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The Ultimate Taper Episode with Author Alex Hutchinson

You’ve logged the miles and now it’s time to race. What is the single, most effective, and nearly universal strategy to ensure you get the best performance? Tapering! 

runner tapering

If you’ve followed a well-structured program leading up to a race, …

Dr. Amber Shipherd on Building Confidence, Self-Efficacy, and Positive Self-Talk

Are you your own best cheerleader? Or do you consistently doubt yourself and your running? The answer may dictate how successful you are as a runner.

Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is one of the most important concepts in the world of …

Single Leg Exercises for Runners: The Fix for Imbalances

I consider myself a lucky runner: while I used to be injury-prone, I’ve turned things around and now don’t have to worry much about running injuries today.

Single Leg Injury Prevention

Since I started running back in 1998, I’ve suffered through nearly every …

Should Runners Follow an Anti-inflammatory, Alkaline, or Microbiome Diet?

If you’re a masochist, there is no shortage of diets for runners to try. And today we’re answering a big question: Should runners should follow an anti-inflammatory, Alkaline, or Microbiome diet?

diets for runners

Over the years, the American diet market has …