core workouts for runners …