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Strength Running Sponsorship

Strength Running is currently accepting sponsors for the Strength Running Podcast and the Strength Running YouTube channel.

Podcast Sponsorship Details

Unlike other podcast sponsorships, reach extends beyond the podcast and includes:

  • 30-second pre-roll sponsor reading at the beginning of the podcast episode
  • 60-second sponsor reading at the end of the podcast episode
  • 2 do-follow text links in a blog post surrounding the sponsored podcast episode
  • Social media promotion
  • Text description and links in the podcast episode description (available on all platforms)

Through this format, podcast sponsors have access to blog, email, and social media subscribers in addition to podcast listeners.

The Strength Running blog is one of the largest running blogs in the world with 200,000+ visitors per month and an active email list with more than 80,000 subscribers.

Additional metrics:

  • Social media followers (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) reach an additional 50,000+ runners
  • Top (non-social) referral sites are Trail Runner Magazine, Art of Manliness, The Run Experience, MyFitnessPal,, and Let’s Run
  • Podcast downloads per episode average 22,000 after a 6-week time period

The Strength Running Podcast is a Top 5 podcast in the running category in Apple Music – often occupying the #1 position.

Moreover, the podcast grows substantially every month:

Your ad will live on the podcast episode indefinitely, reaching new runners long after your sponsor commitment. Unlike a radio advertisement, it is not “gone” after it has aired. It will still receive thousands of downloads after the initial 6-week period.

YouTube Sponsorship Details

The Strength Running YouTube channel publishes new videos nearly every day of the week. As of February, 2024, it has over 93,000 subscribers.

Sponsors have the opportunity to have a 90-120sec video ad permanently placed within the Strength Running video content. It will live in that video in perpetuity.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Video promotion of the product or service within a 60-90sec video ad that lives within the main content
  • Branded messaging in the video description with up to two links to preferred landing pages
  • The virality opportunity of YouTube (videos can often shoot up to 500,000 views or more)

An example of a sponsored video with the brand AfterShokz can be seen here.

A more integrated sponsored video featuring COROS can be seen here.

Please email Jason Fitzgerald at to sponsor the podcast or YT channel. Serious inquiries only. No discounts unless for volume sponsorships.


Runners love the podcast. And sponsors love being a part of it, too!

After our product was featured on Strength Running, we saw an immediate and significant increase in our sales. This happened because over the years Jason has developed a brand built on integrity, authenticity and intelligence. His followers trust him because he puts their needs first.” – Matt Ferguson, co-founder of AFX – Ankle Foot maXimizer

It’s been awesome working with Jason and Strength Running. It’s a very engaged audience that trusts what’s being shared on the podcast. Jason is quick to respond and a great partner for InsideTracker for sure! Looking forward to working with Jason and Strength Running on a longer term basis!” – Jonathan Levitt, Inside Tracker Sales Manager

“We have had a great experience as a sponsor of the Strength Running Podcast. Jason and his guests share many great insights in an authentic way. We have noticed several orders that specifically mentioned they found PATH projects through Strength Running. Recently we partnered on a contest and noticed a solid boost in website traffic and entries.” – Floris Gierman, PATH Projects

Jason and The Strength Running Podcast were so easy, professional, and fun to work with this spring. After developing a sponsorship opportunity, the process to create and produce the sponsored ads was SO easy. Elevate Running Camp received a handful of leads and new social follows from the episode ads, show notes, and a handful of Instagram stories. Jason accommodated and offered the best episode for our audience – I will definitely advertise with him again!” – Sara Manderscheid, Founder of Elevate Running Camp

Please email Jason Fitzgerald at to sponsor the podcast or YT channel. Serious inquiries only. No discounts unless for volume sponsorships.