Injury Prevention Coaching Questionnaire

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You can download the Injury Prevention Coaching Questionnaire here.

Here is the full file link:

If you can’t download it then just copy and paste the questions below into an email:





How many years have you been running?

Height and Weight:

Average weekly mileage and long run in the last 2 months:

What type of speed workouts have you run in the last 4 weeks?

How many days per week do you usually run?

What is your preferred weekly schedule of runs?

What are your previous running injuries?

Present injury or injuries (date of injury, length of training missed, amount of pain, etc.):

Where do you typically train? (roads, trails, track, etc.)

Do you cross-train? How often?

Do you do core or strength training workouts?  Describe:

Do you have access to a gym (or weights)?

Have you ever been coached?  If so, what did you like/dislike?

Running Personal Bests:

Favorite workouts and training/racing philosophy (what do you believe works?):

Are you planning on racing soon? If so, what are the dates and what type of races?

Where do you want your running to be at the end of this program?

Is there anything else you’d like to add?