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Injury Expert Jay Dicharry on the 4 Physical Skills Needed for Pain-Free Running

Stability and mobility are both important aspects of athleticism. What exactly do these terms mean and how can runners incorporate them into their training to stay healthy and pain-free?

Pain-free running

Runners often see a lot of buzzwords about the training …

The Results of Taking Action: Real Runners, Massive Improvements

This year, we’re taking action. We’re decisively moving forward with our training and executing on proven, fundamental training ideas.

Year of Taking Action

We’re doing this because it’s powerful. If we can avoid gimmicks and focus on the essentials, it will be …

Sprint and Speed Development for Endurance Runners with Coach Ryan Banta

Runners know that speed is key to performance. But often, they aren’t directly targeting speed development. How can long distance runners train to get faster?

develop speed

Many adaptations are necessary to develop speed. Running the same loop at the same …

Tom “Tinman” Schwartz on Smart Training and the Secret Sauce of Tinman Elite

What qualities come to mind about athletes participating in team sports? Perhaps you’re thinking cooperative, supportive, uplifting, or energetic. Now what about individual sports?

learning from teams

Solo athletes may appear more competitive and self-focused, but we can’t …

2021: The Year of Taking Action

Happy New Year and welcome to the Year of Taking Action! We’re going to create bigger goals, follow through, and actually accomplish them in 2021.

Year of Taking Action

2020 is officially over. Let’s also hope that murder hornets, dysfunctional governance, and the …

How to Think About Short, “In Between” Seasons

Most runners intuitively understand how to train for race because they’ve followed a training plan before. But what if you don’t have that much time? What are you to do with a short training cycle?

Mental Strength

The most confusing time …