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Behind-the-Scenes of a Major Marathon: Eli Asch on Directing Big Races

A curious trend happened this year. Amidst a global pandemic, more marathons have been logged than before, despite nearly zero official races being held.

marathons in a pandemic

Not only are people running more, they are running faster! At least that is what …

Noah Droddy on Rapid Improvement and Engineering Your Next Performance Breakthrough

Leaps forward in performance are every runner’s dream. What if we could bottle up the secret sauce for it and share with everyone?

performance improvement

While we can’t bottle up improvement, we can learn the lessons of improvement from those who …

Debunking 10 Common Running Myths from Boston Qualifiers to Weight Loss and Everything in Between

How do myths get started? From common misunderstanding to old wives’ tales, it can be hard to filter truth from fiction. Today we’re setting the record straight on 10 common running myths.

running myths

For example, did you know that urine

Olympian Molly Huddle: How to Stay Driven, Be a Role Model, and Run Mentally Tough

The global pandemic put an end to our races and, for many, our commitment to training. But at least we still have running memes.

running memes

(No judgement here, check out these running memes for a laugh.)

The reality is that …