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Does your 5k training focus on speed and injury prevention?

Most 5k training programs are too general for most runners – and they don’t work!

I’m Jason Fitzgerald – USATF-certified running coach, 16:02 5k runner, and founder of this coaching website.

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I advocate for a well-balanced and athletic runner. You need to be strong enough to handle your training before you can start running amazing personal bests.

I’m sometimes amazed at the passionate runners out there who want to improve but have no idea what to do. Many read my blog but don’t take action on the steps that will help them prevent injuries, lose weight, and feel better when they run.

But putting together a complete 5k training program takes work and knowing how to balance recovery, long runs, speed workouts, mobility exercises, and strength work can be confusing.

So today I want to explain some of the main concepts behind a good 5k training plan to help you run faster than ever – without all the overuse injuries that plague most runners.

5k Training Basics

Why do we always crave the end result (like a sub-25min 5k) without understanding how to get that result? I want to make sure you totally understand how to train for a 5k and race well, so I’ve put together some articles for you.

Start implementing the advice in these articles and your 5k training will improve – and so will your race times.

But you might want more information on how to plan your running so you recover well, get fit faster, and prevent over-training. Well, I’ve got a few posts that will help!

For even more detail, see my article called How to Train for a 5k.

A More Comprehensive 5k Program For You

Over the many years that I’ve been running this site and coaching, I’ve learned that most runners hate wasting hours or sometimes days researching the best way to schedule their workouts. Or what workouts they should run at all!

Sometimes, you just want everything laid out in front of you.

If you’re not sure where your 5k training should start (or are tired of wading through random workout after random workout) and want a program that’s custom built for you specifically, I can help.

Tim 5k

Tim is one example of how he wanted to get his 5k training right so he stuck with a personal training plan – and saw huge results.

Starting as a 220 pound guy, he ultimately lost over 60 pounds. When he started his plan the goal was a sub-20 5k. Not so easy!

Here’s how he did:

“First, hhmmm… how about crushing my goal of running sub-20 in the 5k by running 19:24?! I also felt confident when I toed the line and didn’t have any inkling of an injury during the 12 weeks leading up to the race. Racing can be as much mental as it is physical so having that confidence, knowing I put in the work and followed the plan to get me ready for that moment, was a huge boost.”

Learn more about my custom training plans here. They’ve helped nearly a thousand runners get faster and improve their speed.

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