The Three Pillars of Exercise After-Burn

Exercise After-Burn

I’m a pretty thin guy.  When I’m doing my normal 60-70 miles per week, my weight fluctuates from 125 – 128 pounds.  This was my standard “summer weight” before collegiate cross-country and one of two indicators that I’m in …

Skip the Monthly Membership: Home Gym Exercises Made Easy

How many of us know that we should lift and have bought a gym membership in order to do our strength workouts?  After a month most people don’t go to the gym enough to make it worth it.  The …

Training Journal: March 15 – 28, 2010

These last two weeks were very productive blocks of training.  Unfortunately, it did not end well but a slightly premature end to this training cycle is just fine.  I had no races lined up and was focusing on aerobic …

How to Avoid Injury: Know Your Limitations When You’re Making Bad Decisions

In April of 2009 I started running again after about 6  months of inactivity.  I had a very bad illiotibial (IT) band injury that flared up about a week after the 2008 NY Marathon.  Since resurrecting my running …

Can You Race a Fast 5k With Little Training?

I get questions all the time from runners and non-runners about how to hit a certain time or race well while only running a few days a week.  My favorite question came a few weeks ago: “I want

Using Minimalism as a Tool Not a Way of Life

The minimalist debate is all wrong these days.  You have one side arguing that shoes are evil and Nike is out to profit from your ignorance.  The other side is saying we need to protect our feet and correct …

Training Variations: Small Changes Can Help You Avoid Injury

After over eleven years of training and reading countless running books, I’ve implemented a strategy that is keeping me injury-free.  I feel better now that I have in a very long time and what’s more, I actually feel more …

Gym Workouts for Runners: Functional Strength

The importance of gym workouts for runners have been gaining attention over the years. This type of training can dramatically improve your running and help to prevent injuries. In this post, you can see how I used to …

2008 New York Marathon: Splits, Recap, and Thoughts


Here’s all the data before we get into a quantitative analysis:

Finish time: 2:44:38
Pace per mile: 6:17
Mile splits (first 8 miles are off):
2mile: 12:22
8mile: 48:11
Mile 9: 6:02
Mile 10: 5:50 (1:00:04
Mile 11:

Training Journal: March 1-14, 2010

I’m very proud of the last two weeks.  These are two of my highest volume weeks since my ITB injury after the 2008 New York Marathon.  I also increased my long run to 18 miles after six weeks of …