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Work with Jason at Strength Running

Strength Running is one of the largest running blogs in the United States, with about 200,000 monthly visitors and nearly 80,000 email subscribers.

SR and Jason Fitzgerald regularly appear in major media like Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, Lifehacker, Active, MapMyRun, and others. To expand our reach and help more runners, we’re hiring talented running geeks to join the team.

Product Reviewer

Do you love running gear? Do you want a lot of FREE running gear?

I’m looking for a personable, knowledgeable runner to create product review videos for Strength Running.

The ideal candidate will have these skills:

  • Video editing experience
  • Comfortable, professional, and engaging on camera
  • Ability to meet deadlines – every time
  • Knowledgeable about running and running gear/products

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Create a 5-10min product review video once per week (script, film, and edit – and yes, you must create videos for each product)
  • Draft a product “summary” sheet with important facts about the product (i.e, for shoes, I want to know price, heel-toe drop, weight, type of shoe, etc.)
  • Must be able to film in high-quality video (HD) and create professional videos

This is an evolving role and applicants should be comfortable with evolving responsibilities. Successful applicants must have an online portfolio of work (not necessarily related to running).

This is an unpaid, part-time contract position. You will not technically be an employee, but a contractor who works on your own time.

Compensation includes free product ranging from:

  • VivoBarefoot Running shoes (valued at $150)
  • A “smart bra” with accompanying app
  • Bluetooth earphones ($59.99)
  • Compression socks ($49)
  • A lot more (I get pitched every day)

If you have a running blog or other platform, this is also an excellent opportunity for promotion (you will get a lot of exposure!).

The position is virtual so you can work from anywhere though I will give preference for applicants in the United States. You should be comfortable giving about 2-5 hours per week for this role.

Application Process

To apply, please do the following:

  1. Create a 5-10min video reviewing a running product of your choice.
  2. Upload it to YouTube (you can keep it unlisted if desired) and email me the link.

Applicants will be evaluated on how well they can communicate the value (or lack thereof) of a product in an engaging, educational, professional video.

I can’t get back to every applicant but those I’m interested in will hear back very quickly.