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The Plateau Buster – Your Personal Training Critique

Have you ever wanted someone to look over your training to see if you’re doing everything right?

Here’s your chance.

The Plateau Buster is a personal training critique where I analyze everything about your current running program. After you read over your report, you’ll have goal-specific advice to help you crush your goals. The Plateau Buster includes:

  • What you’re doing right and should keep doing (so you don’t have to keep stressing out)
  • Race specific workouts that can help you race faster
  • Injury prevention or treatment advice customized to your history
  • Recommendations for warm-ups, flexibility routines, and strength exercises
  • Personal advice that’s tailored exactly to you

Most runners are confused by complex training programs. Training for a 5k is different than training for a 10k, which is a lot different than training for a half-marathon! I can help you figure all that out.

I take the confusion out of you reaching your goals. Not sure if you’re doing the right workouts? Frustrated that you’re plateauing and not improving – I can help!

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Click on the link below (or here) to purchase a Plateau Buster for $119. Once you do, you’ll be directed to my Runner Questionnaire where you tell me all about your training. This is how I make my advice custom tailored exactly to you. The more detail the better!
  2. Send it back to me and give me a few days to review it and write up my personal report for you. Three days is usually all it takes.
  3. I’ll send your Plateau Buster directly to you. If you have questions, let me know – I’m here for you.

Curious about what other runners think?

“Sometimes it just helps to have somebody peek in at your training schedule to see what might be lacking or improved.  Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running did that for me after I finished my 5th Ironman and as I plan for two Ironmans in 2011!  I am grateful for his analysis.” – Marianne, AR

“I’m starting to lay down my off season training plan and your message is really inspiring me to do things in a new way for 2011.  You can’t know how much this helps me. Take care and keep up the terrific work.” – Brian, Ontario

“[The Plateau Buster] is an invaluable tool.  After working my way up to 5k+ I was left feeling like I hit a plateau and wondering what to do next.  Jason’s report focused on what is important to me; injury rehabilitation, increasing my distance, and becoming a fast runner!” – Dawn, BC, Canada

The Plateau Buster is fully guaranteed to help you improve your running. My goal as a coach is to help you feel better, run easier, and race faster – or reach any running goal that you have! If you’re not satisfied just let me know, I’ll refund your money. I think you’ll find the advice helpful though!

Plateau BusterClick here to move forward with your running and get a customized training critique. The Plateau Buster is your instant training upgrade, designed to help you reach your running goals. You’ll receive personal running advice, workout suggestions, injury prevention strategies, and ideas to help you crush the barriers that are keeping you from running successfully. The Plateau Buster also comes with full email support to make sure you understand everything in the report – ask me anything if you’re not sure! Once you transform your training, you’ll be a new runner, ready to accomplish your loftiest goals. I can help you get there. Order your Plateau Buster here!


I’ve done a lot of Plateau Busters and the runners I work with are always excited. Check out this feedback:

“Jason enabled me to resume normal running only two weeks after ITBS caused knee pains that prevented me from running more than five minutes at a time.  [Jason] has a solid understanding of the various training components that work together to maximize training efficiency and success.” – Lindsay S.

Satisfaction Guaranteed“After subscribing to Strength Running and receiving a [Plateau Buster] report, I quickly began to see improvements in the quality of my workouts.  As a result, I turned to Strength Running for coaching and could not be happier.  The workouts challenge me but are not beyond my ability – they just push me to do what I was not doing on my own.  I’m really looking forward to see what I can achieve through Jason’s coaching and Strength Running.” – Megan W.

“Its such a relief to get some good all round guidance – I have started to put everything you have suggested into action and I feel so much happier that I am doing what I need to do and heading in the right direction. I also have a good idea what I need to aim for and how to progress over the next 6 months or so. I had been feeling quite disheartened with all the injuries I’d been getting and wondering if I should just quit, but am now feeling a lot more confident that I can get through it and be in better shape and a better runner from it. Much appreciated!” – Charlotte S.

Questions about the Plateau Buster? Email me any time at and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.

About me: I’ve been running competitively for over 15 years and have recently posted a 2:39:32 marathon PR. I’m a USATF-certified running coach, the founder and coach at Strength Running and have been featured in major media outlets like Yahoo, Fitness Magazine, and Lifehacker. I want to make you a better runner.